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King David’s Ancient Road: How Israeli Archaeologists Are Aiding the Theft of Silwan

Jerusalem, Palestine — Wadi Hilweh, also known as Silwan, is a lovely, ancient town that sits in the valley directly below the Al-Aqsa compound, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem. Sadly, on any given day in this ancient valley, one can see ongoing ethnic cleansing, violence incited by Israeli settlers and the erasure of […]

Long lost ancient Maya kingdom unearthed in a backyard in Mexico

   Associate professor of anthropology Charles Golden and his colleagues have found the long-lost capital of an ancient Maya kingdom in the backyard of a Mexican cattle rancher. Golden, in collaboration with Brown University bioarchaeologist Andrew Scherer and a team of researchers from Mexico, Canada and the United States, began excavating the site in June […]

Ancient Humans May Have Lived Through a ‘Volcanic Winter’

Stone tools found at the Dhaba site from the same time as the Toba volcanic super-eruption. (Photo by Chris Clarkson) Ancient Humans May Have Survived Supervolcano Eruption Nearly 74,000 Years Ago by Theresa Machemer/ About 74,000 years ago, a volcanic eruption rocked in Indonesia. For a long time, experts thought that the ash from the […]

Take Digital Time Trips Through Ancient Athens

These 3-D Models Offer a Digital Glimpse Into 3,000 Years of Athens’ History by Katherine J. Wu/ The Golden Age of Athens is long over. But thanks to photographer-animator Dimitris Tsalkanis, you can still stroll through the ancient city during its most prosperous time—at least in digital form. A native of Greece’s (modern) capital, Tsalkanis […]

Discovery of Ancient Torah Proves Jews Worship Satan? (updated with foreword by the Senior Editor)

  Foreword We are in a war of good and evil far beyond anything envisioned in religious teachings.  Let us preface with “corrected windage.” Erase the lines between pagan and non-pagan, between religion and mythology.  Let us also correct the timeline, take what you probably believe was the world in 4000 BCE and move it […]

Discovery of Ancient Torah Proves Jews Worship Satan?

[Editor’s note: I’ve always been skeptical abou the ‘Jews worship Satan’ allegatons, but if these Torahs are authentic, as they appear to be, then there is no denying that Satanic imagery such as the unmistakable picture of Baphomet is mixed with Hebrew scripture in this Torah and one has to ask why that is. This […]

Ancient carvings of scores of animals unearthed in Spanish cave (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Around 100 carvings of animals including horses, oxen and deer, as well as mysterious abstract symbols, were found in a cave in the village of L’Espluga de Francolí. The ancient artworks were revealed on Friday after being discovered in the wake of floods last October. The engravings are extremely delicate, with archaeologists warning that even […]

Khazar History – An Ancient Jewish Empire That Threatens Modern Israel? — Rebel Voice

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Four Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim and Healthy

According to the Western health expert, one should consider three important elements in the struggle to lose weight. Here is what you should know: Diet makes up 80-90% of the achievement; Workout can significantly boost the effects; The workout must include cardio, weights, and flexibility for optimal weight loss. To remain in a good health […]

Gorge-us! Stunning Mars canyon IMAGES hint at ancient life-supporting environment

The photos capture the breathtaking Candor Chasma, which is one of the largest canyons in the Red Planet’s Valles Marineris deep gorge system. Also on Asteroid EXPLODES over Earth after travelling from beyond Mars (VIDEO) They show that the canyon is filled with light-toned layered deposits that are thought to be sandstones. Scientists say […]

Ancient ‘Vampire’ star spied sucking the life out of celestial giant by NASA’s planet-hunting probe

This star system consists of a ‘White Dwarf’ star with a ‘Brown Dwarf’ companion that’s roughly 10 percent the size of its rapacious neighbour. White Dwarfs are what stars become when they have exhausted their nuclear fuel, while Brown Dwarfs are huge celestial bodies that are larger than the largest planets but smaller than the […]

Ancient DNA May Be Recovered From “Vitrified” Brain

A shiny black fragment found within the victim’s skull likely represents remnants of the man’s brain, which was subjected to such searing heat that it turned into glass. (The New England Journal of Medicine) Vesuvius’ Scorching Eruption Turned a Man’s Brain Into Glass by Brigit Katz/ When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., hundreds of […]

Triad Claw – Humanity is Victim of Ancient Satanic Plot

  January 15, 2020 Gaspar Fagel 1634-1688–Grand Pensionary of Holland, tutored and supported William III of Orange  Sir Winston Churchill 1874-1965–WWII Head of State, United Kingdom. Variation on Triad Sign. Source Article from Hits: 197

Ancient ‘Nukes’ Powerful Ancient Weapons Described In Thousand Year Old Texts

Ancient texts describe powerful weapons that the gods used on Earth thousands—even perhaps tens of thousands—of years ago. “…An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was an unknown weapon and iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race…” When we take […]

Archaeologists in Mexico Discover Ancient Palace From the Peak of Mayan Civilization

(TMU) — Mexican archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a vast palace dating back to the height of Mayan civilization 1,000 years ago in an ancient city lying 100 miles west of Cancun. The remains of a building that was 20 feet (six meters) high, 180 feet (55m) long, and 50 feet (15m) wide and comprised of […]

Supply Chain of Ancient World

Stone tablets unearthed in Carlisle in northern England’s Cumbria region, which was once an outpost of the Roman Empire, have exposed links between the area and a flourishing city at the southern end of the ancient civilisation. The inscriptions, which were considered to be the oldest discovered handwritten documents in Britain, are basically thin, postcard-sized […]

Massive magnetic anomaly discovered near ancient stone circles in Scotland

   The monuments created thousands of years ago in what is now known as the Outer Hebrides have stunned researchers and history fans for decades. Traces of a massive lightning strike or smaller ones might give scientists a clue as to the origins of this enigmatic creation. A team of researchers from the University of […]

Ancient Chewing Gum Holds Clues to Life of Young Girl Who Lived 5,700 Years Ago

(TMU) — We always like to learn more about our ancestors. What they used to eat, how they looked, where did lived, and even some funny or random facts that may help us create a clearer image in our heads. Usually for this kind of information we have to rely on stories told by our […]

6,000 Amphora Discovered in Ancient Roman Shipwreck

The Fiscardo wreck’s amphorae are exceptionally well-preserved. (Ionian Aquarium) Enormous Roman Shipwreck Found Off Greek Island by Jason Daley/ Researchers exploring the waters off the Greek Island of Kefallinia have unearthed one of the largest Roman-era shipwrecks ever found. As Julia Buckley reports for CNN, a team from Greece’s University of Patras located the remains of […]

Strange ancient Egyptian ‘head cones’ discovered in burials

   Most of the garments depicted in ancient Egyptian art are relatively straightforward to decipher, but there’s a particular wearable article that has baffled archaeologists. In statuary, murals, funerary stelae, coffins and relief sculptures dating between 3,570 and 2,000 years ago, people repeatedly appeared wearing cones on their heads, a bit like party hats. Now, […]

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