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CDC Study: 85% of Coronavirus Patients Reported Wearing Masks ‘Always’ or ‘Often’

An overlooked study published recently by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that cloth face coverings or masks are mostly ineffective in preventing the spread of the Chinese coronavirus as promoted by public health officials. The CDC conducted the study, largely ignored by the media, in the U.S. in July and made its […]

The 17th Century Seer, Janet Douglas: Being A Gifted Child Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Janet Douglas was a 17th century Scottish teenager reputed to have a paranormal gift known as ‘Second Sight.’ She should not be confused was another well-known Janet Douglas, a Scottish noblewoman who lived during the 16th century, and accused of witchcraft, was burnt at the stake during the reign of James V of Scotland. As […]

Here’s how they always neutralize militias with infiltrators who either commit crimes with immunity or bear false witness so that false charges can be contrived.

Paul Egan & Tresa BaldasDetroit Free Press LANSING — The federal government has charged six people with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to newly unsealed court records. The FBI became aware early in 2020, through social media, that a militia group was “discussing the violent overthrow of certain government and law enforcement […]

Why do left-wing conspiracies gain so much traction by Big Social Media while the Right is always aggressively censored?

by Tom WilliamsAll Rights Reserved. With just a few weeks to go before the 2020 presidential elections, politics are getting thicker than mud. The heavily politicized Coronavirus “pandemic” keeps dominating the news cycle – continuing lockdowns and mask mandates, with its subsequent devastating economic realities. Then came the Black Live Matter protest/riots that have rocked […]

This is why not-so-merry England and stoic Russia have always existed like oil and water.

By Katerina for the Saker Blog In this my third and hopefully last essay I will try to analyse an ingrained and totally unresolvable animosity between England and Russia. Here what riles me a lot is when some people would describe England as “Britain”. I have lived in both Scotland and England and I have […]

The history of Rosh Hashanah which wasn’t always the ‘new year’

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The doctor is always right …

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On the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab army: President al-Assad: The Syrian Army has always been with the people during the terrorist war

[embedded content]  1945 – 2020  Source Saturday, 01 August 2020 07:54 Damascus (ST): President Bashar Al-Assad the commander in chief of the army and armed forces  has affirmed that that the men of the army have always been with our great people during different stages of the aggressive terrorist war, noting that  the achievements they […]

ACH (1305) Mischa Popoff – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Democracy But Were Afraid To Ask

ACH (1305) Mischa Popoff – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Democracy But Were Afraid To AskTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on July 24 2020, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Democracy But Were Afraid To Ask.” We discussed: the […]

CrossTalking – CrossTalk Bullhorns: Always Defiant (Extended Version)

CrossTalking – CrossTalk Bullhorns: Always Defiant (Extended Version) By The transatlantic alliance system has weathered a number of storms during its 70-year history. We are told this is because of sustained American leadership. But can this same alliance system survive the storm named Trump? CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Dmitry Babich, and Alex Christoforou. FACEBOOK: […]

My Family’s Home Is and Always Will Be Beit Daras

Although I was born and raised in a Gaza refugee camp, and then moved to and lived in the United States, finding a village that was erased from the map decades earlier was not, at least for me, an irrational act. The village of Beit Daras was the single most important piece of earth that […]

Always keep these 4 essential oils in your survival kit

(Natural News) Essential oils are gaining in popularity, finally beginning to get much-deserved recognition for their health benefits. But with so many options, it can be hard to narrow down which oils are the best fit for your needs. And when you’re prepping a survival kit, less is often more — especially […]

‘Once a Holocaust denier, always a Holocaust denier’: Netanyahu slams Abbas

Netanyahu accused the Palestinian leader of both Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. “Apparently the Holocaust denier is still a Holocaust denier. I call on the international community to condemn his severe anti-Semitism; the time has come for it to pass from the world,” he wrote. The Palestinian president again recited the most contemptible anti-Semitic canards. Apparently […]

Is ‘Speed Reading’ The Key To Digest & Learn Everything You’ve Always Wanted To?

