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Israel scrambles to save animals hurt in massive tar spill

Browse > Home / News / Israel scrambles to save animals hurt in massive tar spill February 25, 2021 by   Read on for article A catastrophic tar spill washing up along Israel’s entire Mediterranean coast may be the worst environmental disaster in Israeli history. Tar-coated sea turtles on a beach in Israel, Photo courtesy […]

Scientists Claim Climate Change Was ‘Key’ In Covid-19 Spreading From Animals To Humans

Scientists have managed to link climate change to the coronavirus. Researchers at the University of Cambridge are claiming that climate change played a key role in Covid-19 spreading from animals to humans. According to a study, it happened as the two groups were forced closer together as their populations grew . RT reports: Scientists examined […]

Scientists observe ‘quantum sense’ which may EXPLAIN HOW animals ‘see’ magnetic fields for first time

Scientists from the University of Tokyo claim to have observed a reaction showing quantum physics directly impacting biochemistry, which they suspect explains how certain animals can perceive the Earth’s magnetic field. Researchers have long suspected that some part of various animals’ visual systems, including migratory birds, allows them to perceive the Earth’s magnetic fields, affording […]

An Ox, an Ass … a Dragon? Sorry, there were no Animals in the Bible’s Nativity Scene

From nativity plays to crèche sets to Christmas cards, animals are ubiquitous in our vision of the birth of Christ – but according to the Bible, not a single animal was there. Where did all these animals come from, and why are they now so central to the story? Only two parts of the Bible […]

German Artwork Collection – Animals

Germany had some of the best painters in the world and many of them liked depicting animals. This collection of paintings comes to us from NS Europa. 00 Hits: 6

Polluting microplastics harm both animals and ecosystems

Education Updates People around the world discard tons of tiny bits of plastic every year. Those bits can break down into pieces no bigger than a sesame seed or piece of lint. Much of that waste eventually will wind up loose in the environment. These microplastics have been found throughout the oceans and locked in […]

‘Put the Animals in Jail’ — POTUS

A protester stands over a toppled statue of President Theadore Rosevelt during an Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage protest on October 11, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. (Nathan Howard/Getty Images) NEWSMAX Some 200 protesters in Portland, Oregon, tore down the statues of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln Sunday night in riots that had been billed […]

Australia’s beached whales: 200 more animals die in biggest stranding on record

Authorities in Australia have found a further 200 dead whales in Tasmania, close to where hundreds of beached animals were discovered earlier this week. It’s the biggest ever recorded stranding of whales in the world. Watch the report in the player above 00 Hits: 2

Frankenbeasts: Scientists Create GMO Animals To Boost Food Production

Source: The same Technocrat crowd that is trying to destroy the red meat industry, is now creating GMO animals to produce more meat. More appropriately their creations could be called Frankenbeasts because nobody can predict the ultimate outcomes. Scientists have created gene-edited pigs, goats and cattle to produce sperm with traits such as disease […]

Rotting Food, Dead Animals And Chaos At Postal Facilities

Above photo: Employees at California postal facilities provide a glimpse of the chaos amid both the pandemic and widespread cuts imposed by the USPS. Eduardo Contreras / San Diego Union- Tribune. NOTE: Tuesday, August 25 is a national day of action to save the US Postal Service. Find an action near you or plan one at […]

BLM Supporters Beat Raccoon To Death With Baseball Bat To Protest Cops ‘Treating Us Like Animals’

Black Lives Matter supporters ran over a raccoon twice before beating it to death with a baseball bat in a horrific and senseless act of animal cruelty before posting the video online and saying people should “worry about the police killing Black people” and “treating us like animals.” “James Blue”, the person who filmed the […]

Portland Antifa Rioters Are Now Burning Bibles, US Flags and Animals In The Street

Far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland slaughtered a pig and set its head alight, as well as burning US flags and stacks of Bibles as violent riots in the city pass the two month mark. The latest Antifa tactics helps make it very clear which side Antifa is on and all who […]

“dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy

In Haig’s presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy. Kissinger often took up a post outside the doorway to Haig’s office and dressed him down in front of the secretaries for alleged acts of incompetence with which Haig was not even remotely involved. […]

Jim Carrey: Trump Supporters ‘Worse Than Animals’

Actor Jim Carrey has blasted Donald Trump’s immigration policy, saying that anybody who supports his stance are “worse than animals”. “We sit by as children are slaughtered by the hundreds in their classrooms, taken from their refugee parents and locked in cages,” Carrey wrote on Twitter, in reference to the recent spate of gun violence […]

Grazing animals on forested pastures found to actually stimulate plant growth, benefiting conservation efforts

(Natural News) Certain factors play a role in the development of soil seed banks in wood pastures, according to researchers from the Institute for Animal Production System in Mediterranean Environment (ISPAAM) in Italy. Their study, which was published in the journal Agroforestry Systems, revealed that depending on certain conditions, it could potentially increase the […]

USDA Wildlife Services killed over 1.3 million native animals in 2017 in the name of Big Agriculture

     Data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that more than 1.3 million native animals were killed by Wildlife Services in 2017 – and despite the fact that the slaughter of wolves, cougars, and birds was funded by taxpayers to benefit the agriculture industry, it is receiving very little media attention. […]

Video: Did Trump Really Call Immigrants “Animals”?

