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Expert Advice: Manage Your Site on the Go Using the WordPress Mobile Apps

For many people, the go-to tool for updating a website is a laptop or desktop computer. Did you know, though, that the computer you carry around in your pocket has as much power as the one on your desk? The WordPress mobile apps are packed with features that make it possible to manage your site […]

"Take Your Benzos, Watch Your Porn": Sunday Night Advice For Self-Righteous Failures

Many Americans suffer from a spiritual sickness, a singular brand of ennui only found in the most industrialized nations, where prosperity is spread among a vast middle class. White middle class Americans have no culture to center them and tether them to a community. Most of the ethnic whites lost these critical ties […]

Now Imperial College scientists behind flawed Covid-19 advice claim lockdown saved 3mn lives! It’s unscientific, self-serving BS

A new paper from the team of Imperial College modelers who scared the hell out of governments around the world, published yesterday by Nature, claims “major non-pharmaceutical interventions, and lockdown in particular, have had a large effect on reducing transmission” of Covid-19. They claim these interventions saved over three million lives in 11 countries across […]

Digital Security Advice for Journalists Covering the Protests Against Police Violence

By Naomi Gilens and Dave Maass This guide is an overview of digital security considerations specific to journalists covering protests. For EFF’s comprehensive guide to digital security, including advice for activists and protesters, visit Legal advice in this post is specific to the United States. As the international protests against police killings enter their […]

WHO: Advice on the Use of Masks for COVID-19

Health Editor’s Note: WHO states that everyone should wear cloth masks in public and those at high risk (immune disorder, cancer treatments, etc.) should wear surgical masks when in crowded conditions or when unable to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet.  Whether or not masks are worn, continued hand washing, prevention of human […]

Expert Advice: SEO and Content Marketing

You’ve launched your website or started a blog. Congratulations! Now it’s time to attract an audience. You built a website to reach people with your art, ideas, or products and services. We’ve created a free online session to help you do just that.  Register for our next 60-minute webinar, Traffic Control: How to Find and […]

Expert Advice: Business Fundamentals for Creative Professionals

Are you an artist, photographer, or freelance writer? How about a website designer, master metalsmith, or musician? If you’re in any creative profession and would like to learn more about how to market and sell your services and work online, we’ve created a free webinar just for you. We’ve partnered with our friends at FreshBooks, […]

Grandmothers in Their 90s and 100s Are Beating Back the Virus – and Sharing Important Advice

A global pandemic is often compared to a war, both in terms of the efforts required of millions of people to overcome a deadly threat, as well as the suffering it can inflict on society. For the elderly, the comparison is quite appropriate: after all, while many of us are feeling the intense pressures of […]

Boris Johnson’s ‘go to work’ advice sparks widespread confusion, mockery

Employees, business owners, police and trade unions in Britain expressed confusion Monday after the government switched from telling workers to stay at home to urging them to return to work — but preferably without getting near other people or using public transportation. In a televised statement Sunday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson extended most of the […]

Public opinion, not scientific advice, is what is keeping us in lockdown

   What has come over us? Is Covid-19 turning us into a nation of authoritarians? Are we secretly enjoying the lockdown and its associated feelings of community, simplicity and purpose? Were some of us longing all the while to be bossed about? Opinion polls continue to show massive support for the restrictions, with more people […]

Israel doesn’t need ‘advice’ against annexation — it needs consequences

In last week’s UN Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East, German Ambassador Jürgen Schulz delivered what could be mistaken for a strong warning, following the news that the coalition agreement between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz had pledged to move forward with annexation of the West […]

Why Isn’t WHO’s Advice to Reduce Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Publicized During the Pandemic?

April 18, 2020 By B.N. Frank There’s research that says that exposure to wireless radiation (5G, Bluetooth, cell phone radiation and WiFi) can greatly compromise our health AND make us vulnerable to illness (including respiratory illnesses) AND weaken the blood-brain barrier (see 1, 2) which can cause it to leak!  Health experts have been recommending […]

‘We don’t take advice from ANY American politician’: Iran’s Zarif rejects Trump’s ventilator offer

Trump offered a number of the US’ “excess ventilators” to Iran during a press briefing on Saturday. “If they need ventilators, which they do, I would send them ventilators,” Trump said. Though the offer was a humanitarian one on its surface, Trump followed it up with a characteristic flex on Iran. “Right now they just […]

Expert Advice: Get Started on Your New Website

Starting a new website can be a bit overwhelming but we’re here to help! Beginning Monday, April 20th, will host free, 30-minute live webinars to cover those initial questions that come up as you start to build your website. Each day will cover a different topic, all designed to give actionable advice on how […]

Expert Advice: How to Start Selling on Your Website

Are you just taking your first steps selling a product or service online and don’t know where to begin? Be sure to register for our next 60-minute, free webinar, where our expert Happiness Engineers will walk you through the basics of eCommerce and show you how to set up your online store. Date: Thursday, April […]

Advice for People Fearful and Under Duress

We have a natural impulse to extend protection to the very young and to the old first; we offer sympathy and succor to traumatized refugees too. That’s reasonable. Our seniors and our children require attention as the most vulnerable; immigrants need support in unfamiliar surroundings. Professors speaking about historical precedents for the COVID-19 emergency invoke […]

Under siege, medical advice will do little to fight coronavirus in Gaza

“As you pay your water bill, think of others (those who are nursed by clouds). As you return home, to your home, think of others (do not forget the people of the camps)… … As you think of others far away, think of yourself (say: ‘If only I were a candle in the dark.’)” – […]

Expert Advice: How to Make a Great Website for Your Small Business – Webinar

Whether you already own a small business or are exploring the idea of starting one, you’ll come away from this free, 60-minute live webinar with a wealth of actionable advice on how to maximize your digital presence. Date: Thursday, April 2, 2020Time: 11:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm CDT | 2:00 pm EDT | 18:00 […]

To please Trump, Netanyahu washes his hands of coronavirus advice

On Monday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that all arrivals from abroad must self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days to try and halt the spread of coronavirus in the country. The measure effectively shuts down Israel’s tourism industry, increasing the strain on its economy at an already perilous time. Two Israeli airlines, […]

Coronavirus – MD’s Advice to Family Goes Viral

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   March 4, 2020 Dr. Henry, whatever the situation may be, on whether corona virus is as deadly as it is being hyped up to be, the gist of the matter should be clear to all; that as each day passes, the world is becoming smaller […]

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