Next Story Speed reading has been growing in popularity in recent months, with a slew of apps popping up promising to help you learn how to read much faster, in order to digest more information and learn about all of the things you may never have thought that you had the time for. Of course, […]

The Cult Of Violence Always Kills The Left

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—The Weather Underground, a clandestine revolutionary organization that advocated violence, was seen by my father and other clergy members who were involved in Vietnam anti-war protests as one of the most self-destructive forces on the left. These members of the clergy, many of whom, including my father, were World War II veterans, had often […]

Limitless Investigation of Trump Was Always the Plan

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In israeli military courts, Palestinian minors always lose

In Israeli military courts, Palestinian minors always lose In Israeli civilian courts, detention is always a last resort for a minor. But when it comes to Palestinian minors in Israeli military courts, prison is almost guaranteed. By Yael Marom Ahed Tamimi in the Ofer prison military court. December 20, 2017. (Oren Ziv/Activestills) Israeli authorities have […]

(VIDEO) REMEMBER: Whatever Goes Wrong, You Can Always Blame a Russian!

Poll numbers sliding? Having trouble politically or maintaining credibility with the public? Lost an election or a referendum? No need to fret – just remember: if something has gone wrong in life and you’ve run out of options… blame a Russian. #ICYMI presents to you a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Buy your very own Russian, and never […]

Triumph of Propaganda: Russia or Syria Will Always Found Guilty Within Hours

By Manuel Ochsenreiter The world audience should already be used to a certain news item: Whenever a chemical attack somewhere takes place, the Western leaders know exactly who is to blame even before the very first investigator has arrived on the scene. In the Syrian war it became something of a political mechanism: Chemical strike […]

The US Has Always Blurred the Lines Between Diplomacy and Espionage

I rarely have the chance to watch TV, but I would be lying if I say I did not love political dramas. As a former student of Political Science, I see the way American politics is played out on television as a dramatized caricature of reality. My feelings are slowly changing with each passing day […]

Palestine was always on my radar, says historian Robyn Spencer

In her remarks on “Black-Palestinian Solidarity,” organized by Columbia University Apartheid Divest and the Columbia Black Students Organization in honor of Black History Month on February 22, Dr. Robyn Spencer, a history professor at Lehman College, explained how her work as a longtime prisoner solidarity activist led her to an explicit solidarity with the Palestinian people.  […]

Iran – An Illuminati Target Always

When we see headlines like, “US, Turkish Troops Headed For Military Showdown In Syria,” and its multiple variants. One might be forgiven if one wonders, “Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya…..what in the world is the U.S. now doing fighting Turkey in Syria? Will this madness never end?” The headlines only make sense in the framework of the neocon a.k.a. Global Elite a.k.a. […]

Weinstein ordered staff to keep ‘condoms & erectile pills’ always handy – NY AG Lawsuit

     A new lawsuit against the Weinstein Co. and its founders, filed by the New York Attorney General’s Office, has exposed fresh details of the “vicious and exploitative mistreatment” of company employees by the disgraced movie mogul. A lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General’s office against Harvey Weinstein, his brother, and the Weinstein […]

‘Always wanted to be a pilot’: Family & friends of Russian plane crash victims speak to RT

Larisa, a friend of a crash victim named Lyudmila, remembered her companion’s kindness. World unites in condolences for 71 lives tragically lost in Russian plane crash “Lyudmila was such a nice person. Always ready to help. There are few people like her…I feel so sorry for her daughter,” she said while fighting back tears. Artyom, […]

Turns out you are NOT always what you eat

(Natural News) The general populace is just beginning to realize that food is a major factor in determining their overall health. This common sense has eluded many for decades thanks to the diligent brainwashing done by Big Pharma and their white coat salesmen. However, now that you do know nutrition plays a significant part […]

Israel always had a strong army

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Why the World Always Seems to be More Chaotic and Disorder

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times “In the long run, nothing escapes the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The pull of entropy is relentless. Everything decays. Disorder always increases.” ~James Clear 2017 has been a banner year for catastrophe, and while there seems to be little respite from the chaos and madness showing up in our daily news feeds, […]

Khoshroo: US always shielding Israeli regime

MNA – At the 10th UNGA emergency special session on Palestinian issue, Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khosroo said the US government always shields the Israeli regime by abusing its veto power in violation of the United Nations Charter. At the UN General Assembly for the vote on resolution denouncing Trump’s decision to declare […]



Zakharova on IOC decision to bar Russia from 2018 Olympics: "We always survive"

The IOC announced on Tuesday its decision to ban the Russian national team from taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games      Decisions made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday to bar the national Russian team from the 2018 Olympics will not knock Russia out, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said […]

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