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Family Dog Has Been Dumped, Then Euthanized After Being Labeled An Unadoptable

Enfield police have received a call about a German Shepherd, who was in need as he was in the hot sun in a metal crate. The poor dog has now been put down because he was deemed “unadoptable”. The German Shepherd’s owners had dumped him on a deserted embankment. This had emotionally scarred the dog […]

Iran to open Marble Palace to tourists after 40 years

Press TV – A century-old palace known for its pure Iranian architecture is set to open to the public after more than 40 years of closure. A group of journalists were allowed to The Marble Palace in downtown Tehran on Sunday with a reinstated owner of the facility saying it will become a museum to […]

Mount Etna spews lava again after spectacular explosions

   Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna, is spewing lava again after a number of explosions signalled an increase in volcanic activity. Source Article from Hits: 7

32-foot asteroid just skimmed Earth from VERY CLOSE by shortly after discovery

   A tiny space rock has just scraped past Earth in what was the closest asteroid encounter not only of 2020 so far, but also in quite a long time. The teeny rock was one of the smallest to traipse through our cosmic neighborhood in recent months — and managed to creep in closer than […]

Blind and deaf dog surrendered to high kill shelters, Get euthanized after two days

This story refers dog named “Keller” which was completely blind and deaf; the dog was being brought to a high kill shelter, and was sad from the day one. Keller was not aggressive at all or in any way bothersome, but might be missing a loving environment. The shelter tried to look for any family […]

Loyal dog sheds tears before dying after being poisoned by thieves

This is the cruelty of highest level and the dog has faced this cruelty from some stone hearted men. Some men poisoned the dog as the dog lost his life. Before the death the dog had tears in his eyes. This is the story of innocent but cruel group of people, who poisoned the dog. […]

A resurrection of sorts: Kim Jong-un’s aunt stuns guests with a shock appearance, after being ‘killed’ by tabloids years ago

Kim Kyong-hui, a full sister of Kim Il-sung who held significant sway in North Korean politics under her father and, later, her brother, had not been seen since 2013. In December of that year her husband, the powerful general Jang Song-thaek, met with an unexpected political and physical demise. His arrest during a politburo meeting […]

Families in Disbelief After Israeli Army Kills Three Gaza Teens

(MEE) — On Tuesday afternoon, just before maghrib – the fourth daily Muslim call to prayer – Mohammed Abu Mandel, Salem al-Naami and Mahmoud Saed decided to take a break from their studies and spend some time on family farmland in the northern besieged Gaza Strip. The plan, family and friends told Middle East Eye, […]

Woman collapses after her dog was poisoned and died in huge pain by rat poison hidden in the meat

Heartless yobs killed Leewen Zhang’s dog Julie with poisoned chicken while she was en route to Europe. Julie was killed after eating rat poison hidden in the meat, which Mrs Zhang said was a premeditated attack. The eight-year-old dog suffered an agonising death after eating just one bite. She had brought Julie from from California […]

Chile: Three Months After The Anti-neoliberal Rebellion

Chile: Three Months After The Anti-neoliberal Rebellion Above Photo: From From there on began the collapse of the myth of the successful Chilean model. The oasis was just a mirage. The main window of neoliberalism was broken and surrounded by barricades, erected by high school students and an entire people who had been in debt and […]

Video: “He Was Murdered” – 13 Month Old Infant Dies 14 Hours after Receiving the Flu Shot

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Hits: 4

Senior Dog Dies in Owner’s Arms After Fireworks Trigger a Panic Attack

We humans consider ourselves the ultimate species and act as though we own this planet, forgetting of the fact that it belongs to us and all the animals that live on it just equally. That is the reason why we do things without even thinking whether they harm animals or not. As a result of […]

Mueller’s Convictions in Question After FISA Court Admits Warrants Against Carter Page Were ‘NOT Valid’

At least two of the spy warrants against Carter Page were not lawfully authorized, the FISC [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] admitted in a secret order. Presiding FISA judge James Boasberg wrote in a January 7 order which was not declassified and released until Thursday, that the last two FISA warrants on Carter Page dated April […]

Student found dead after viral video of him leading protest against ‘drag queen’ event for kids

(Natural News) Not long after a video of university students chanting “Drag queens are not for kids” to a drag queen at a public library went viral, the protest’s 21-year-old Catholic organizer was found dead. (Article by Doug Mainwaring republished from While most of the immediate reporting out of Australia suggests […]

Report: US May Deploy Patriot Missile System to Iraq after Iran Missile Strike

By Staff, Agencies The US may send a Patriot missile system to Iraq after neighboring Iran launched a missile attack on American bases in the Arab country in retaliation for Washington’s assassination of senior Iranian commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, according to US officials. US military officials told Fox News on Wednesday that the Patriot […]

Ugly Puppy abandoned by is owner after suffered a painful accident that tarnished his face, Until One Woman Sees His Beauty

16-year-old Bridgette has been called one of the ‘ugliest’ Brussels Griffon out there. But this sweet senior dog caught the eye of Danielle Fredericks who knew she wanted to adopt an older dog. As soon as she saw Bridgette’s face, she knew that was the dog for her. Bridgette came from a puppy mill and […]

Cruel teens arrested after they brutally chopped three puppies heads off by axe

When it comes to children there is a very essential need to make their upbringing a very ideal one, for this purpose the parents have to make a lot of struggle. Also it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children a difference between what is right and what is wrong and also […]

Backdoored backup? Apple nixed iCloud encryption after FBI complained your data is a valuable resource

The FBI quashed a planned feature that would have allowed Apple users to encrypt their iCloud storage, claiming that it would cut the agency off from its best source of evidence against iPhone-using suspects, according to sources who spoke to Reuters on Wednesday. Apple reportedly went along with the agency, hoping to avoid being made […]

"Let’s Talk After She Finishes College" – Mnuchin Slams Greta Thunberg

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took a jab at climate activist Greta Thunberg on Thursday during a news conference with reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, reported Reuters.  “Who is she? The chief economist?” Mnuchin told reporters. “After she goes and studies economics in college, she can come back and explain that to […]

Asteroid EXPLODES over Earth after travelling from beyond Mars (VIDEO)

Numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing the raging fireball streak across the sky on Tuesday night and experts calculate that it travelled nearly half a billion kilometers before coming to rest in its watery grave on the floor of Lake Huron. Meteor scientist Peter Brown reported that the trajectory of the space rock’s flight reveal that it […]

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