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Russia’s to blame? MSM allegations that Moscow had a hand in US anti-police-brutality riots ‘entirely to be expected’

Nationwide demonstrations against the death of George Floyd have descended into rioting and looting in many cities, creating chaos – as well as political opportunism. Efforts to scapegoat Russia for the crisis are par for the course, George Szamuely, a senior research fellow at the Global Policy Institute told RT. “It was entirely to be […]

Moscow refutes continued US allegations of Russian jets in Libya

   The U.S. military has provided more details about an alleged Russian deployment of fighter jets to Libya, as officials in Russia continued to deny the presence of Russian military aircraft or personnel in the North African country. The United States says Moscow deployed the jets to provide support for Russian mercenaries helping a local […]

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Biden Extend to Secret Service Agents

Joe Biden’s numerous sexual misconduct incidents with women extend to his predatory behavior around female Secret Service agents, according to journalist Ron Kessler. Kessler, who wrote a book about the Secret Service entitled ‘The First Family Detail,’ discovered that while former First Lady Hillary Clinton is intensely disliked by most agents, former Vice President Joe […]

Biden on sexual assault allegations: ‘It never, never happened’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday categorically denied allegations from a former US Senate staffer that he sexually assaulted her in the early 1990s, saying “this never happened.” Biden’s first public remarks on the allegation by former staffer Tara Reade come at a critical moment for the presumptive Democratic nominee as […]

Striking Truthdig Staff Respond To Allegations By Publisher

Striking Truthdig Staff Respond To Allegations By Publisher Above: On the Ropes by Mr. Fish March 17, 2020. Note: This morning Zuade Kaufman published an “Open Letter from Truthdig’s Publisher & CEO: Breaking My Silence” on Truthdig. OnMarch 11, 2020, we published, Truthdig Employees Stop Work To Protest Labor Conditions describing the strike by workers at Truthdig due […]

Boris Johnson Accused of Covering Up “Bullying Allegations”

‘The Home Secretary is doing an outstanding job’: Boris Johnson’s repeated response to the allegations of bullying by Priti Patel across three different government departments in recent times. At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn asked if Johnson was even aware of some of the allegations regarding Patel’s conduct, and if so, […]

Russia ‘strongly rejects’ UN Commission allegations of war crimes in Syria, says inquiry was ‘one-sided’

Russia rejects any accusations of war crimes, because they were made immediately after terrorists started their offensive against Syrian troops in Idlib, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday. “It’s obvious that no committee could get reliable information of what was happening on the ground.” Peskov branded the report “one-sided,” adding that terrorists’ actions are […]

Australian commando who raised Afghanistan war crime allegations found dead

A “fearless” Australian commando who went public three years ago about his involvement in an alleged war crime in Afghanistan has died. Sergeant Kevin Frost is among hundreds of former and serving Defence Force personnel who have taken their own lives in the past two decades. Last week the 45-year-old went […]

Spokesman denounces allegations against Iran at Manama Conference

FNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi dismissed the allegations raised against his nation in the annual Manama Dialogue conference in Bahrain as “worthless”. “The countries which have themselves created and promoted terrorism and extremism and interfered in other countries’ internal affairs by ignoring the principle of good neighborliness and also undermined regional […]

Fiat Fights Back: Chairman Rejects GM’s Allegations Of Union Bribery

It was just days ago that we reported that General Motors was suing Fiat, alleging that the automaker paid bribes to the UAW in order to secure favorable terms during labor negotiations.  Now, Fiat is having their say.  The company’s Chairman, John Elkann, publicly rejected the allegations against the company’s late CEO, Sergio Marchionne. Elkann said […]

Boris Johnson’s strategist faces serious allegations about Russia connections

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Heba al-Labadi’s torture allegations match the experiences of many Palestinian prisoners

On August 20, Heba Ahmed al-Labadi fell into the dark hole of the Israeli legal system, joining 413 Palestinian prisoners who are currently held in so-called administrative detention. On September 26, Heba and seven other prisoners declared a hunger strike to protest their unlawful detention and horrific conditions in Israeli prisons. Among the prisoners is […]

Iran refutes US repeated allegations against space, missile activities

MNA – Iran’s ambassador to the UN has rejected the US “baseless accusations” against the Islamic Republic’s space and ballistic missile activities, saying Washington is resorting to a “maximum deception” campaign in dealing with Tehran. “This ‘maximum deception’ campaign is in line with and a living example of the so-called ‘maximum pressure’ policy of the […]

Antony Kidman dies amidst child abuse allegations

Antony Kidman dies amidst child abuse allegations By Fiona Barnett | 20 September 2014, 6:00pm | 172 comments ON WHITE BALLOON DAY 2014, September 7, an event meaningful to me because it raises awareness for child sex assault victims, the main perpetrator of my childhood abuse, Antony Kidman, died suddenly in Singapore. Yesterday, he had his […]

Russia slams latest US nuke test allegations as ‘unfounded’, ‘cover up’

Russia has slammed as “unfounded” repeated US claims accusing Moscow of conducting nuclear tests beyond the the “zero yield” limit agreed in a nuclear test ban treaty, insisting that the move serves as a “cover up” for Washington’s own plans to withdraw from the agreement. “The United States continues making unfounded accusations over Russia’s […]

Bryan Singer to Pay $150,000 to Settle Teen Rape Allegations

Bryan Singer has agreed to pay $150,000 to resolve allegations that he raped a teenage boy in 2003. In December 2017, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman filed a lawsuit claiming that the X-Men director sexually assaulted him during a yacht party in Seattle. reports: In a filing on Wednesday, a bankruptcy trustee recommended that the court approve […]

Houthis, Yemeni Army Deny Saudi Allegations of Attempted Missile Attack Near Mecca

HAJJAH, YEMEN — Saudi Arabia has claimed that its air defenses shot down two ballistic missiles over the city of Taif, just 65 kilometers east of Mecca, in the early hours of Monday morning. Saudi officials claim that another missile was intercepted over the Haddah in western Saudi Arabia. Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that the […]

Full text: The criminal allegations against Netanyahu, as set out by Israel’s AG

Amid indications that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will seek to advance legislation to render himself immune from prosecution in three criminal cases in which he is facing indictment, and that he will also seek to prevent Israel’s Supreme Court from intervening in this effort, The Times of Israel here publishes the first full translation of […]

The USA after complaining about unproven allegations of Russian involvement in their attempt for democracy tries to install a dictator in Venezuela

Elliott Abrams, who served in the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, is a well-known and somewhat controversial figure in U.S. foreign policy circles. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images   Elliott Abrams, prominent D.C. neocon, named special envoy for Venezuela By NAHAL TOOSI Elliott Abrams, a controversial neoconservative figure who was entangled in the Iran-Contra […]

Huawei sales director arrested in Poland over spying allegations

Along with the Chinese national, whose name has been reported as Weijinga W., the Polish counterintelligence service, the Internal Security Agency (ABW), arrested Polish national Piotr D., the ABW’s own former employee, Polish broadcaster TVP reports. Both are accused of espionage. A Huawei spokesman has said the company is aware of the arrest, but has […]

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