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Condemnation of IDF Killings Is Never Anti-Semitic but Is Always an Essential Duty of the Global Media to Report

Condemnation of IDF Killings Is Never Anti-Semitic but Is Always an Essential Duty of the Global Media to Report By Hans Stehling, As of November 19, last year, lethal force by Israeli forces resulted in the killing of 252 and injuring of 25,522 Palestinians in Gaza, OCHA has reported. Many of the injuries were life-changing, […]

America’s first non-binary person renounces transgenderism, says, "I have always been male"

(Natural News) The man who holds the title as the first in the United States to ever legally identify as “neither” in terms of his official gender status has since come forward to reveal that so-called “non-binary” gender identification is a total fraud, and that he’s “always been male.” Jamie Shupe of […]

People-Pleasing: The Hidden Dangers of Always Being “Too Nice”

February 10th, 2019 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World You feel the pressure throb in your veins. A lump rises in your throat as your colleagues watch you closely. They are expecting an answer. They are expecting you to comply. Every fibre of your being wants to scream “NO I CAN’T.” But as if […]

Trump’s neocons have always hated arms control agreements, INF is no different

President Vladimir Putin is correct when he said recently that the US pullout from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or INF, had been in the planning stages for some time prior to the announcement in October. The withdrawal comes as tensions between Russia and the US are mounting on an array of other issues. Yet, […]

How They Do It– ‘We, the Jewish people have always tempered our triumph in battle with distress at the violence and bloodshed’

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,998 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Paul Craig Roberts On The Triumph Of Evil Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, The murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi ‘This is our state, the […]

Gaza will always remain a fortress of dignity

Israeli occupation elite forces attempted to carry out a secret military operation in the depth of Gaza, but the vigilance of its resistance foiled it and pushed Israel to beg a ceasefire. While the whole world is busy dealing with the case of assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and after the announcement of an internationally-mediated cease-fire between […]

To Do The Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Do, You Have To Do It

We are having a New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th at 4:02 pm Universal Time. This is initiating a 29.5-day Lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month. This cycle will peak at the Full Moon in Gemini that is occurring on November 22nd/23rd. The Sun has already been in […]

Natural is always best: Three shrubs native to North America found to be great alternative bioherbicides

(Natural News) A study published in Allelopathy Journal has found that compounds from three Baccharis species can be used as natural herbicides against the blackjack (Bidens pilosa), a weed found in many parts of the world. This finding offers both gardeners and organic farmers a viable method to control the invasive B. […]

To Jews, the ‘two-state solution’ has always and ONLY meant more ethnic cleansing… Until now

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,974 other followers Source Article from Related Posts From early Zionism until today, Palestinian stonemasons built Israel — Mondoweiss — Rebel Voice STONE MEN The Palestinians who built Israel by Andrew Ross. 320 pp. Verso $29.95 […]

(Always) Ten years left to save the planet

     Every ten years, climate scientists say we have ten years left to save the planet. Sometimes they want to save it from global warming, other times they say they want to save it from global cooling. Source Article from Related Posts Truckers Face Years in Prison for Transporting LEGAL Hemp Because of Cops […]

Google is Totally Not Politically Biased, And You Can Always Trust Them to Run the World Fairly

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 9, 2018 This is a tweet from a senior Google employee after the Kavanaugh confirmation. But don’t worry. The company is completely unbiased, and you can totally just trust them to run the world completely fairly. Yes, it’s scary to have the most powerful company that ever […]

For Zionists, the ‘two state solution’ has always meant more ethnic cleansing

A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists. Therefore, the notion of partition in any form of historical Palestine was only ever endorsed by Zionists as a political-diplomatic means towards overtaking more territory and dispossessing more Palestinians. To demonstrate this, I shall first go back to an early partition plan – that of […]


by Jonathan Azaziah – Noam Chomsky has always been a Zionist pig. Lulling unsuspecting, burgeoning Anti-Imperialists into his web and selling them his “Manufacturing Consent” elementariness while in fact manufacturing dissent and leading them far, far away from the Empire of Zion that rules over the overwhelming majority of nation-states from east to west. The latest […]

FBI: We Always Knew Steele Dossier Was Crock Of Sh*t

The FBI always knew the anti-Trump dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele was a “crock of sh*t,” according to newly released government docments.  In a document published on earlier this week, the FBI acknowledge that they didn’t have much confidence in the infamous dossier and knew it to be “minimally corroborated.” “Medium confidence […]

Against Forgetting – Things Were Not Always This Way

August 10th, 2018 By Derrick Jensen B.Sc / Deep Green Resistance Last night a host of nonhuman neighbors paid me a visit. First, two gray foxes sauntered up, including an older female who lost her tail to a leghold trap six or seven years ago. They trotted back into a thicker part of the forest, and a few […]

Two Jewish Drug Kingpin Hackers Busted! Has the Silk Road Always Been an Israeli Operation?

Dov Tenenboim is a 33 year old dual Israeli-Australian citizen who is self-described as an “entrepreneur” and “elite hacker” from Sydney’s eastern suburbs. He is accused of being the Australian head of an international dark web drug syndicate. His synagogue buddy Chaim Goldstein was arrested in May on drug charges and appears to be Tenenboim’s business […]

American post-exceptionalism: Trump betrays the elite sense that the US is always pure and democracy-loving

Welcome to American post-exceptionalism      Now that the all-consuming, head-exploding media meltdown over Donald Trump’s performance in Helsinki has subsided somewhat, it is worth attempting to examine what, exactly, inspired the frenzy. Virtually the entire elite press corps and large swaths of the political class united in denouncing the sitting president not just as incompetent, […]

Cute kids recreating World Cup final causes online race debate. Must it always end like this?

RT is winding down its World Cup coverage after a successful tournament in Russia, and produced the video recreation as part of that. Simply a bit of fun, involving no politics or ideology. The producers, perhaps naively, thought it was hard to go wrong when showing young kids enjoying themselves playing football. The production was […]

All Ears: Always-On Listening Devices Could Soon Be Everywhere

All Ears: Always-On Listening Devices Could Soon Be Everywhere July 13th, 2018 Via: Wall Street Journal: If every tree falling in every forest might soon be heard by an internet-connected microphone, what hope is there for our privacy? Already when you’re sitting in a […]

Egypt and Senegal let me down, but there’s always Mexicooooo!

With Egypt’s losses to Uruguay, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, the team I spent years excited to support was eliminated from the World Cup after 270 minutes. It had been 28 years since Egypt competed on the world’s biggest stage– only to concede a late goal against Uruguay, lose to the host nation, and somehow manage […]

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