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Palestine solidarity activism hasn’t stopped: Watch these webinars, interviews, and virtual rallies while social distancing

Public protests and campus events are obviously not happening these days, but that certainly hasn’t stopped activists and organizations from holding online events. We’ve collected some of them below for you to watch while social distancing. Yumna Patel on the coronavirus outbreak in Palestine Watch our Bethlehem-based correspondent Yumna Patel discuss the state of COVID-19 […]

Achieving Societal Death Through Woke Activism

By Phillipe Armstrong The 2010’s will be remembered for Brexit. The people this time beat the globalist elites who want to eradicate nation states, borders,  flood nations with illegals and want unelected UN and EU officials dictating to everyone.  Brexit may be done but we still must deal with progressives and social justice warriors. They […]

‘Frontline Farmers’: Highlights From 50 Years Of Agrarian Activism

January is often a time of reflection and goal-setting — and a good time to get in some extra reading as we tuck in on those colder days and nights. We can all learn a lot from history, and how it impacts our present, from a good book. I suggest reading Frontline Farmers: How the National […]

Local Activism Can’t Be Crushed, Research Finds. At Most, It Changes Target

According to received wisdom, local activism against the establishment of industrial plants follows a cycle, with its highest intensity a short time after mobilization. If a firm stands, activism is destined to fade away. New research published in the Strategic Management Journal suggests we should think again. Fabrizio Perretti (Bocconi’s Department of Management and Technology) and Alessandro […]

Taking Action For Assange: This Is What Real Activism Looks Like — Politicians Exposed!

December 22, 2019 By Jason Bermas Dack Rouleau is the rare breed of front-line activist willing to step up and ask direct questions to the political establishment. As you will hear from Dack’s confrontational form of journalism that Jason Bermas highlights, politicians are more than hesitant to clarify their position on the persecution Julian Assange. […]

Most French lawmakers skip vote smearing Palestine activism

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 4 December 2019 Campaigners are not deterred by efforts across Europe to smear their support for Palestinian equality and human rights as anti-Semitism. (via Facebook) France’s National Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution conflating support for Palestinian equality with hatred of Jews – an initiative supported by the country’s […]

Dance as Activism – How Dance Can Bond Communities

November 15th, 2019 By Anna Swisher Guest Writer for Wake Up World How can you make a difference?  How can you embody systemic change at a local level?  How do you not burn out?  How can you enjoy your life while simultaneously fighting violence, destruction and collapse?  What can you do in your community to […]

More Proof Eco-activism is Becoming a Religion: NBC Has Online Booth Where You Can Confess Your Climate Change Sins

Want to save the planet, but can’t overcome your addiction to steak and air travel? NBC has put out a call for “climate confessions,” allowing viewers to unburden themselves of their first-world problems anonymously. Anyone concerned about their failure to “do their part” in “preventing climate change” can confess their sins to NBC in one […]

Spiritual Activism and the Power of 108

October 10th, 2019 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World The anti-war movement, anti-police violence, pro civil rights activism of the 1960’s hippie era was the biggest cultural peaceful protest since Gandhi freed South Asia perhaps, or at least since they began fluoridating the water! The expression born out of this counterculture was the […]

Citizen Advocacy: The Achievements of New Zealand’s Peace Activism

Abstract Aotearoa New Zealand provides an important example of successful citizen activism in the form of anti-nuclear peace advocacy. The collective efforts by peace actors over several decades resulted in the successful demand for a nuclear-free nation. This paper highlights the widespread participation and political support that facilitated the process and assesses its achievements. Introduction […]

‘Mass hysteria’: German lawmakers warn Greta Thunberg’s climate activism threatens rational debate

In a provocative speech at the UNGA Climate Action Summit on Monday, 16-year-old Thunberg accused world leaders of stealing her “dreams” and her “childhood” by not doing enough to combat climate change. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic […]

A landmark win for Palestine student activism

Fordham University tried to shut down a Students for Justice in Palestine club over its support for Palestinian rights and BDS. That is, until a New York judge gave Palestine campus activism its first legal victory. By Radhika Sainath Members and supporters of Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine rally on the university’s Manhattan campus […]

‘Huge win for Palestinian activism’: Canadian court rules settlement wines can’t be labeled “Product of Israel”

A federal judge in Canada ruled earlier this week in favor of pro-Palestine activists that wines produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank should not be able to carry “Product of Israel” labels. The landmark ruling in Kattenburg vs. Attorney General of Canada was decided by Justice Anne Mactavish, who said in her decision […]

When activism becomes ‘anti-Semitism’: the silencing of pro-Palestine voices on campus

For years, pro-Palestine groups on university campuses have fought to destigmatize support for Palestinian rights in America, and dismantle the notion that criticism of the Israeli state’s policies towards Palestinians is anti-Semitic. Despite their efforts through nationwide actions like “Israeli Apartheid Week”, divestment campaigns, educational conferences, and direct actions, groups like Students for Justice in […]

A Father’s Day Gift For Myself: Activism

A Father’s Day Gift For Myself: Activism Above Photo: WWF/Flickr My 2-year old will barely be the age I am now when the climate catastrophe comes, and that realization is taking a toll. News about climate change has been so spooky for so long that it can feel like background noise. We find a way to […]

Lesbian Ponies for Kids: ‘My Little Pony’ TV Show Joins in Gay Activism for Pride Month

by Andrea Garrett The ninth and final season of the animated series “My Little Pony” on the Discovery Family Channel will feature a lesbian couple who take care of a school-aged character named Scootaloo. The episode, titled “The Last Crusade,” introduces the same-sex couple Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty in the middle of Gay Pride […]

Everyday Activism: Little Effort, Big Results

The Facts: The mainstream media recently ran a news cycle admitting that UFOs are real and that government agencies have known about it for a very long time. Reflect On: This admission brings up many nuances and discussions that are important for reflection. One thing is clear however, we are living in inspiring and changing […]

2019 Sees The Return Of Labor Activism As Workers Strike Back

IMPLICATIONS OF GROWING LABOR MOVEMENT What does all of this labor activism mean and how could it develop in coming months and years? Steven Greenhouse in the American Prospect suggests that, while the increased activism and wins have been inspiring, it is still not clear that labor can maintain the momentum against stiff opposition from corporations and […]

Sam Pizzigati: “A New Labor Activism Is Surging”

Sam Pizzigati: “A New Labor Activism Is Surging” Above Photo: Robert Goldstein/Flickr Mohsen Abdelmoumen: How do you explain that in front of the unprecedented ultraliberal offensive, we see weakened worker movement and trade unions? Sam Pizzigati: By the traditional benchmarks for measuring union strength, unions in the United States — particularly in the private sector — haven’t […]

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