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American Suez?: The Costs Of Bombing Iran

American Suez?: The Costs Of Bombing Iran Above photo: The Suez Canal in 1956, scene of Britain’s first great post-war humiliation. AFP. The ongoing pandemic-proxy-war on Iran may be the Empire’s point of no return. “Suez has not so much changed our fortunes as revealed realities.” – British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, remarks to the Cabinet, […]

I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

Panics from pandemics unleash unchecked governmental power. The very premise of popular films like V for Vendetta reveal this: a group uses a virus to seize power and create a totalitarian society. Anyone could witness this from far-off lands, watching the news about China locking people up in their own homes and then removing them […]

Covid-19 has taken away bread and circuses, laying bare the true American empire

Anyone who has eyes to see can clearly make out that America is an addled empire in steep decline that is firmly entrenched in its bread-and-circuses stage. This has been brought into clear focus due to Covid-19. Since there is now a shortage of bread, as supermarket shelves are bare, and the distraction of the […]

Charles Lindbergh Sr. — Swedish Pioneer and Great American

C.A. LINDBERGH was the father of the aviator  Charles Lindbergh, but also a giant of a man himself known to one of his contemporaries as an “untamed polar bear.” In the early 1900s, he warned Americans about a crime-in-progress — the economic takeover by what he called The Money Trust, the “financial fat fellows” whose […]

COVID-19 hits aviation industry: American Airlines grounds fleet, suspends flights

(Natural News) Mega carrier American Airlines is grounding 450 planes, or half of its fleet, as well as suspending 55,000 flights in April, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. American Airlines made the surprise announcement in a statement released Thursday afternoon. As per the mega carrier, all long-haul international flights are to […]

Bernie Sanders Says US Gov’t Should Pay Every American $2,000 per Month Until Pandemic Ends

(CD) — Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders put forth a far-reaching plan Tuesday night that calls for at least $2 trillion in emergency funding—including for free healthcare and direct cash payments of $2,000 per month to every American—as a way to “mobilize on a scale not seen since the New Deal and World War […]

American Airlines confirms one pilot POSITIVE with coronavirus – BUT won’t say which routes or dates he flew

(Natural News) A pilot for American Airlines Group has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, a representative for the commercial carrier said. The airline, however, has declined to say which routes or days the pilot most recently worked. The company has also declined to confirm when the pilot became ill. According to […]

VA Secretary Addresses American Legion Winter Conference

SecVA: Veteran safety from Coronavirus VA priority U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety is a top priority, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said at the American Legion Winter Conference March 10 in Washington, D.C. With Coronavirus dominating national news, Wilkie addressed VA’s response to the situation, including prevention steps at VA medical centers. “We […]

MAGA congressman wants Trump administration to kill ‘anti-American and pro-BDS’ Arizona Mideast studies program

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is calling for the Department of Education to investigate the Center for Middle East Studies (CMES) at the University of Arizona. Gosar argues that the program has misused federal money and should have its funding stripped away by the Trump administration. On February 24, Gosar sent a letter to Secretary of […]

Rod Blagojevich: Democrats Have ‘Abandoned’ American Workers, Black Voters

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich blasted his former political party, the Democrats, and outlined why he now considers himself a “Trumpocrat” in an interview on Saturday. Speaking to the Patriot Channel on SiriusXM 125, Blagojevich – whose sentence President Trump commuted last month – described how the Democratic Party has “abandoned” American workers and black […]

Nothing to do with facts: China dismisses US accusation it targeted American surveillance plane with LASER

The claims made by the US Navy simply “did not accord with reality,” China’s Defense Ministry said on its WeChat account, responding to the accusations made by the American military last week. The Chinese forces were conducting a routine drill in the area, it added. The US Pacific Fleet said that its P-8A Poseidon “was lased” […]

‘Bloomberg could have given every American $1 million’ – Liberal media math exposed in stunning interview

(Natural News) They’re not sending their best. During a Thursday discussion over the amount of money Mike Bloomberg has spent on advertising during the 2020 election – some $500 million, MSNBC‘s Brian Williams and New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay promoted a Twitter user’s very incorrect math. (Article by Tyler Durden republished from […]

COVID 19 an American bio-weapon aimed at Iran and China – IRGC Chief

RT/Moscow: The US сould be the prime culprit behind Covid-2019 outbreak that hit China and then Iran, head of its elite Revolutionary Guards claimed, threatening that the virus will eventually be turned against those who unleashed it. “It is possible that this virus is a product of a biological attack by America which initially spread […]

Jewish Crypsis in American Buddhism

by Andrew Joyce “From my conversations with many of these Buddhist leaders, they have spoken openly about how their commitments to social justice are shaped by their Jewish upbringings.” — Emily Sigalow, American JewBu: Jews, Buddhists, and Religious Change, 2019. AS MENTIONED in a 2017 review of The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews […]

Can American cities be subjected to a draconian lockdown like Wuhan?

(Natural News) Wuhan, China – the epicenter of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – has been under an unprecedented lockdown for the past month as part of the Chinese government’s efforts to contain the outbreak. As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, some are asking if the same could be done to U.S. cities. […]

Will Policy of Destabilizing Latin American Countries Help Trump to be Re-Elected?

As the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election campaign heats up, there is every chance that Donald Trump can become a one-term president as the popularity of Bernie Sanders increases despite the sabotage within his own Democrat Party against him. There still remains a strong possibility that Sanders can become the next president sitting in the White […]

American students must serve like Israeli soldiers on their campuses against BDS — Steny Hoyer

“Democrats and Repulicans are working together to oppose BDS, both here in America and in the United Nations as well. That is because we see BDS as a discriminatory movement, one that rejects the right of the Jewish people to live in a Jewish democratic state in a land of their ancestors.” “…in a land […]

Why the American Ruling Class Fears Bernie Sanders

Based on lies, and no facts, they absurdly contend that Bernie Sanders is somehow associated with or supported inside the U.S. by the Russian government.  Typical is a front-page New York Times article under the headline  ‘Seeking Chaos, Moscow Places Its Bets in U.S.,’  Nothing in the article backs up this headline other than a […]

I’m Palestinian American, and Bernie Sanders has my vote

Within my Palestinian American community, many ask me why I am such an adamant supporter of Bernie Sanders. While the Vermont senator has certainly been brave on Palestine, he is still very much saying the bare minimum: that Palestinians are human beings who have legitimate grievances, and who deserve dignity. Yes, Sanders is not perfect […]

Saudis see Trump as unpredictable and fear who might be the next American President: Askari

February 26, 2020 – 12:29 TEHRAN – Professor Hossein Askari, an expert on Saudi Arabia who also teaches international business at the George Washington University, believes that “The Saudis see Trump as unpredictable and fear who might be the next American President.” “Open up a small channel with Iran in case it is needed given […]

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