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Arrest of Israeli activist shows extreme-right group working with the state

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday that Jonathan Pollak, an Israeli anti-occupation activist who was arrested this week after refusing to appear in court over a private prosecution filed against him by an extreme-right group, will remain in jail. Pollak was arrested Monday at the Haaretz building in south Tel Aviv where he works. […]

Undercover police arrest prominent Israeli anti-occupation activist

Undercover police officers arrested prominent Israeli anti-occupation activist Jonathan Pollak at his workplace Monday morning, after he repeatedly refused to appear in court over a private prosecution filed against him by a far-right organization. The three officers arrived at the Haaretz building in south Tel Aviv, where Pollak works as a graphic designer, and took […]

The Vegan Crusade: UK activist wants to make veganism protected like a religion, unleashing the zealots

Casamitjana says he was fired from his job because of his beliefs – he disclosed to other employees at the League Against Cruel Sports that it invested its pension funds in firms involved in animal testing. He couldn’t leave well enough alone because he is an ‘ethical vegan’ – someone who doesn’t just avoid animal […]

(Notice how the peace activist fail to figue out the Trump Gambit) Pre-conditions sabotage any chance for Peace deal

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The 12 Strongest Arguments That Douma Was A False Flag – Activist Post

By Caitlin Johnstone There have been many US military interventions that were based on lies. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is not some kooky blogger’s opinion. It is an extensively documented and indisputable fact. Nothing has ever been done to address this extensively documented and indisputable fact. No laws […]

Trans Activist Threatens Lawsuit Because Gynecologists Won’t Examine Her C*ck and Balls

Litigious trans activist Jessica Yaniv is now complaining about gynecologists who refuse to examine her male genitalia. Yaniv, who previously lost a lawsuit against beauty salons for refusing to wax her balls, says she is furious at gynecologists who refuse to serve transgender patients. “So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told […]

‘Wax My Balls’ Tranny Freak Activist Complains That Gynecologists Won’t See Her

Paul Joseph Watson | – December 3, 2019 Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, who lost a lawsuit against beauty salons for refusing to wax her balls, is now complaining about gynecologists refusing to see her. Back in October, Yaniv lost her case and was forced to pay $6,000 in damages after accusing three women of […]

Attention: Smart TV Owners -The FBI Has Some Warnings For You – Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Maybe you should have held on to your box TV after all. From Yahoo: But like anything that connects to the internet, it opens up smart TVs to security vulnerabilities and hackers. Not only that, many smart TVs come with a camera and a microphone. But as […]

Cameroon Activist Uses Plastic Bottles to Create Boats For His Community

By Amanda Froelich To reduce the prevalence of plastic in the environment, a young man in Cameroon is transforming littered bottles into “EcoBoats.” Ismaël Essome Ebone was inspired to develop the boats after watching plastic bottles float on passing floodwaters during a storm in 2011. After collecting plastic bottles from around town, he began to […]

Actor/Producer/Activist Mark Ruffalo Releases Film “Dark Waters” About DuPont and Asks Congress to Take Action Against “Forever Chemicals”

November 24, 2019 By B.N. Frank Newly released film Dark Waters is based on true events which led American lawyer Robert Bilott to investigate DuPont. From Film School Rejects: Bilott’s environmental crusade began in 1998 when he was contacted by Wilbur Tennant, a farmer from Parkersburg, West Virginia, whose cattle had been dying as a […]

Zionist Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) Ties To Extremist Left-Wing Activist Groups

Jewish President Eisenhower Created DARPA Which Created Social Media Weapon ‘LifeLog’ Which Became Facebook, Which Is Now Creating Mark of the Beast Digital Currency, Announced It’s Going To Fight Fake News, Disinformation (read more) Chabad Lubavitch Linked Jewish Woman Related To One of the Wealthiest Jewish Families in U.S. Named Cybersecurity Chief For NSA (read […]

#VoxAdpocalypse #Censorship #CultureWar Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

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Victory for Free State Activist Wrongfully Arrested for Filming Police at Checkpoint

By Joe Wright Contrary to what many police would like the public to believe, the Constitution isn’t null and void when in their presence.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite: it can be seen as the public’s duty to hold police accountable during any and all interactions with them. True, federal courts have disputed such […]

Capitol Police Attempted To Arrest Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin For Allegedly ‘Assaulting’ Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Capitol Police Attempted To Arrest Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin For Allegedly ‘Assaulting’ Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Above Photo:  Screen shot from stream posted by Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin (Facebook) Police in Washington, D.C. surrounded the home of Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin and attempted to arrest her for “assaulting” Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman […]

College professor pens scathing and brilliant ‘open letter’ to teen climate activist Greta Thunberg

(Natural News) In one of the most blistering and scathing rebukes ever recorded in modern history, a Univerity Professor absolutely annihilates teen climate bully Greta Thunberg. (Article by Missy Crane republished from As I read this piece, I had to stop myself from standing up and cheering. It was that good. […]

Former Gay Activist: Gay Marriage is a "Total Farce"

  November 6, 2019 Most gays are empty voids and fill their lives with sex and drugs.” OUR GOVERNMENT IS FOISTING THIS “LIFESTYLE” ON OUR CHILDREN AND SOCIETY AS A WHOLE. BY REDEFINING MARRIAGE, THE BANKERS WANT TO UNDERMINE HETEROSEXUAL NORMS IN ORDER  from Sept 5, 2012by John Blair Linn( All that most homosexuals really […]

Retired Army Officer Says Lt. Col. Vindman Is Dem ‘Political Activist’ Who ‘Talked Up Obama’

A retired Army officer who worked with House Democrat’s “star witness” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in Grafenwoher, Germany, claims Vindman is a “political activist in uniform” who “really talked up” former President Barack Obama and ridiculed America and Americans in front of Russian military officers. In a disturbing thread on Twitter last week, retired U.S. […]

Jane Fonda Is ‘Worried’ About Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Jane Fonda has said that she “worries” about fellow climate activist Greta Thunberg. “She understands that if she’s attacked it’s because she’s making a difference and that scares people,” according to the actress and climate change dissident who gets arrested every week. Fonda has been arrested multiple times over the past few weeks for taking […]

Israeli army arrests prominent Palestinian legislator, activist in overnight raid

Khalida Jarrar was last released from Israeli custody in February, where she was held for 20 months without charge or trial. By Jaclynn Ashly Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) upon her release from an Israeli prison, at a checkpoint near the West Bank town of Tulkarem, […]

Transgender Activist Who Tried to Force Beauticians to Wax Male Genitalia Loses Case

Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, who accused three women of “discrimination” when they refused to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia, has lost the case. Yaniv filed complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against the female aestheticians for their refusal to wax his balls. He subsequently bragged about getting a cosmetics store shut down after it […]

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