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Hundreds of Americans flown back from the Diamond Princess shared the SAME plane whether infected or not infected

(Natural News) The more than 300 Americans who were on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship that’s been floating off of Japan’s coast due to multiple confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) have all been flown back to the United States for land-based quarantine. But reports indicate that everyone was flown […]

China now has the power to kill millions of Americans without firing a shot … by withholding medications

Over Half in US take Prescription Drugs (Natural News) Add to that 150 million people all our residents that take supplements and you have a pretty good idea what our exposure is to China weaponizing medications. Nearly all of our supplements and medications are made from ingredients procured from China. They’ve killed […]

Mad Maxine: Average Americans ‘Where Are You? ‘I Don’t Hear Enough Voices’ Resisting Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC Tuesday and admitted that “average American” voters are not “resisting Trump” and “speaking out” against him. Rep. Waters’ fears that if her crtitique of the electoral landscape proves correct, President Trump will be elected in a landslide in November, turning blue states red and destroying years of Democrat […]

Mike Bloomberg: I Will Charge Americans With ‘Domestic Terrorism’ For ‘Hate Crimes’ If Elected

[BLOOMBERG:] Anti-Semitic violence is on the rise. We’ve seen it in the New York area — including the recent horrific attacks in Jersey City — and across the country. As a Jew, as an American and as a human being, I am deeply disturbed every time I hear about these hate crimes. […] When the […]

Germans & Americans Skeptical Of NATO’s Value

Most of the world views NATO in a favorable light, according to a Pew Research Center survey, however citizens of two major members – the U.S. and Germany – did not show higher-than-average levels of favorability towards the 71-year-old alliance. The survey showed a median favorability of 53 percent among the 16 member countries, with only […]

Americans defeated in all military moves against Iran: IRGC commander

Tasnim – Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) for Coordination Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said the US government has faced defeat in all of its military actions against Iran without an exception. Addressing a ceremony held in the holy city of Qom on Thursday to commemorate the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic […]

Lindsey Graham: Impeachment Only Ends When Americans Fire Nasty Nancy

MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: But, first, closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow in what will be the final phase of the Senate impeachment trial. Then, this upcoming Wednesday, a final up-or-down vote that is expected to acquit the president on both articles of impeachment. We bring in right now Republican Senator from South Carolina […]

Watch: News Anchor Shows Americans Real Size of Wealth Gap—Using American Pie

Eoin Higgins, Common Dreams Waking Times A four minute video that aired on CBS Friday morning was praised for using slices of real pie to show the huge wealth gap in the U.S.—surprising passers-by who joined anchor Tony Dokoupil at a table set up at a mall in West Nyack, New York. “Give this video four minutes and let’s […]

‘Embarrassing mistake’ or revising history? German paper says AMERICANS liberated Auschwitz – and it’s not the only one

Der Spiegel published a graphic on social media platforms last week saying the “amerikanischen Armee” (US Army) was the one that liberated Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp. That would have been news to anyone in the 322nd Rifle Division of the Red Army’s 1st Ukrainian Front, which actually kicked in the gates of the […]

Palestinian Americans debate supporting Bernie Sanders

When Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said that she would work on increasing American support for Israel, most progressives expressed a seemingly collective “No. Just no.” And yet these same politically engaged progressives, including many Palestinians, are stating they will be voting for a Zionist candidate, who has repeatedly affirmed that he “admires” Israel, and […]

I will not let Hillary intimidate me or other patriotic Americans into silence

I love our country. I’ve served as a soldier for nearly 17 years, deployed twice to the Middle East, and served in Congress for over 7 years. If Hillary & allies can destroy my reputation by implying I am a traitor to the country I love, they can do it to anyone #StandWithTulsi SHOW MORE […]

Joe Biden: DACA Illegal Aliens Are ‘More American Than Most Americans’

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that illegal immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are “more American than most Americans” because they had “done well in school.” Biden, who recently said he believed drunk driving should not be crime that warrants deportation, made the statement during a sparsely attended campaign […]

Nearly All Americans Want To Get Off Fossil Fuels

Late last year, The Washington Post reported a remarkable poll finding: Nearly half of American adults — 46 percent — believe the U.S. needs to “drastically reduce” fossil fuel use in the near future to address the climate crisis. Another 41 percent favor a more gradual reduction. In short, almost 90 percent of us support transitioning off fossil […]

Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby: Ordinary Americans Can Organize and Win — TRADCATKNIGHT/ORDER OF THE EAGLE

BY Philip Giraldi During many years of writing about or describing the terrible damage that the “special relationship” with Israel has done to the United States the question occasionally comes up “Given the enormous power of the Zionist lobby, what can we do to bring about change?” via Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby: Ordinary Americans […]

How Much Have Americans Been Spied On By The Gov’t Since 2001? Sharyl Attkisson Provides The Ugly Truth

January 13, 2020 By B.N. Frank We’ve all heard about at least some of this before.  Thanks to Full Measure for producing this new segment reminding us about why this should tick us off. Independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson also provides an update about her own computer intrusion by the U.S. government in this video. We […]

ABC News Poll: Majority of Americans say Trump Wrong on Iran

In a week dominated by increased tension with Iran and speculation over when impeachment articles would be delivered to the U.S. Senate, a majority of Americans said they disapprove of President Trump’s handling of the situation with Iran and feel less safe, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll. But when it comes to a key conflict at […]

Ten Ways Trump’s Actions Against Iran Hurt Americans, the Region and the World

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Rasmussen Poll: Just 21% of Americans Think Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself

With the clear majority of Americans not believing the official story about the billionaire sex trafficker, the national telephone and online survey also shows that 27 per cent of American adults remain undecided. The numbers are up on August, just after Epstein died, when 42 per cent of Americans believed he was murdered. […]

Byproduct of Iran Conflict: Increased Surveillance and Detained Iranian-Americans

By Derrick Broze While the world anxiously watches the situation in Iraq unfold, it’s important to understand domestic byproducts of the ongoing military conflict between the United States and Iran. Specifically, the tensions between the two nations have lead to an increase in the questioning of travelers of Iranian descent who attempt to cross U.S. […]

"Zipper Killing" Americans: A Police Tactic Of Killing People In A Hail Of Gunfire

Have you ever tried to get someone’s attention because they forgot to pull up their fly? Perhaps you have tried to use hand signals or made eye contact with them in a discreet attempt to get them to zip up their fly. Well, America’s police have figured out a way to make sure […]

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