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Europe ‘concerned’ by Iran nuclear enrichment announcement

Israeli study shows early humans migrated from Europe to the Levant 40,000 years ago A study by Israeli researchers has found that early humans migrated from Europe to the Levant some 40,000 years ago, strengthening the theory that the decline of the Neanderthals was not brought on by human immigration to Europe. Researchers from Tel […]

#emichaeljones E. Michael Jones Emergency Announcement August 20, 2019/ E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones Emergency Announcement Source Article from Related Posts Review of Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People by Michael A. Hoffman II Revisionist scholar Michael A. Hoffman II has split with fellow revisionists over Hitler. He has E Michael Jones Interview In this interview, EMJ discusses Logos, Family, Culture & Much More. […]

Europe, Japan ‘concerned’ over Iran’s enrichment announcement

Tasnim – British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt expressed concerns over Iran’s decision to scale down its nuclear commitments, hoping that the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers could still work. “Well we continue to think, alongside the French and the Germans, that the most important priority is for Iran to remain nuclear-free…we’d still […]

Britain extremely concerned about Iran’s nuclear announcement – May’s spokesman

Reuters – Britain is extremely concerned about Iran’s announcement on Wednesday that it is scaling back curbs to its nuclear programme, Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said, urging Tehran not to take escalatory steps. Iran announced steps that stop short of violating its 2015 deal with world powers for now, but threatened more action if […]

Oil Prices Spike Over 3% With Announcement U.S. to End ‘Sanctions Waivers’ for Iranian Oil

Oil prices saw a surge today – up a further 3 percent, following reports that Washington is set to announce an end to sanctions waiver on Iranian oil, an announcement set for May 2nd.  As a result, Brent crude oil futures surged to over $74 per barrel, while US crude futures hit highs $65.71 per […]

Air India demands crew repeat ‘hail motherland’ at end of EVERY in-flight announcement

According to Indian broadcaster NDTV, airline officials sent out a “reminder” to all staff to end in-flight announcements with the line “Jai Hind” (translated variously as ‘Hail the motherland’ or ‘Victory to India’) in accordance with the “mood of the nation…” “With immediate effect, all (crew) are required to announce ‘Jai Hind’ at the end […]

What’s Behind Trump’s Syria Announcement?

By Stephen Lendman Source He alone likely knows what others can only speculate about. His announced pullout came after senior regime advisers argued against it. First, it’s important to note that it’s unclear whether the US role in Syria will change following his troop pullout announcement, or if things will stay the same. There’s no […]

‘Shock’ train announcement calling on gypsies and beggars to ‘get off’ causes outcry

The announcement was made on Tuesday by a female staff member on a northern Italy route from Milan to Mantova. It warned passengers to refrain from giving change to beggars, to whom she referred by the derogatory term “harassers.” The voice then called on both beggars and Roma people to leave the carriage at the […]

White House bolstering Mideast team ahead of peace plan announcement

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,971 other followers Source Article from Related Posts BBC backtrack on their own fake news as claims regarding Istanbul death of White Helmets co-founder are deleted The war in Syria has claimed an estimated 400,000 victims […]

“Imminent Announcement” Of US Action In Syria Coming Amid Expectations Of Air Strikes “Within Hours”

Update: FoxNews just reported that an announcement on US Action in Syria is imminent. UPDATE: The “imminent” announcement on the #U.S action against #Syria is coming. — NewsAlertHQ (@NewsAlertHQ) April 10, 2018 * * * Reports are pouring in of US and French aircraft headed towards Syria for what we assume is […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Bombshell announcement: Kim Jong Un invites Trump to meet and discuss ‘denuclearization of Korean peninsula’ – Trump says ‘Yes, we can!’

     Donald Trump has accepted a personal invitation from the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to discuss the possible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but also has vowed to keep sanctions in place until a firm deal is reached. Following the latest round of successful negotiations between the two Koreas this week in Pyongyang, Kim […]

In Photos: a subdued Christmas in Gaza following Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

In light of Donald Trump’s announcement earlier this month where the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Palestinian Christians held subdued Christmas celebrations across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. While Palestinian Christians once comprised 20 percent of the overall Palestinian population, and in Gaza numbered 5,000 just a decade ago […]

Putin’s Syrian withdrawal announcement: an analysis

December 12, 2017 Putin’s Syrian withdrawal announcement: neither a full Russian withdrawal nor victory in Syria by Alexander Mercouris (cross-posted with The Duran by special agreement with the author) At a time when President Putin is undertaking a tour of the Middle East it would have been politically speaking extremely unwise for him not to have made a […]

Trump’s announcement: A big deal that may not actually change much

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,848 other followers Source Article from Related Posts #Trump #Democrats I’m “Pretty Sure” Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020 (pt. 2: Achievements) Source Article from #Trump #Democrats I’m “Pretty Sure” Trump Will Be Reelected in […]

Watch Donald Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

Press reaction here: keywords are disputed(Jerusalem) and counterproductive(the decision). No blame in any way towards Israel. but it’s ok to blame Trump. In other news press wonders why they’re not popular. Also, how explicit do you have to flaunt that Logan act to get noticed. But back to Russia. After all, that’s why that act […]

The Holocaust Scam

The Holocaust Scam 256 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement Holocaust Survivors How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust Only Jews are allowed to lie and cheat. They destroy any competition.   1900 – Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900 “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in […]

S. Korea to deploy new THAAD launchers just 3 days after announcement

US Forces Korea (USFK) will deploy the launchers at its new base in Seongju, some 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of Seoul, on Thursday, according to the South Korean defense ministry, cited by Yonhap news agency. The ministry stressed the urgent need to mobilize the launchers amid growing threats from North Korea, which had its […]

Trump Just Made This Shocking Announcement!!!

On July 26, Donald Trump announced in a series of tweets that the US military will no longer allow transgender troops to serve in any capacity, reversing the Obama administration’s July 2016 policy permitting transgender troops to serve openly. “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the […]

NASA Responds To A Fake Anonymous Website: There Is No Announcement About Extraterrestrial Life

Most people are familiar with hacktivist group Anonymous. Having originated in 2003 in a 4chan chatroom, they are now comprised of hackers from all over the world. People applauded their efforts and accomplishments, having first made their mark back in 2008 when they attacked the Church of Scientology, dubbed Project Chanology. At one time they seemed […]

Anonymous BIGGEST Announcement: NASA Prepares To Confirm Alien Life

Hacktivist group Anonymous claim that NASA is on the brink of announcing the discovery of intelligent alien life.  YNW| According to Anonymous, a spokesman for NASA, Professor Thomas Zurbuchen, stated that disclosure is imminent during one of the last meetings of the U.S. Science, Space and Technology committee. reports: According to the video Professor Zurbuchen said: […]

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