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5 Israeli soldiers injured in alleged car-ramming attack

The Israeli military says at least five troopers have been injured after a Palestinian drove a car into a group of soldiers near a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank. The military said in a statement on Sunday that the alleged incident took place near the West Bank town of Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem al-Quds, […]

Letter from Alleged Insider Claims Zuckerberg Did NOT Create Facebook and is a Frontman for Military Intelligence

Who created Facebook? Many people have wondered about the true origins of the social media giant which has gone from a Harvard startup to the company with almost the most users in the world – around 2.38 billion as of the first quarter of 2019. This is an astonishing figure which is inching its way […]

Who Created Facebook? New Letter from Alleged Insider Claims Zuckerberg is a Frontman for Military Intelligence

Makia Freeman, The Freedom Articles Waking Times Many people have wondered about the true origins of the social media giant which has gone from a Harvard startup to the company with almost the most users in the world – around 2.38 billion as of the first quarter of 2019. This is an astonishing figure which […]

FBI Never saw CrowdStrike Unredacted or Final Report on Alleged Russian Hacking Because None was Produced

The FBI relied on CrowdStrike’s “conclusion” to blame Russia for hacking DNC servers, though the private firm never produced a final report and the FBI never asked them to, as Ray McGovern explains. By Ray McGovernSpecial to Consortium News CrowdStrike, the controversial cybersecurity firm that the Democratic National Committee chose over […]

Alabama Court Orders Rape Survivor to Allow Alleged Rapist to Visit Her Children

An Alabama woman claims the same man who raped and impregnated her multiple times as a child has won visitation rights to see their children. The woman, named Jessica, says she felt she “didn’t have any options” when her uncle began raping her at night when she was around 12 years old. He allegedly impregnated […]

Allies granted the blind eye? US silent on Colombian general’s alleged links to civilian killings

Leaked documents recently obtained by the Associated Press suggest that General Nicacio Martinez Espinel, the head of Colombia’s army, participated in a cover-up of extrajudicial and civilian killings more than a decade ago. Washington, which has cited alleged human rights abuses as part of its campaign to topple the socialist government of Venezuela, has remained […]

Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons by the Assad Regime

The United States continues to closely watch the military operations by the Assad regime in northwest Syria, including indications of any new use of chemical weapons by the regime. Unfortunately, we continue to see signs that the Assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack in northwest Syria […]

Austrian VC caught discussing alleged shady deals, and pundits cry ‘Russia took over the country’

The scandal rocked the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) on Friday after two German publications, Spiegel and Suddeutscher Zeitung, released exposes of a video leaked to them by an unnamed party. The video shows a July 2017 meeting at an Ibiza villa, where Heinz-Christian Strache, the party leader and vice chancellor of Austria, and Johann […]

#RT #news B-52 takes off from US base in Qatar to deter an alleged Iran’s ‘attack on US interests’ RT Published on May 13, 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Trump takes action against child trafficking foster care system, dealing huge blow to left-wing deep state pedophilia (Natural News) Back in February, President Trump quietly signed into law the Transgender Weightlifter Takes Home Two Gold Medals in 2019 Pacific Games A transgender […]

Alleged sexual predator Geoffrey Rush’s defamation win was a claytons win

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush won his defamation case against the News Corp owned Sydney paper The Daily Telegraph on Thursday (11-4-19) but the win was a claytons win given Geoffrey Rush has failed to take legal action against actress Yael Stone who has made more serious allegations against Rush. Unless Rush follows up and also […]

Venezuela Gov’t Presents Evidence of Alleged Terrorism Plots by “Foreign Paramilitaries

Venezuelan authorities have alleged that self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido and other opposition leaders were involved in a plot to carry out acts of terrorism employing foreign paramilitaries trained in Colombia. Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez presented what he claimed to be evidence of “ultra-right plans to promote regime change.” According to Rodriguez, Venezuelan intelligence services uncovered plans to […]

Russian comment on the conclusions of the report on the alleged Russian interference in US elections

We have taken note of the summary of the main conclusions from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the “purity” of the 2016 US presidential election, submitted by the US Department of Justice. The main conclusion, which is that Donald Trump’s election staff did not conspire with Russia – was to be expected. It is […]

Alleged “Spy” Monica Witt Is No Justification For US War On Iran

Alleged “Spy” Monica Witt Is No Justification For US War On Iran Above Photo: Monica E. Witt, a former United States Air Force intelligence officer, is accused of espionage on behalf of Iran. (photo: FBI/EPA/Shutterstock) Inside the government, some officials called her “Wayward Storm.” Her real name was Monica Elfriede Witt, an exemplary Air Force counterintelligence […]

Trump Administration Indicts Chinese Nationals on Alleged Cyber Espionage Charges

Were charges evidence-based or politically motivated? Most likely the latter. More to develop on this ahead. Hostile US political, economic, and financial actions against China, Russia and Iran risk developing into something much more serious than already. China is America’s main economic rival – why Canada acted as a US proxy in the arrest and […]

China seeks clarification over alleged spy equipment ordered by US embassies

BY IAN ALLEN The Chinese government says it is seeking explanations from Washington after a leaked procurement database showed that American embassies purchased data forensics software and various tactical spy equipment. The purported database was published on December 21 by the international anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange, who is accused by some in […]

WATCH: Video Shows Alleged Column of US Military Trucks Leaving Syria

WATCH: Video Shows Alleged Column of US Military Trucks Leaving Syria Sputnik December 20, 2018 A column of US military trucks reportedly leaving Syria is shown in a video that Turkeys Anadolu news agency posted on Thursday, showed. The agency specified that the vehicles in the video had previously been involved in delivering weapons to […]

‘Beyond understanding’: Kremlin blasts fresh US reports on alleged Russian election meddling

“What I’ve read about this report can’t cause anything but incomprehension,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday. He said accusations mentioned in the papers are vague and don’t explain the link between Russia and the alleged meddling in 2016 elections. Racist ‘Russians’ targeted African-Americans in 2016 election ploy, reports claim Dubbed “Senate reports,” two documents […]

Saudi Arabia Still Bans Christmas Trees, Even After Alleged “Reforms”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 17, 2018 The US government spent years trying to destroy Syria — which protects religious rights for minorities and has a vibrant Christian community — while selling billions of dollars of arms to the Saudi monarchy — which bans Christmas trees and supported ISIS — Ben Norton […]

SCANDAL: Morning Joe’s Mika Fag-Shames Mike Pompeo Over Alleged Homosexual Proclivities

Roy Batty Daily Stormer December 13, 2018 Is Mika secretly a homophobe and therefore BASED? No, not really. She’s just a spiteful old shrew. Breitbart: MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski had to apologize for what some perceived to be a homophobic joke on Morning Joe Wednesday. Brzezinski called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo […]

Colombian Police Arrest Six Israelis in Alleged Sex Trafficking Ring

SouthFront reports… Group of Israelis are suspected of running a child sex trafficking network in Colombia. According to a report by the Times of Israel the number of suspects is 14, while Haaretz claims it is 12. The office of Colombia’s attorney general said eight of the suspects have been arrested, including six Israelis. The […]

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