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Reviving The Ancient Intuitive Skill of Dowsing

Mankind’s ancient ancestors faced many challenges, for instance the need to be able to find drinkable water that did not show on the surface of the land. Many of these challenges were solved by way of the ancient practice of dowsing. Some writers believe that the one human figure in cave paintings at Lascaux, France, […]

Ancient Herbal Medicine And What To Use At Home To Stay Healthy Today!

“Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates You’d be surprised how your knowledge of natural healing medicines can benefit from the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. Herbal medicine has been in use since at least the Paleolithic period . Archaeologists working in northern Iraq, for example, found a selection of plant pollen from mallows, grape […]

Indigenous Knowledge Revives Ancient Clam Garden Practices

Above photo: The Swinomish Department of Environmental Protection aims to protect and restore the natural environment, and the health and welfare of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. Facebook. La Conner, WA – Tribal communities are reviving 3,500-year-old eco-friendly practices to create sustainable beaches along the Pacific Northwest Coast. Teams of tribal members and scientists in […]

Dozens Of ‘New’ Ancient Egyptian Coffins Found Near Saqqara

Once again archaeologists at a famous necropolis in Egypt have made astonishing discoveries. They have uncovered many ancient Egyptian coffins that are perfectly preserved. The most recently discovered ancient Egyptian coffins were all sealed, which means they have been completely undisturbed for over two thousand years! The treasure trove was found at the Saqqara necropolis, […]

Vaison-La-Romaine Whispers History Around Every Ancient Corner

The historic French region of Provence is famed for its beauty, culture, and relaxed lifestyle. One of the most beautiful and ancient towns is Vaison-la-Romaine, with both Roman and Medieval heritage. The Long History of Vaison-la-Romaine Excavations have shown that there was a settlement at the site since at least the Bronze Age. In the […]

Tomb of Ancient Greek Poet and Astronomer Found in Turkey

Throughout time some people are remembered after they die for their achievements. But some individuals are celebrated both in life and death and they are especially important. What archaeologists recently found in Turkey is a large memorial tomb dedicated to one of those people, the ancient Greek poet and astronomer Aratus. Aratus was a didactic […]

Two-Shekel Weight Found In Jerusalem Tells Us About Ancient Economy

Small objects from the distant past can tell us so much about ancient societies and daily life in those cultures. A two-shekel weight from the Biblical period recently found in Jerusalem is one of these small objects and its significance is considerable. It was used to measure the weight of produce and other foods in […]

Leather Balls of Ancient Horsemen Used In 3000-year-old War Games

Researchers believe that they have found the oldest balls ever uncovered in Eurasia. The set of leather balls were found in graves of Central Asian horse riders in northern China. They are offering evidence that ball games were played some 3000 years ago. It is believed that not only were ball games important but played […]

7 Anti-Aging Secrets From Ancient India

October 9th, 2020 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World As far as I know, the elixir of immortality and the fountain of youth haven’t quite been discovered yet. But gosh… there is an awful LOT we can do to preserve that wonderful vital energy and sparkling quality we call “youthfulness” well into […]

‘White People’ Vilified After Egyptians Opened Ancient Mummy Tomb

59 coffins were recently discovered near the Saqqara pyramids, buried in shafts up to 40 feet in length, dating to around 2,500 years ago. They were put on display this past Saturday by Egyptian archaeologists. [embedded content] Somehow idiotic anti-Whites saw this and thought, “goddamn White people at it again!” NY Post reports: “We’re trained […]

Tiermes: Spain’s Ancient City Beset By Drama and Conflict

The culture of the Iberian Peninsula has always been complex and multifaceted. Traces of many previous civilizations are ubiquitous in the archaeological record. One example of this is the archaeological site of Tiermes, a Celtiberian hillfort which later became a Roman city and then a Christian religious shrine. Archaeological Remains of a Major Ancient Settlement […]

Ancient Lifeforms and Odd Humans Depicted in Maliwawa Rock Art

The timeworn relationship between humans and animals has been found depicted on 570 ancient paintings discovered within 87 rock shelters in Western Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory. In the journal Australian Archaeology , Professor Paul Taçon, Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Griffith University Chair in Rock Art Research, has published a new paper […]

The Top Ten Ancient History Podcasts You May Not Have Heard

There are podcasts on every subject these days. Even the ancient world has been brought into the modern one through this medium. If you are looking for another way to learn about the past, check out this list of some of the top contenders of ancient history podcasts. Whether you want a new option to […]

Cast Iron Evidence Of Ancient Persian Chromium Steel Production

Scientists discover evidence of chromium production in ancient Persia, but historians at Sheffield in England defend the cities claim to having ‘invented’ the super-steel. To many younger readers “Chromium code” is a free and open-source software project from Google, similar to the widely known Chrome browser, that most competing browsers are also based on, including […]

How Gaul ‘Barbarians’ Influenced Ancient Roman Religion

The continental neighbors of the Romans, the Gauls were considered barbaric entities which the Republic and Empire attempted to colonize multiple times. Caesar’s numerous conquests on the mainland allowed for constant military encampment within Gaul, resulting in a need to bring the Gallic religion under some kind of Roman control. This culminated in what is now […]

