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Princeton Study: The U.S. Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone

The Facts: Moloch is a Canaanite god in the Old Testament that’s associated with human sacrifice, specifically the sacrifice of human children is now on display at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome as part of a secular historical exhibition. Reflect On: With all of the attention Jeffrey Epstein is getting, should there not […]

Americans Are Already Bored of the Impeachment Hearings

By Gage Skidmore on Flickr   If the sentiments of several people interviewed by the New York Times are anything to go by, Americans are already getting bored of the impeachment hearings. The hearings entered day three proper today as two top national security aides who listened to President […]

"The Bubble’s Already Popped": Peter Schiff Warns "Ignore What The Fed Says, Look At What They Do"

Authored by Mac Slavo via, Financial expert Peter Schiff says that people should ditch the dollar. And not just the dollar; all fiat currencies.  Instead, he says people should be buying gold, a “real safe haven” asset. The real driver behind the rise of gold prices is the world’s central banks’ buying spree, says […]

Dramatic cold spell sweeping across half the USA is already causing catastrophic food crop failures

(Natural News) Once upon a time so-called “preppers” — people who believe they should be prepared for any and all possible scenarios including the great apocalypse — were deemed ‘crazies,’ though mostly by city folks who believe, falsely, that grocery stores magically have endless supplies of food. The fact is grocery stores […]

Onerous Loan Terms Are Crippling Already Broke Subprime Auto Buyers

By Tyler Durden As the bubble in subprime auto continues to grow bigger – even at the same time the auto industry is mired in recession – terms on new loans for new buyers continue to get more burdensome for already broke consumers.  In fact, many people are piling on debt to their auto loans […]

The Rise Of Robots Is Crippling Jobs In The Already Recessionary Auto Industry

By Tyler Durden It’s no longer a question of “if” we’re going to all eventually be replaced with robot overlords in the workplace, it’s a question of “when”. The nuances of how this is going to occur – like which industries are likely to see to the most disruption from automation – were the topic of […]

Syria: OPCW Whistleblowers Confirm What We Already Knew. The OPCW Suppressed Evidence Regarding alleged Chemical Weapons Attack

Whistleblowers have come forward revealing what many had known all along – that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had deliberately altered various reports and suppressed evidence regarding alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria to help bolster US war propaganda. The Courage Foundation – comprised of various whistleblowers and investigative journalists – in a statement […]

Mysterious Ongoing Oil Spill is Already Brazil’s Worst on Record

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times It’s already being called the worst oil spill in Brazil’s history, and no one knows where the oil is coming from or how to stop it. First appearing in September, crude oil began washing up on the country’s north-eastern beaches, and to date over 1200 miles of Brazil’s most […]

US Troops Are Staying in Syria to ‘Keep the Oil’ – and Have Already Killed Hundreds Over It

Hundreds of American soldiers are remaining in Syria to occupy its oil reserves and block the Syrian government from revenue needed for reconstruction. Trump said openly, “We want to keep the oil.” *** US President Donald Trump has reassured supporters that he is “bringing soldiers home” from the “endless” war in Syria. But that is […]

Russia already HAS weapons that can penetrate ANY missile defense, but its development won’t stop there – Putin

“We will work on the type of strike weapons systems that will certainly bypass any ballistic missile defenses,” the Russian President told an RT Arabic correspondent on Friday, adding “we will do it, this is obvious now.” Offering a sort of basic technology lesson, he explained that other countries’ existing anti- missile systems are designed […]

Putin Trolls Saudis, Offers To Sell Them Same Missiles He Already Sold To Iran

Serious offer or some bold high level trolling? President Vladimir Putin said while meeting with the presidents of Iran and Turkey in Ankara Monday to discuss Syria that the “smart decision” for the Saudis would be to purchase Russia’s most advanced anti-air defense system, the S-400 Triumph. “Saudi Arabia needs to make […]

Retail Apocalypse: 2019 Store Closures Already Surpass 2018 

As the economy cycles down through fall, there is new, alarming data by professional services firm BDO USA LLP, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, that indicates retail bankruptcies continue to rise as store closures have already outpaced all of 2018.  BDO warned that the recent acceleration of the retail apocalypse was primarily due to […]

People Are Already Getting Arrested For Trying to “Storm Area 51”

The Facts: A parent of a child formerly enrolled in the MUSE school in California sent us an email detailing the school’s use of the Process Communications Model (PCM), while observing that the school is not as inspiring as their promotional materials suggests. Reflect On: How do you know when a fundamentally good idea is […]

Revealed: Russian S-400s Already Operational In Turkey, Satellite Images Confirm

Early last week Turkey announced the start of a second round of S-400 component deliveries from Russia at a moment Turkish President Erdogan met with Putin in Moscow to hold talks on Syria developments. But it already appears the first batch — delivered in July at Mürted Air Base near Ankara — has gone operational, new […]

Iran has already told Macron missiles not up for negotiations: Informed source

Press TV – Iran has rejected French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to include the Islamic Republic’s missile program into new negotiations, an informed source tells Press TV. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity on Monday, added that Iran has already responded to Macron’s proposal, stressing that the country’s missile program is not up for […]

In The U.S., A Transportation Recession Has Already Officially Arrived

By Michael Snyder A transportation recession often precedes a recession for the entire economy; and while the debate about when the U.S. economy as a whole will plunge into a recession is quite vigorous right now, the truth is that the debate is over regarding when a transportation recession will begin. Throughout 2017 and most […]

Checkmate! Corbyn’s Please Make Me "Temporary PM" Scheme Fails Already

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The Liberal Democrats and key Tories both rejected Corbyn’s scheme to make him a caretaker PM to stop Brexit. Two days ago I noted Corbyn Seeks to Stop Brexit Via “Make Me Temporary PM” Pretty Please Offer. My ending comment was “There is little chance Corbyn’s ‘Make Me PM Pretty […]

People Already Hurting From 5G in Geneva, Switzerland

August 17, 2019 By B.N. Frank The Telecom Industry gave U.S. congressional testimony in February that they have no scientific evidence that exposure to 5G technology is safe.  Plenty of research indicates that it isn’t (see 1, 2, 3). In 2017, Swiss doctor Bertrand Buchs launched a petition asking for a moratorium on installation and […]

South Yemen Is Already Functionally Independent Even if It’s Not Recognized as Such

STC vs. Islah It was bound to happen sooner than later, but the Southern Transitional Council (STC) once again liberated the former South Yemeni capital of Aden from the Saudi-backed Islah Islamists and Hadi’s forces for the second time since January 2018, though this time they’re not willing to return to the status quo ante […]

Satellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Movement

By Mac Slavo There are “real-time” spies in the skies.  Satellites have already begun watching your every move as mass surveillance becomes a horror story reality, especially for liberty-loving humans. While commercial satellite imagery is powerful enough, for instance, to see a car, it’s not detailed enough to identify the make […]

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