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Los Angeles To Dismiss 60,000 Felony Marijuana Convictions

Los Angeles To Dismiss 60,000 Felony Marijuana Convictions The Office of the District Attorney for Los Angeles County (population: 10 million) has announced that it will be dismissing an estimated 66,000 marijuana convictions. Some 53,000 people are anticipated to have their records expunged. Nearly 60,000 of the cases under review are marijuana-related felony convictions, some of which […]

Fairview Developmental Center near Los Angeles, where US govt. tried to house up to 50 infected coronavirus patients, has zero isolation rooms, no viral containment facilities and no training for BSL-4 biohazards

(Natural News) The Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa, California, where the US government just tried to quietly house 35-50 infected coronavirus patients, is a state-run facility for the mentally disabled, with a “shadow staff” of 200 people but only six patients according to official records. Notably, the center has no biocontainment […]

‘Kind of a shock’: Up to 2 feet of snow slams Port Angeles, Washington overnight

   While many areas are measuring their snow in inches, Port Angeles is measuring theirs in feet. The city at the top of the Olympic Peninsula got hammered Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. “This was a bit sudden,” said Damon Morris, as he used a snowblower at a business parking lot. “We got about a […]

Los Angeles Under Attack …AGAIN…DAY 2…Chemtrails, Be Concerned – VERY CONCERNED

Here we go again!!! Los Angeles, CA is under attack again.  Read below the article below,  that some 10,000 plus people have already read to better understand the Monsters who are behind it all. Here are some images from this past weekend (January 4-5, 2020) here in Los Angeles. Saturday 1.4.2020 (images just below) Sunday […]

Los Angeles and Chicago Are Readying to Erase 68,000 Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times The cities of Los Angeles and Chicago are taking a big step toward ending the damage caused from the war on drugs by getting ready to expunge nearly 70,000 non-violent marijuana convictions from citizen’s criminal records. Kim Foxx, Cook County’s State Attorney in Chicago, is preparing to eliminate misdemeanor […]

"Cash Strapped" Elon Musk Is Buying Up Entire Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

Elon Musk, who claimed during his recent successful trial versus Vern Unsworth that he was “short on cash” despite being worth over $20 billion, has no problems making exorbitant purchases.  Believe it or not, but these “financial hardships” haven’t stopped Musk from buying out entire neighborhoods in Los Angeles, according to the Wall Street Journal, […]

Los Angeles Is Spending Over $1 Billion To House the Homeless. It’s Failing.

More than 2,500 homeless individuals sleep on the streets of the 53-square-block Skid Row area in downtown Los Angeles. “Skid row is the worst manmade disaster in the United States. There’s human waste on the sidewalks. There’s all kinds of disease,” says Rev. Andy Bales, CEO of Skid Row’s Union Rescue Mission, […]

WTF? Los Angeles now hiring GANG MEMBERS as cops, but law-abiding conservatives are not allowed to join the force

(Natural News) The more lunatic Left-wing Democrats solidify their control over California and its major urban centers, the closer the state and its cities get to absolute anarchy and collapse. To begin with, it should be noted that police departments all over the country are having difficulty filling their ranks. This is […]

Gourmet ‘cannabis oasis’: America’s first ‘dine and dab’ cafe opens in Los Angeles

   This is the first venue in the U.S. where visitors can legally enjoy cannabis in public along with gourmet cuisine. In a clear sign of the post-prohibition times we live in, the first-ever cannabis café in the United States opened Tuesday to the eager cannabis connoisseurs of Los Angeles, California. Located in West Hollywood, […]

Must see mini documentary: “Los Angeles has fallen” – highlighting the failures of decades of liberal policies

(Natural News) Reading stories about diseases, filth, and rampant homelessness in California causes many of us to think twice about the direction America is heading. (Article by Dean Garrison republished from But reading about it and seeing it on film are incite two entirely different emotions. Reading about it invokes genuine […]

Feds intercept nearly 53,000 illegal Chinese gun parts in Los Angeles

The seized items included gun sights, stocks, muzzles and other parts worth a total of more than $378,000. The parts were intercepted in recent weeks, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the matter, and were packed in their own cargo containers on three separate ships that were also carrying household items, apparel, toys, […]

Los Angeles faces an imminent bubonic plague outbreak due to rampant homelessness

(Natural News) The City of Angels is on the verge of succumbing to a deadly disease epidemic, thanks to an out-of-control homeless problem that’s bringing back horrific contagions like bubonic plague that rarely make an appearance in the First World. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a celebrity radio doctor who was blacklisted […]

BB shots fired at Los Angeles Jewish community building

Shots from a BB gun were fired at the Valley Village Community Kollel, a yeshiva for married men, in Los Angeles. The building was struck on Sunday morning, while the kollel was in session inside, the Yeshiva World News website reported. No one was injured from the shots, though the window of a car parked […]

Trump Slams Corrupt Dem-Run Cities: Baltimore, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Chicago

President Trump has continued his unrelenting attacks at Democrats for running U.S. inner cities into the ground. Speaking at a Thursday rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump slammed Democrats for devastating the country’s inner cities for decades. “Look at them,” Trump told the crowd. “We could name one after another, but I won’t do that. Because […]

The Western world is falling LOS ANGELES INFAMOUS SKID ROW HOOD

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Dr. Drew: Rat-Infested Los Angeles Faces Imminent Bubonic Plague Outbreak

Dr. Drew Pinksy has warned that Los Angeles faces an imminent outbreak of bubonic plague due to the growing homeless population and failure to deal with rodent problems. Dr. Drew made the warning during a Periscope broadcast by Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams. Talking with Dr. Drew about the Los Angeles apocalypse, then on to Trump’s […]

Los Angeles, California cities ‘overrun by rodents’ that pose public health epidemic, study says

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Austin joins San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle in accelerated collapse toward third world living conditions for the homeless, impoverished masses

(Natural News) The squalid, drug-infested, diseased nature of life on the streets in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and other uber-Left-wing cities along the West Coast is coming to the heart of the Lone Star State, and residents there likely aren’t ready for it. A new policy adopted by the Democratic city […]

Trade War Nightmare Causes Logistical Hell For Los Angeles Ports 

President Trump’s trade war has produced a logistical nightmare for American importers at Southern California ports. Marisa Bedrosian Kosters, an executive at an Anaheim, Calif.-based ceramic tile and stone retailer, like any other retailer when they heard trade war last year, pulled demand forward by ordering additional product to get ahead of the tariffs and […]

Los Angeles County Sues Monsanto Over Chemical Contamination

Los Angeles County Sues Monsanto Over Chemical Contamination Above Photo: Alternet According to the lawsuit, Monsanto had been aware that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were harmful but concealed the data for years while polluting the water. Los Angeles County recently filed a lawsuit against Bayer, the company that purchased Monsanto last year, for allegedly contaminating the local […]

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