Video: Did Trump Really Call Immigrants “Animals”? No he didn’t, you stupid clowns Paul Joseph Watson May 17, 2018 After they defended Hamas terrorists, I didn’t think the left could get any lower. I was wrong. They’re now defending MS-13 gang members who rape & dismember women and massacre children. The media is more […]

Nine people over 120 animals killed by lightning strikes in just one month across Turkey

     A total of nine people have been killed due to lightning strikes over the past month across Turkey, with experts warning that the rising number of such incidents could be related to a boom in magnetic fields across the world, daily Habertürk reported on May 17. Some 26 people were injured and more than […]

Wildlife Services Killed 1.3 Million Native Animals In 2017

The arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture known as Wildlife Services killed more than 1.3 million native animals during 2017, according to new data released by the agency last week. The multimillion-dollar federal wildlife-killing program targets wolves, coyotes, cougars, birds and other wild animals for destruction — primarily to benefit the agriculture industry. Of […]

A Strange Paradox: When People Say They Love Animals But Eat Meat (Video)

Next Story First off, let’s just get something out of the way: I am by no means placing judgment, blame or shame on those of who consume meat, I am merely offering an opportunity to reflect after watching the below video. Although, I do not personally eat meat, I do not label myself as a […]

Zoos for extinct animals could become a reality in the near future

(Natural News) Many animal species have already gone extinct, which means that there are none like them out in the world anymore. But traces of them could still exist, particularly in fossils and DNA remains, making it possible to bring them back to life, so to speak, and enable people to see […]

Canada Legalizes Sex With Animals

“Acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs,” Abella said. The west is becoming sicker and sicker. The Canadian legislature process recently made international news after the Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, introduced a new bill seeking to establish two year prison terms for people found […]

Modern human viruses millions of yrs old, traced to first-ever animals – study

The study by researchers at The University of Sydney along with the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre, has been published in the journal ‘Nature’ and offers new insight on the modern-day understanding of viruses. The Thing: Melting Siberian permafrost reveals terrifying creatures (PHOTOS) The team says […]

New Study Says Big Cats and Other Endangered Animals Do Best Where There’s No Phone Coverage. Other Studies Spanning Several Decades Agree. =^..^=

By B.N. Frank Hold the phone but definitely not near any kitties! A recently published article, “No Cell-phone Reception? That’s Good News for Jaguars,” reveals A new study finds that the big cats and other endangered animals do best in places where there’s no phone coverage.” In fact, phones and jaguars just don’t […]

Animals – Why Do We Love One But Eat The Other? A Psychologist Explains

Next Story Do you ever question why we keep animals such as cats, dogs and goldfish as pets, but choose to eat others such as pigs, cows, and salmon? Where is the disconnect? Why the double standard? How come we value the lives of the animals we have chosen to welcome into our homes as […]

Why Killing Animals For Food Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past – According To Richard Branson

Next Story “I believe we will look back and be shocked at what was accepted the way we kill animals, en masse for food.” Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or neither, most informed people would agree that the way we are currently treating animals, especially on factory farms, is unacceptable. The most effective form […]

Can you care for your sick or wounded animals? First aid basics for the barnyard

(Natural News) There are times when your farm animal is so ill or injured that you simply cannot wait for the veterinarian to arrive. Knowing how to treat sicknesses like colic, wounds, and mastitis can spell life or death, reported The article advises that you stock up an animal first-aid kit that contains […]

Provocative Artwork Reverses Roles Between Humans and Animals

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times  One of the most effective techniques psychologists use in conflict resolution is role reversal, which helps people to see the other’s perspective and to empathize with them. Empathy is something that is seriously deficient in our modern world, especially when it comes to the treatment of animals. From […]

Animals are frozen solid as temperatures drop to -56 Celsius in Kazakhstan

     Animals have been frozen solid after temperatures dropped to minus 56C in Kazakhstan. Videos show both a hare and a dog frozen to death amid bitter conditions sweeping across the vast Central Asian nation. The hare was trapped while climbing through a fence before dying in the arctic conditions and its body had to […]

How Would You Feel? 20 Shocking Illustrations Reversing Animals With Humans

Next Story Truthfully, some of these are downright gut wrenching. You’ve been warned. Compiled by Bored Panda, this series of illustrations was designed to get us to think differently about the way humans treat animals by having us trade places with them, creating a horrific parallel universe where humans are caged, tortured, and slaughtered. It’s a terrifying premise, but […]

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