Wizard Battles And Demon Traps Revealed In Ancient Christian Texts

A “wizard battle” and over 300 other bizarre stories including “trapped demons” have been published by  Biblical scholars  translating apocryphal ancient Christian texts into English for the first time.  The facts about Jesus’s life are shadowy to say the least, but by the end of the fourth century the church had selected and canonized the biblical texts […]

Ancient Egyptians Went Wild for Bird Mummy Offerings

Researchers studying the mummies of birds from Ancient Egypt, used at the time as votive offerings to the gods, have made an important discovery. French experts, from the CNRS, the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the C2RMF, sought to establish if the birds were wild or if they had been specially bred to be […]

Ancient German Tomb With Circle Of Female Skeletons Found

In Germany, a spectacular, mysterious tomb has been found. Archaeologists uncovered what they believe to be the ancient German tomb of a 1500-year-old German lord . Six female skeletons arranged in a circle were found in the same unusual ancient German tomb. Researchers have raised the possibility that the six women were either human sacrifices […]

Ancient Skills Used to Raise Roof at Notre Dame Cathedral

On April 15 2019, Notre Dame cathedral , in Paris, France was destroyed by the flames of a horrible electrical fire. Soon after, scientists from the French national research organization (CNRS) announced a multimillion-euro restoration project of the 850-year-old Catholic treasure. This complex, and very expensive restoration project, was to include a full study and […]

Mummy DNA May Prove Ancient Egyptians Descended From Son of Noah Exactly As Bible Describes

18K Shares “Of these were the isles of the nations divided in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.” Genesis 10:5  In a scientific first, DNA taken from Egyptian mummies has been decoded, producing unexpected results about the true origins of the Egyptian people. These results confirm a controversial theory […]

Infamous Ancient Irish Spirit Is Now Legal and Sales Are Booming!

An Irish spirit that was until recently illegal is making a big comeback. Poteen which is pronounced as potcheen is a potent  alcoholic drink  and was notorious because it was so strong. Distillers in  Northern Ireland  hope to benefit from the new-found interest in legal poteen and hope to export it to  Japan and other international […]

Discovery of 14 Ancient Sarcophagi in Saqqara is “Only the Beginning”!

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced today (Sunday 20 Sept) that archaeologists digging in the animal necropolis at Saqqara have discovered 14 well-preserved painted coffins dating back 2,500 years, in a surprise discovery which they say is “only the beginning”, hinting that there is a lot more to come! The 14 newly identified highly-decorated ancient wooden […]

High Levels Of Ancient Extreme Siberian Nomadic Violence Discovered

A Swiss-Russian team of archeologists, anthropologists and forensic experts have discovered evidence of extreme Siberian nomadic violence within communities of ancient Siberians. The team’s research findings of Siberian nomadic violence provide new insights into social life in Siberian nomadic peoples that is both surprising and detailed. The steppe nomads were horse-riding, bow-wielding warriors who dominated […]

The Cursed Amethyst: Trail of Misfortune and Misery Follows Ancient Gem

The ‘Cursed Amethyst’, also known as the Delhi Purple Sapphire was incorrectly identified as a sapphire in the nineteenth century. This legendary gemstone remained hidden for three centuries beneath London’s Natural History Museum , before curator Peter Tandy removed the gem from its box to discover a curious note hidden beneath it telling a tragic, […]

Eat Like a Viking: Ancient Gruel Was Tastier Than it Sounds!

Gruel. Indecipherable grey mush slopped on a plate? Not necessarily! Viking food was simple but that was just the beginning. Porridge and gruel made from whole or cracked grains were popular meals for Viking families. Although there was a plain, simple gruel of grains mixed with water, milk, and butter, access to other ingredients could […]

Abyssinia and the Ethiopian Empire: The Ancient History of a Struggling Nation

The Horn of Africa is a region with a unique identity and vibrant history. Close to the Arabian Peninsula, it always stood out from the rest of the African continent. Today, the Horn of Africa is home to the modern nations of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia, comprising some 115 million people. Throughout centuries of […]

The Judean Date Palm: Extinct Tree Resurrected from Ancient Seeds

For thousands of years, the date palm was a staple crop. In the Kingdom of Judea it was a source of food, shelter, medicine, and shade. But the plant went extinct due to waves of conquest and intentional destruction. But now, after 2,000 years, the Judean date palm is back and the sweet ancient fruit has […]

The metamorphosis of the sun god in ancient synagogues in Israel

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Ancient Greek Goat Bone Objects Found in Turkey Tell A Deeper Story

Archaeologists working in a site have uncovered carved objects that are made out of goat bones . These carved goat bone objects were turned into ornaments in an ancient Greek colony over 2500 years ago.  The recently discovered goat bone objects may help us to understand the ancient people who lived in this area, and […]

Psychopomp: Crossing Over Passage in Ancient Ghostlore

Modern science has, for the last two centuries, replaced most of the spirits, entities, demons and ghosts of the ancient world with logical explanations demonstrated through scientific experimentation, but there is no arguing that people in the ancient world mostly believed the human soul existed somewhere else after death, in an afterlife, and that the […]

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