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US envoy lobbies for bid to halt Taliban attacks amid surge in bombing Afghans

Press TV – US ‘peace envoy’ to talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban militant group has visited Pakistan in efforts to gather regional backing for reducing Afghan violence ahead of a final deal to end America’s longest war, even though official military figures show the US dropped record number of bombs on the country since 2013. During […]

A New US Air Force Video Game Lets You Drone Bomb Iraqis and Afghans

The United States Air Force has a new recruitment tool: a realistic drone operator video game you can play on its website. Called the Airman Challenge, it features 16 missions to complete, interspersed with facts and recruitment information about how to become a drone operator yourself. In its latest attempts to market active service to […]

After 18 Years of US Occupation, Poll Finds Zero Percent of Afghans Thriving, 85 Percent “Suffering”

American polling firm Gallup has found that Afghans are the saddest people on earth, finding that nearly nine in ten respondents are “suffering,” in their own words, with zero percent claiming that they are currently “thriving.” When asked to rate their life out of a score of ten, Afghans gave an average answer of 2.7, […]

Afghans hold mourning ceremonies to mark Ashura

Amin Alemi  Press TV, Kabul Today is the 10th day of Muharram, called Ashura. This day belongs to Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam, as he sacrificed not only his own life, but also everything he had to resist against the tyrannical government of the time. Now, his followers say they proudly follow their Imam’s […]

How to kill 10 million Afghans and not win

July 24, 2019 by Pepe Escobar : Posted with permission “We’re like policemen. We’re not fighting a war. If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. But I don’t want to kill 10 million people. Afghanistan could be wiped off the face of […]

Afghans strongly condemn Trump’s recent words on Afghanistan

Amin Alemi Press TV, Kabul US President Donald Trump has recently said the US could “win” the war in Afghanistan “in a week.”  Governmental and non-governmental figures, locals and political elites have reacted to his words. Amin Alemi has more    Source Article from Hits: 34

Iran-US tension to send 3m Afghans to Europe: Luxembourg FM

IRNA – The foreign minister of Luxembourg warned against influx of about three million Afghan refugees living in Iran to Europe if there even a small clash takes place between Iranian and American military forces. If there is a small clash between the Iranian and the US military forces, the situation for three million Afghan […]

Peace Is A Word That The West Has Taken From The Afghans

Above: Rooftop security in Farah City, Afghanistan. Wikimedia Commons/’s difficult to explain the nature of the Afghanistan peace talks. There is no single table with the combatants arrayed on either side. Talks are not even taking place in the same city, since there are at least two sets of discussions ongoing. One location for the peace […]

Afghans mark Ramadan with their own traditions

Amin Alemi Press TV, Kabul  Over 99 percent of the Afghan population are Muslims. Afghans mark the holy fasting month of Ramadan with their own customs and traditions. Amin Alemi reports from Kabul.  Source Article from Hits: 51

UN: Pro-government forces kill more Afghans than armed groups

Afghan and international forces, including NATO, killed more civilians in the first three months of this year than the Taliban and fighters from other armed groups, a new UN report has said. According to findings from the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released on Wednesday, at least 305 civilians were killed by pro-government forces […]

Chemnitz braces for new protests: 2 Afghans arrested over man’s death in east German brawl

The incident occurred on Saturday evening, the circumstances still remain unclear. The death could be a result of a dispute between the two Afghans and two Germans,  Die Welt reports. The cause of the German man’s death may have been a brain hemorrhage. ‘No evidence’ far-right mobsters attacked foreigners during Chemnitz rallies – German intel chief […]

Afghans, Parched for Water, March for Peace

Here in Kabul in early June, outside the home of several Afghan Peace Volunteers, a large drilling machine is parked on what was once a lovely garden. To this now muddy patch, workers will soon arrive for another noisy, dusty day of digging for water. The well dried up a week ago. As of today, the […]

Swedish Woman Against Deportations, Met Two Afghans to Prove People Are Wrong About Migrants — She Was Raped and Abused

A middle-aged Swedish woman was raped and abused by two Afghan asylum seekers in their asylum accommodation, Fria Tider reports. The woman, who was a member of a Facebook group against migrant deportations, tried to prove that people are wrong about the fact that Afghans are dangerous. The woman was raped and harassed on 26 […]

US Special Forces Terrorists Slaughter Defenseless Afghans For Globalist Zionist Powers

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Afghans fear US Army and NATO operations more than the Taliban

     On Wednesday, 12 civilians were killed and 16 wounded in American airstrikes in Afghanistan’s eastern province Logar. Afghan politicians commented to Sputnik Afghanistan on the issue, noting that civilians fear US army and NATO operations more that the Taliban. On Wednesday, 12 civilians were killed and 16 wounded in an American airstrike in Dasht-e-Bari, […]

600,000 to 1 million undocumented Afghans to be registered in Pakistan: UNHCR

nsnbc : The UNHCR, on Friday, stated that it welcomes this week’s launching of a Pakistan government program aimed to register the estimated 600,000 […]

Two Afghans face hefty jail sentences for conspiring to import heroin to the United States

nsnbc : Two Afghan nationals found guilty of conspiring to import heroin to the United States are facing a minimum of ten years in […]

SAS soldiers ‘suspected’ of executing unarmed Afghans and covering up potential war crimes

A “rogue” Special Air Service (SAS) unit is suspected of executing unarmed civilians in Afghanistan and fabricating reports to cover up potential war crimes, according to reports. Special forces soldiers allegedly murdered Afghans during raids on their homes and then planted guns at the scene to make it appear as though they had been Taliban insurgents. […]

Photos: Supreme Leader receives Afghan President

Israeli regime or Al Saud; Who behind Syrian crisis? Alwaght- In recent months, there have been noteworthy talks, mostly by people and sources considered credible across the world, about the reason-… Source Article from Hits: 5

Photos: Supreme Leader receives Afghan President

Israeli regime or Al Saud; Who behind Syrian crisis? Alwaght- In recent months, there have been noteworthy talks, mostly by people and sources considered credible across the world, about the reason-… Source Article from Hits: 0

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