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Surveillance Partners: Amazon Ring and Police Departments

October 18, 2019 By Michael Boldin The company has partnered with 400-500 departments – and provides direct access to surveillance footage through a special “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal,” an interactive map that allows officers to request footage directly from camera owners. So far, police are requesting permission from owners – but how long will that […]

Amazon launches series on hi-tech, with focus on Israel’s Startup Nation

Over 50 cutting-edge Israeli tech companies are featured in the first season of a new series released on Amazon Prime Video on October 18 called “TechTalk.” Season two features startups in New York, and season three hits Los Angeles. The show’s creator is co-founder of Tech Talk Media, Jonny Caplan. He’s a British-born entrepreneur who […]

Amazon’s ‘Cloud Cam’ Sometimes Shares Users’ ‘Intimate Moments’ With Dozens Of Strangers

Owners of the company’s products should understand that, if you own any device equipped with Amazon’s Alexa – or “NSAlexa” – digital assistant, the e-commerce giant likely has access to some of your most private, intimate moments. Earlier this year, the company was exposed for allowing thousands of employees to listen in on the private […]

Amazon Is Becoming One Of America’s Biggest Military Giants

By Aaron Kesel Amazon is on its way to becoming one of the U.S. military’s biggest security giants, with a pending $10bn JEDI cloud computing deal that the company could win, MIT Technology Review reported. In August the Pentagon halted the controversial contract deal, known as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), an initiative to “aggressively […]

Amazon Workers Protest After Woman Fired for Spending Extra Hour With Dying Relative

By John Vibes Employees of an Amazon delivery location in Sacramento, California are protesting the company’s decision to fire a worker who missed an hour of work for a bedside vigil with her dying mother-in-law, even though she communicated with her managers and gave them advanced notice. Last week, other workers at the Sacramento delivery […]

FaceFirst and Amazon Want To Influence Facial Recognition Laws; Motorola Joins The Push For A Surveillance State

By Aaron Kesel FaceFirst is another company with something to lose if facial recognition regulation bans the technology. They have now entered the lobbying ring to attempt to influence laws for the Orwellian biometric technology. FaceFirst writes in a press release: FaceFirst is partnering with congressional lawmakers to influence future facial recognition privacy regulations.  (Los […]

New Amazon Alexa Spy Products Include Glasses, Rings And Earbuds; Bezos Wants To Write Facial Recognition Laws

By Aaron Kesel Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, whom this writer has previously referred to as emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, wants to write his own laws on facial recognition technology amid a release of a slew of new products that will each cause various privacy concerns. Earlier this year, Amazon published its draft guidelines that […]

Amazon to Install Microphones Into Rings and Glasses — They Aren’t Even The First

September 26, 2019 By B.N. Frank Wearable tech has become very common and oh so fashionable.  But like all wireless “smart” devices, these products also collect personal data on owners 24/7.  Many companies analyze this personal data so they can try to sell more products to these customers.  Sometimes they sell the data to 3rd […]

Amazon Israel site, set to open, won’t spell doom for malls… yet, analysts say

As Amazon plans to launch its retail operations in Israel, a move that will make online ordering easier for Israelis, analysts say they don’t expect a huge immediate impact on Israeli shopping patterns. Amazon has reportedly reached out to Israeli retailers to enable them to sell directly to customers in Israel using its online platform, […]

Amazon mimics Google: E-tailer giant changes its product-search algorithm to favor items more profitable for the company

(Natural News) The country’s largest technology firms are just begging to be regulated by Uncle Sam thanks to the shady ways they conduct business. It’s just too bad that there aren’t enough people in Washington, D.C., like Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) who want to on behalf of Americans who keep getting screwed […]

Seven South American Nations Sign Agreement To Preserve Amazon Rainforest

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times In light of the recent international attention on deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, the new presidential administration currently overseeing the Brazilian government has developed a reputation for their hostile attitude towards indigenous people and the ecosystem that they call home. Luckily, this sentiment is not shared by many other […]

Same that banned cancer cure documentaries now all in with Big Pharma’s toxic cancer "treatments" via its new "Go Gold" astroturfing campaign

(Natural News) Jeff Bezos has launched a new propaganda campaign called “Amazon Goes Gold” that blatantly pushes the Big Pharma lie that chemotherapy is some kind of universal cure for childhood cancer. Exploiting the heartbreaking story of a Texas girl who underwent chemo for stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s T-cell Lymphoma, The Amazon blog […]

Defending the Amazon, Indigenous Rights & Planetary Integrity

The Facts: The evidence around what happened on 9/11 suggests that either we are being lied to when it comes to the official story or 9/11 contained events creating the greatest coincidence of all time. Reflect On: Are you aware of the actual facts surrounding 9/11? Not unfound conspiracy theories, the actual facts that do […]

BlackRock: Divest From Amazon Destruction

BlackRock: Divest From Amazon Destruction Above: A fire burns a tract of Amazon jungle as it is cleared by a farmer in Machadinho do Oeste, Rondonia state, Brazil September 2, 2019. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes. From Follow the Money to the Amazon. BlackRock, the world’s largest investment firm, has more money invested in the fossil fuel and agribusiness industries […]

Activists Follow The Money Fueling Amazon Fires

While the world watches in horror as fires rage on in the Amazon, activists are shining a light on the big businesses destroying what’s popularly known as the “lungs of the Earth.” On September 5, people around the globe stood in solidarity with the rainforest’s indigenous communities by partaking in the Global Day of Action […]

Views of Destruction: Satellite Images Reveal Devastating Amazon Fires in Almost Real-Time

Rhett Butler, Mongabay Waking Times Planet images showing Nova Bandeirantes in Mato Grosso, Brazil after a fire on Aug. 21, 2019. (Photo: courtesy of Planet Labs Inc.) High-resolution images from satellite company Planet are revealing glimpses of some of the fires currently devastating the Amazon rainforest. While many of the images currently being shared on […]

Amazon, the Arsonists Shout “Fire”

At the head of the “ruralist” lobby, that is to say agribusiness companies, Tereza Cristina Correa da Costa Dias played a big role in the election of President Jair Bolsonaro who made her his minister of Agriculture. Faced with the spread of fires in the Amazon, the G7 Summit changed its agenda to “face the […]

Amazon Chaos: "BlackRock Is Literally Reaping Profits As The World’s Jungles Burn"

According to a new report from the Friends of the Earth U.S.; Amazon Watch; and Profundo, Larry Fink’s BlackRock Inc is one of the top investors in companies “responsible for tropical forest destruction in the Amazon and around the world.” The report called BlackRock’s Big Deforestation Problem, published on Amazon Watch’s website, claims […]

Amazon is on fire, but are we DOOMED? What’s behind the climate catastrophe headlines

The Amazon rainforest is ablaze. Wildfires have increased by 83 percent this year on last, with nearly 80,000 individual fires spotted by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research. Fires in this region are typically started by farmers every year to clear overgrown land for grazing and replanting, but the extent of this year’s inferno has […]

2,000 New Fires Reported in Amazon Despite Recent Government Ban

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Last week, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, issued a 60-day ban on the use of fire for the purpose of clearing land in the Amazon. However, despite the order, nearly 2,000 new fires have been reported in the region since the restrictions were put into place. According to Brazil’s National Space Research […]

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