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Fluoride May Diminish Kidney And Liver Function In Adolescents, Study Suggests

Mount Siinai Waking Times Fluoride exposure may lead to a reduction in kidney and liver function among adolescents, according to a study published by Mount Sinai researchers in Environment International in August. The study examined the relationship between fluoride levels in drinking water and blood with kidney and liver health among adolescents participating in the National Health […]

What Rampant Cyber Pornography is Doing to Adolescents

Christina Sarich, Staff WriterWaking Times I recall high-school days as most of us girls do – tolerating the wayward glances of boys who were taught by our culture that a woman’s worth, along with his own, was measured simply by the amount of sex he could procure for himself. Then later, as I “blossomed,” […]

8 Revelations From 2016 That Completely Vindicate “Conspiracy Theorists”

2nd July 2016 By Claire Bernish It could easily be said 2016 has been the year so-called conspiracy theorists were vindicated. Before explaining why that is the case, make no mistake — the term conspiracy theorist originated with the CIA as an effort to discredit viable theories from credible people who chanced upon the truth. First revealed […]

Indonesia’s ‘death zoo’ has claimed yet another innocent life: Yani the elephant cries on her deathbed before passing away

(NaturalNews) A crude and crowded Indonesian zoo, where many animals have suffered premature deaths, has been temporarily closed. Established on the island of Java, the Bandung Zoo has been controversial in recent years, with neglected animals dying in filthy, overcrowded cages. The zoo has disposed of several animal carcasses in the past few […]

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