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Allied Central Bankers Owned Nazi War Machine

  August 30, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Food Brands Owned By Monsanto The Facts:The Facts:This article was written by Sayer Ji, Founder of where this article Angry protesters loot foreign-owned shops in Johannesburg Angry protesters loot foreign-owned shops during unrest in the Johannesburg suburb of Turffontein in Cargo ship busted […]

Second World War Could Have Ended in 1943 Had Allied Bombing Focused on Military-related Targets

Britain’s air commander Arthur Harris was convinced that efforts to “scourge the Third Reich” by “bombing Germany city by city”, as he put it in July 1942, would bring the war to a swift end. The outcome behind these increasingly destructive air raids proved very different to how it was foreseen. British, and from 1943 […]

EU Allied with Trump Regime Sanctions on Iran. Failure of the INSTEX (EU-Iran) Trade Exchange Mechanism

Britain, France, Germany, and the EU breached their JCPOA nuclear deal obligations. They failed to challenge Trump’s illegal pullout, supporting his regime’s unlawful sanctions instead of refusing to observe them, how Russia and China reacted, fulfilling their JCPOA obligations, supporting Iran’s fundamental rights. Europe’s refusal to observe its JCPOA obligations may doom the deal. An […]