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Vulnerable Puppy Left Alone on Vacant Street Dragged a Sign Around His Little Neck

When this tiny puppy was spotted wandering the streets all by itself with a sign around its neck not many people showed willingness to offer a helping hand. The reason why is that stray dogs can be seen at almost every corner in most countries in Southeast Asia, so people are used to the sight […]

The Philippines want the US out, and they’re not alone

   The pawns of the Grand Chessboard are starting to move much more boldly – in an unpredicted by the punditry decision the Philippines have asked U.S. forces to leave their islands indefinitely. It was impossible to think even 10 or 15 years ago that a country as completely militarily helpless as the Philippines would […]

‘Of course we are not alone’: Russian scientist says we’re using wrong tools to hunt for aliens

Alexander Panov, a leading researcher at Moscow State University’s Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, has spent many years working on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) at the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Radio Astronomy. In a recent interview, he laments the lack of interaction between researchers involved in both the […]

A Message For People Who Fear Being Alone

The Facts: Some fascinating research has been conducted over the past several years that make the discussion of life after death quite interesting. Reflect On: Ancient wisdom and teachings have been ‘proven’ right with regards to quantum physics, neuroscience and health in many different ways. Would the same apply to life after death? Can we […]

Kitten Found Near Forest All Alone, Climbs on Cyclists and Won’t Let Go

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Have You Ever Woken Up In The Middle of Night Paralyzed? You’re Not Alone

How many of you have at one time or another woken up unable to speak or move? If you have, you are not alone. The classic definition for this phenomenon is called sleep paralysis. It may last a few seconds, several moments, or occasionally longer and usually occurs right before you are about to fall […]

The trauma of sending children from Gaza to fight illness alone

Fewer children from Gaza were separated from their parents when receiving treatment outside the strip in 2019 than in the previous year, according to statistics by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the Israeli military body responsible for administering the occupation and blockade. This appears to be an improvement, but what the […]

Gazan Girl Fights Cancer Alone at West Bank Hospital – Israel Won’t Let Her Parents Join her

Miral Abu Amsha at the hospital in Nablus. Credit: Alex Levac The parents of children with cancer are among those who are being denied travel permits by Israel. Miral Abu Amsha, a 10-year-old suffering from leukemia, is undergoing chemotherapy in a Nablus hospital by herself. And she’s not the only patient in that situation. Reposted […]

Orphaned elephant is completely alone – 5 million hearts were melted as new herd comes to adopt him

Having to spend your life without your parents by your side is both very sad and hard especially if you lose them at a very young age. This is true for animals as much as it is for us humans, and the life story of baby elephant Dok Geaw is just an example of that. […]

For celebs like Emma Watson it’s ‘self-partnering,’ for ordinary male divorcees like me, it’s Christmas alone

Self-partnering made its international debut in November – in the pages of British Vogue. Introduced by “actor-activist” Emma Watson, the phrase quickly dotted the landscape of cultural politics. The Lexicographers of New Identity Names extolled the semantic transitioning from the suddenly pejorative “single” to the self-positive “self-partnered.” While the former term was consigned to the […]

Saudi attacker ‘acted alone’ in Florida naval base rampage

Investigators believe a Saudi Air Force lieutenant acted alone on Friday when he killed three people and wounded eight at a United States Navy base in Pensacola, Florida before being fatally shot by police, the FBI has said. But they have yet to determine a motive for the rampage, even though fellow Saudi […]

‘Stand-alone mode’: Russian-made S-400s to operate independently from NATO air defense – Turkish minister

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Akar said that the S-400s will not be integrated into the NATO air defense system and will not pose a threat to the alliance. We’ve been saying it all along. Of course, [the S-400s] will be in ‘stand-alone’ mode. They will operate independently. Turkey began receiving the S-400s this summer and […]

‘What’s a girl seeking, alone at night?’ German mayor’s ‘victim-blaming’ blasted as immigrants accused of gang-raping teenager

The crime occurred in the city of Ulm in the southwestern Baden-Wurttemberg state on Halloween but police only reported it this week. The 14-year-old victim was walking late and met with a group of teenage boys and men in their early 20s, one of whom she knew. She agreed to go to the home of […]

America’s Syria Debacle is Not Trump Alone

The American debacle in Syria is only matched by the debacle that is the Washington debate on Syria. Indeed, rarely have two sides fought over an issue so ferociously only for both to get it so wrong. In the below piece for Foreign Policy, Stephen Wertheim and I point to how a conceptual deficit in […]

Donald Trump, Alone Against All, by Thierry Meyssan

For President Trump, the impeachment proceedings brought by the House of Representatives are an attempt at a coup d’état. Donald Trump’s main campaign commitment to end the offensive Rumsfeld/Cebrowski military strategy and replace it with a policy of Jacksonian cooperation is met with strong internal US and external opposition from US allies. More than ever, […]

‘Israel’ Left Alone in Face of Giant Iran, Saudi’s Bin Salman Seeking Solution to Just Save Face: Zionist Media

October 5, 2019 The Zionist media reflected the augmenting fear in the Zionist entity of the giant Iranian role in the region, stressing that Tehran will deal a major blow to Tel Aviv in case of any military confrontation between the two sides. The Israeli analysts blamed that the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for involving […]

US stalling work on Syria ‘safe zone’, Turkey will act alone if needed: Cavusoglu

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says the United States is stalling attempts to create a so-called safe zone in the northeastern part of Syria, reaffirming that Ankara is ready to act on its own if necessary to push back militants from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). Cavusoglu told reporters in the capital Ankara on […]

Must Read Remember this one? Someone Wants War with Russia Victoria Nuland is not alone PHILIP GIRALDI • NOVEMBER 17, 2015

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VIDEO: ‘You Are NOT Alone!’

A new video from Benny Wills… . Transcript: Run run away with me Sing sing and dance with me Hug unplug and walk with me Laugh and prance and play with me Hold hold hold onto me Caress undress and cuddle me Jump and shout and howl with me Cry get high and die with […]

Arriving at G-7, Trump faces limits of go-it-alone stance

BIARRITZ, France (AP) — US President Donald Trump arrived Saturday in France for an international summit with the leaders of the globe’s economic powers as he confronts the consequences of his preference for going it alone, both in a sharply divided United States and an interconnected world. The meeting of the Group of Seven nations […]

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