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Family Dumped “Defective Dog”, but His Will and Determination to Walk Again Made Him the Perfect Pet

Every now and then, we stumble upon incredible stories that inspire us to become better people. This one is about a dog named Zeus that was dumped by his owners because he was paralyzed, and a woman who was kind enough to take him under her wing and help him walk again. Zeus had degenerative […]

Mount Etna spews lava again after spectacular explosions

   Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna, is spewing lava again after a number of explosions signalled an increase in volcanic activity. Source Article from Hits: 4

Wells Fargo’s ex-CEO will pay $17.5m in fines and never work in banking again (but he is still very, very rich)

Much of the activity occurred because employees faced “unreasonable pressure” to achieve sales goals, leading to widespread instances of unethical and illegal behavior, the OCC alleged Thursday in legal documents. Stumpf, the agency said, “was frequently informed by leaders” of the company’s Community Bank division of the behavior but was told it was […]

Liberal Zionists are ‘terrified’ (yet again) by Israel’s rightward shift

In recent days the idea of a two-state solution has been dealt yet another fatal blow in Israel. Netanyahu’s biggest rival, Benny Gantz of the Blue and White Party, said he would move forward as prime minister on a plan to annex the Jordan Valley. That puts a strong majority of the Israeli political establishment […]


Posted on 23/01/2020 by Elijah J Magnier By Elijah J. Magnier:@ejmalrai Iraq is preparing for demonstrations by a million protestors, called for by Iraqi Shia leader Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr, as a show of solidarity among Iraqis insisting on the immediate withdrawal of the US-led coalition and all foreign forces stationed in the country. Preparations are set for civilians, […]

To “Make America Great Again” Trump Added a $1 TRILLION Deficit in 2019 — Just Like Obama

By Michael Maharrey The Trump administration ran an Obamaesque budget deficit of over $1 trillion in the 2019 calendar year. It was the first budget deficit over $1 trillion in any calendar year since 2012. The budget shortfall from January through December totaled $1.02 trillion, according to the latest report issued by the Treasury Department. […]

“Make Iran Great Again” – Trump Says “Noble Iranian People” Should “Abandon Terror” — NATION AND STATE

“Make Iran Great Again” – Trump Says “Noble Iranian People” Should “Abandon Terror” If you didn’t expect Trump to kick off the long holiday weekend with some feisty tweets about Iran, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. 39 more words via “Make Iran Great Again” – Trump Says “Noble Iranian People” Should “Abandon Terror” — […]


#BCP #BCPTODAY #BCPNEWS 3:45 $10 BILLION not $10 Million. MY BAD! BCP MERCH: For More Content or to Support this channel: Subscribe to my back up channel: … 30 more words via TRUMP CRUSHED THEM AGAIN! [PLUS: HOW LONG WILL THE SENATE TRIAL BE? STATE OF THE UNION POST-PONED?] — NATION AND STATE Source […]

The West Will Try Again to Blow Up Russia From Within – Year Results

January 14, 2020 by Ruslan Ostashko Translated by Sasha Captioned by Leo The home front is the most complicated for Russia if only because it was by sabotage that our implacable partners destroyed the USSR in the previous century. This is why taking stock for 2019 on the home front is the most complicated. During […]

City of Samarinda in Indonesia floods again, thousands affected

   Over 7,000 people have been affected by floods triggered by heavy rain in the city of Samarinda in East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Disaster authorities reported flooding in the city on 14 January 2020, with 7,213 residents from 2,529 households affected. Many of those affected have moved to safer areas. No casualties or injuries were […]

Too many white men: Oscar nominations provoke outrage from the woke… again

You can set your watch by the emotionalist bitching and moaning of the identity politics crowd come awards season and so I fully expected to be confronted by a cavalcade of absurd hot takes from the woke media bemoaning the racism and misogyny of the Academy Awards when I awoke this morning. I was not […]

How to Never Be Controlled By Others Again

January 14th, 2020 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World If you asked random people on the street whether they like to be controlled by others, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that says they do. While we may consciously reject the idea that we allow ourselves to be controlled by others, […]

Let’s Talk #ImagineANewHouston, My New Book, Iran, and Leaving Facebook (again)

Hey guys this is a live video I did via the “Derrick Broze” facebook page on 1/5/2020. Invest in our next documentary, The 5g Trojan Horse: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance truth, healing, community building, […]

Los Angeles Under Attack …AGAIN…DAY 2…Chemtrails, Be Concerned – VERY CONCERNED

Here we go again!!! Los Angeles, CA is under attack again.  Read below the article below,  that some 10,000 plus people have already read to better understand the Monsters who are behind it all. Here are some images from this past weekend (January 4-5, 2020) here in Los Angeles. Saturday 1.4.2020 (images just below) Sunday […]

Satanists want World War III in Iran—again

…by Jonas E. Alexis The Satanists who literally created chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria are now applauding Donald Trump for assassinating Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani. Ethnic cleanser and warmonger John Bolton has recently said: “Congratulations to all involved in eliminating Qassem Soleimani.  Long in the making, this was a decisive blow against […]

On Those Questionable US Wage Stats…Again

In recent months, various independent business and research sources have been raising questions about the accuracy of US official job and wage statistics. Several more sources have joined the discussion, questioning the oft-cited official—and widespread mainstream press reported–3.1% annual rise in US wages the past year. As many have indicated, the 3.1% grossly over-estimates recent […]

No donation to the ADL after all — Make The West Great Again

PewDiePie announced his intention to make a $50,000 donation to the ADL a few days ago, but he has evidently changed his mind: Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, a popular streamer who boasts the second-largest subscriber count on YouTube, revealed in a video posted Thursday that he would not be going forward with a $50,000 donation to […] […]

Google A.I. Murders Again? Top Google Whistleblower’s Wife Dies In Car Crash

Russian Bolshevik Controlled Google AI Orchestrating The Murder of Its Executives? (read more) Google Invested $375 Million Into Jared Kushner’s Brother’s A.I. Healthcare Group, Now Eric Schmidt In Control of Gov’t AI Security (read more) Jewish Controlled Google Admits in Court Documents that it Believes Free Speech is “disastrous” for Society (read more) Google, Facebook […]

Roaring Twenties again: ‘Global impeachment’ and the end of the era of liberal globalization

As the world entered 1920, it had already lived through the devastating First World War. “The war to end all wars”, it was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, leaving everyone shocked and badly damaged – but also harboring hope that humanity would never have to go through anything like it again. The 1920s […]

US Home Price Gains Accelerate Again (But Not In San Francisco)

Following September’s (the last data point) modest reacceleration in home prices (the first since March 2018), Case-Shiller’s October data is expected to stabilize at +2.10% YoY. But instead, the 20-City Composite accelerated significantly – rising 2.23% YoY – the fastest since May… Source: Bloomberg Prices rose on an annual basis in 19 of the 20 […]

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