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Jewish Labour Movement harassed Labour activists

Asa Winstanley Lobby Watch 4 April 2019 Jeremy Newmark speaking with other Jewish Labour Movement leaders during Labour Friends of Israel’s conference reception in 2016. (Al Jazeera/YouTube) The Jewish Labour Movement harassed Labour and trade union activists at the party’s conference in 2017, The Electronic Intifada can reveal. The group’s then chairperson Jeremy Newmark verbally […]

Indigenous Activists Take Atlantic Coast Pipeline To Court

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

What Black Lives Matter Activists Can Teach Us About The Pitfalls And Potential Of Digital Organizing

Interviews with 11 Black Lives Matter social media page administrators highlight the challenges of scaling grassroots activism through digital organizing. According to a recent Economist article, police monitoring of social media as a way of surveilling activists is now commonplace. Given the publicly accessible nature of social media, that should come as no surprise. However, it raises […]

Media Justice Sues FBI Over Surveillance Of Black Activists

Media Justice Sues FBI Over Surveillance Of Black Activists Above Photo: From At a time when violence by white supremacists is on the rise, the FBI appears to be targeting Black people in a secret intelligence program concerning so-called “Black Identity Extremists”— an inflammatory term for a group that doesn’t even exist. The bureau’s practice […]

The Fight For Justice Takes Its Toll On Ferguson Activists

Activists keep winding up dead under questionable circumstances, but Black St. Louis is a stressful and violent place. “The suspicion in the activist community ‘speaks to the level of distrust for law enforcement in many communities in St. Louis.’” Ferguson activist Melissa Mckinnies sat on her couch, her hair tied in a bun, and spoke […]

Harassment And Intimidation Of Colombian Peace Activists “Lazos de Dignidad”

Harassment And Intimidation Of Colombian Peace Activists “Lazos de Dignidad” Above Photo: From The Alliance for Global Justice is concerned about harassment and intimidation that is being experienced by Colombia’s legal collective Fundación Lazos de Dignidad (FLD – Links of Dignity Foundation). Over the past months, collective members have faced a home break-in and […]

Cleric Dies of Medical Negligence in Saudi Prison: Activists

January 21, 2019 Saudi activists announced that the former dean of the Holy Quran faculty in the University of Medina, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ammari died of a stroke in prison. According to the “Prisoners of Conscie” (conscience) account on Twitter, a Saudi group that follows up situations of political detainees in the Kingdom, Al-Ammari died on […]

IRS: Soros Paid $500K To Activists Who Accosted Pam Bondi At Cinema

George Soros paid half a million dollars to far-left activists who accosted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie theater, IRS tax returns show.   The tax documents, obtained by The Daily Caller, reveal the payment was made in 2017 to an activist group. Organize Florida, the group that hounded Bondi from a Florida movie […]

Marc Lamont Hill follows over half a century of Black activists punished for supporting Palestinian rights

On Wednesday, November 28th, CNN commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, gave a speech at the United Nations in which he reaffirmed his support for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions against the state of Israel, and a one state solution that established a secular, democratic state in Israel-Palestine, calling for a “free Palestine from the river to […]

‘Thank you, we are with you’: Palestinian activists stand in solidarity with Marc Lamont Hill

Munther Amira, 48, is the Coordinator of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) in the occupied West Bank, a collective of grassroots activists dedicated to non-violent resistance against the Israeli occupation. Amira is a Palestinian refugee who was born in raised in the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem. He has served numerous stints in Israeli prison […]

Secular Talk: WATCH: Brilliant Activists Pressure Dems On Green New Deal

Secular Talk: WATCH: Brilliant Activists Pressure Dems On Green New Deal By Secular Support The Show On Patreon: Here’s Our Amazon Link: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Like the show on Facebook: Clip from The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio Monday – Friday 11:00 AM – […]

Hooray for Hollywood Activists Demanding Federal Warnings About Exposure To Radiation From WiFi

December 6, 2018 By B.N. Frank Activist Post and others have reported before about well-known and influential business people, entertainers, and medical professionals voicing their concerns about exposure to WiFi radiation. A few months ago, a group of Hollywood actors, producers, artists, and advocacy organizations sent a letter to the heads of the Federal Communications […]

Possible Congressional move on Israel Anti-Boycott Act alarms activists

Pro-Palestine and free speech activists who have been mobilizing against the Israel Anti-Boycott Act are sounding an alarm about rumors of a secret attempt this week to slip the legislation, which the ACLU has declared unconstitutional even in its revised form, into the must-pass House spending bill. Despite having 292 House cosponsors and 58 in […]

FEMEN activists in topless stunt against fascist Franco commemoration (VIDEO)

With “legal fascism” and “national shame” written on their bodies, the women interrupted the group of 200 commemorators by running through the crowd. Angry supporters made attempts to stop the women, while others shouted insults along with “Franco! Franco! Franco!” Footage of the stunt shows one of the Femen activists storming a podium. However, she […]

Academics and activists oppose Vienna conference that equates anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel

From an historical perspective, we are dismayed by the choice of venue – the University of Vienna – which has doggedly persisted in standing on the wrong side of history. A hundred years ago this institution measured the skulls of non-Europeans for “scientific purposes”. Today, it supports the whitewashing and legitimization of Israel’s occupation and […]

After A Visit From The Council, Anti-Gold-Mining Activists Say They Will Fight Any Eviction Attempt

After A Visit From The Council, Anti-Gold-Mining Activists Say They Will Fight Any Eviction Attempt Above Photo:  Greencastle People’s Office   An anti-gold-mining protest camp objecting to Dalradian Gold Ltd’s attempts to mine the Sperrin mountains had an unannounced visit from a council official on 8 November. According to activists at the camp, the official told them the council […]

Democrat Activists Caught Teaching Illegals How To Vote Twice

Democrat activists have been caught red-handed issuing Spanish-language instructions to illegal aliens regarding how to vote not once, but twice, in the midterm elections, while assuring them they will get away with voting Democrat twice because “no ID is required.”  The illegal text messages targeting Spanish-speaking illegal aliens across many states are also spreading fear-based […]

“Pumpkins Not Pipelines”: Activists Stage Halloween Parade Outside The Governor’s Office

“Pumpkins Not Pipelines”: Activists Stage Halloween Parade Outside The Governor’s Office Above Photo: By George Copeland Richmond residents from Broad Street to North 9th were witness to a parade of costumed protesters Wednesday, warning of “a place where the air is so polluted it causes headaches, nosebleeds and illness. A place where your water is […]

Israeli effort to punish BDS activists for Lorde cancellation is backfiring

Last year the New Zealand pop star Lorde cancelled her performance in Israel due to the persuasion of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists (BDS), sparked by a letter written by New Zealand activists Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab, who are respectively of Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian background. Sachs was offered the full ‘kapo’ (Nazi-traitor) treatment in […]

Radical left-wing activists call for violent revolution in Austin, Texas… leave bloody pig heads at conservative campaign offices as warning

(Natural News) Following attacks on five Republican political offices, Antifa members have ramped up their extremism and rhetoric by placing severed pig’s heads at a number of polling places and campaign offices in Austin, Texas, Far Left Watch reported this week. The heads were placed along with placards that were critical of both U.S. […]

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