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YouTube Changes Algorithm To Combat Conspiracy Videos

343 Shares YouTube has always had videos with conspiracy theories, hoaxes and misinformation. In the wake of the Las Vegas shootings, the company has decided to address the problem. The company updated its search algorithm Thursday to promote authoritative news sources at the top of search results, according to a person familiar with the matter. […]

New AI Algorithm is Cracking Undeciphered Languages

Scientists have created a new algorithm to hunt down similarities in ancient languages and it’s set to untangle the mystery of all undeciphered languages. According to a new MIT study “most languages that have ever existed are no longer spoken .” The study of lost and “ undeciphered languages ” is made exceptionally challenging as […]

For quick coronavirus testing, Israel turns to a clever algorithm

BEERSHEBA, Israel — A team of three Israeli scientists has pioneered a coronavirus testing procedure that they say is faster and more efficient than any now in use, testing samples in pools of as many as 48 people at once. The Israeli government plans to roll out the new method in 12 labs across the […]

Britain scraps algorithm for student exam grades after outcry over fairness

School-leaving qualifications for tens of thousands of British students will be readjusted once again after an outcry over proposals to replace exams that were cancelled because of the coronavirus. Nearly two-fifths of students studying A-levels, the main qualification offered by schools in England, had found their grades were reduced from what their teachers had predicted […]

How Much Caffeine Do You Need? Ask the American Army’s New Algorithm

The Army wants you….awake. Since the Second World War, U.S. military scientists have been tinkering with the human brain to keep pilots, soldiers, and staff alert despite lack of sleep. The German Wehrmacht also supplied their ranks with methamphetamines throughout the conflict. But how can people stay awake safely (and ethically)? Few substances are as safe […]

New level of intelligence: A new AI can teach itself with a “reinforcement learning algorithm” resulting in “superhuman” abilities within hours

(Natural News) It has been two decades since DeepBlue defeated Garry Kasparov in a match, but chess players were surprised by another development. The AlphaZero algorithm, a collaboration between Google and DeepMind, has recently shattered records. Even though DeepMind’s AlphaZero played against itself for only four hours, it managed to “synthesize the chess knowledge of one and a […]

Internet Researchers Harnessed the Power of Algorithm to find ‘Hate Speech’

During the municipal elections in spring 2017, a group of researchers and practitioners specialising in computer science, media and communication implemented a hate speech identification campaign with the help of an algorithm based on machine learning. At the beginning of the campaign, the algorithm was taught to identify hate speech as diversely as possible, for […]

Stanford’s Facial Recognition Algorithm Can Determine Sexual Orientation With Up To 91% Accuracy

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‘How to burn Jews’ Facebook group suggested to advertisers by algorithm

An investigation by ProPublica exposed the algorithm, when they paid $30 to promote posts. Facebook suggested groups they target, including 2,300 people interested in the topics ‘Jew hater,’ ‘How to burn jews’ and ‘History of why jews ruin the world.’ ProPublica selected the groups and within 15 minutes the ads were approved. Their investigation also […]

Google Updates Algorithm To Target ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Google have announced a major update to their search engine which they say will eliminate conspiracy theories from the Internet forever. On July 27, 2017 Google updated their quality raters guidelines, which included instructions to staff to purge alternative media websites from the search results. reports: Months before, Google updated their guidelines for raters […]

When Kafka met Orwell: Arrest by algorithm

In April 2017, an extraordinary claim of the Israeli security services was published in Ha’aretz (Hebrew): over 400 Palestinians had been detained under suspicion they may be involved in future terrorist attacks. They were detained not on the basis of evidence, but on the decision made by an algorithm. The practice grew out of a […]

5 Reasons This Will Be The Summer of Rage…

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The CIA Confirms There’s Extraterrestrial Activity on Our Planet

A wave of recently declassified UFO files and statements of high rank officials are slowly turning the UFO phenomenon into reality. by EWAO Believing that we are the only civilization in the physical Universe – which scientifically speaking is infinite – shows not only an immense ego, but also an unfathomable ignorance. But what happens […]

Christian Judge Takes Baby Away From Lesbian Foster Parents

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals November 11, 2015   In Utah, Judge Scott Johansen ordered the state’s division of child and family services (CFS) to remove a baby from lesbian foster parents and place the child with a heterosexual couple “for the child’s well-being”. Foster parents April Hoagland […]

Orionid meteor showers to amaze stargazers this week

The Orionid meteor showers happen annually in the (northern) autumn: the Earth is now traveling through the area of space with debris from Halley’s Comet. The best way to watch is to wake up a couple of hours before sunrise, and look up towards the constellation Orion. READ MORE: Dazzling performance: Geminids meteor shower peaking […]

Fantastic News: Nestlé To Be Sued For Californian Drought Crimes!

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Food and Water Watch. Their permit to extract water expired 27 YEARS AGO, but the corporation just kept on going. Finally, activists hope justice will be served… Campaign group The Story Of Stuff Project have just announced they will be pursuing legal action against Nestlé for illegally extracting groundwater in California for its Arrowhead brand, which has been […]

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