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Women’s March cuts ties with another board member following ‘Islamophobic smear campaign’

Zahra Billoo has been voted off the Women’s March national board. The move comes less than a week after three founding members rotated off the board following years of false allegations of anti-semitism. Early on the morning of September 19, Billoo posted a long Twitter thread explaining the board’s decision. “The past 48 hours have been […]

Another Alleged Epstein & Prince Andrew Victim Comes Forward Implicating Joe Biden & “Many Others”

The Facts: The US Navy has acknowledged footage showing multiple UFOs that was released a couple of years ago by the To The Stars Academy. They’ve recently confirmed that the videos are indeed real. Reflect On: Why is all of this mainstream UFO disclosure happening when we’ve had years of secrecy? Is the mainstream establishment […]

Another week of Israeli violence: confiscation, abduction, killing, destruction

73 Abductions, Including Teenage School Children, Female University Student Israeli soldiers abducted, on Saturday at dawn, a young female student of Birzeit University, after storming her home in al-Biereh city, near Ramallah. Media sources in Ramallah said several army jeeps invaded al-Biereh, before the soldiers stormed and ransacked the home Samah Jaradat, and abducted her. […]

Don’t Be Another Wall Street Chump

Authored by Economic Prism’s MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man’s Pater Tenebrarum, The Future and the Past Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 156 requires financial institutions to advise investors to not be idiots. Hence, the disclosure pages of nearly every financial instrument in the U.S. are embedded with the following admission or variant thereof: “Past Performance Is […]

Israel demolishes another two Palestinian buildings in West Bank near separation wall

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Settlements Israel demolishes two Palestinian buildings east of Jerusalem JERUSALEM (WAFA) 11 Sept — Israel demolished today two Palestinian buildings that were still in the construction phase in the town of Eizariya, east of occupied Jerusalem but on land considered within the Jerusalem municipal lines, under […]

‘We don’t want another FyreFest’: ’Storm Area 51’ event cancelled over ‘safety concerns’

Alienstock, set to take place in Rachel, Nevada – the closest town to the secretive Area 51 airbase -was cancelled out of fear it would turn into “FyreFest 2.0,” the organizers announced on Tuesday, referring to the notorious music festival that bilked attendees for hefty ticket fees only to strand them on a tropical […]

Yemen: Another Shameful US Defeat Looms

An official confirmation by the Trump administration of it holding discreet talks with Yemen’s Houthi rebels indicates a realization in Washington that its military intervention in the Arab country is an unsalvageable disaster requiring exit. There are also reports of the Trump administration urging the Saudi rulers to engage with the Houthis, also known as Ansarullah, in […]

‘Can’t do this every 3 months’: France won’t accept another Brexit delay

The stern warning comes just days after the UK Parliament passed a bill that obliges Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek an extension of the October 31 deadline from Brussels if no Brexit deal has by then been negotiated with the EU. If the bloc proposes a different divorce date, then Downing Street still has […]

Another Facebook privacy breach: Hundreds of millions of users’ phone numbers exposed on unprotected server

   Hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts were left exposed on an unprotected server in the latest massive security breach to plague the embattled tech giant. Up to 419 million phone numbers were stored on a database housed on multiple servers including the numbers of an estimated 133 million US-based users […]

Another Official 9/11 Big Lie Exposed — Again

“The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report About 9/11 Is Unscientific and False” by David Ray Griffin debunked the official account of what happened. He explained that the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s official findings were fabricated. He accused NIST of falsifying and ignoring hard evidence, sticking to […]

New Jersey Tried To Hide The Fact That Newark Is Another Flint

New Jersey Tried To Hide The Fact That Newark Is Another Flint Residents of Newark New Jersey learned last year that their water was poisoned with high levels of lead, something the government failed to inform them about even though it knew about it in June 2017. When people learned of the problem, the government […]

Once again, another Deep State slimebag — James Comey — gets away with a crime as “little people” around the country scream for justice

(Natural News) Frankly, it’s no wonder the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no faith whatsoever in Congress, in the media, or in their governing institutions. The only people who poll lower than lawmakers, reporters, and the federal government are murderous tyrants like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. As multiple news outlets […]

An Indicator With A 100% Perfect Track Record Of Predicting Recessions Says That Another One Is Coming

By Michael Snyder You can believe that we will somehow beat the odds this time if you want, but history is completely against you.  One of the biggest reasons why there is so much anxiety on Wall Street right now is because of how the yield curve is behaving.  We have seen yield curve inversions […]

Jeffrey Epstein Was Just Another Stooge For The Elite

The Facts: Centralized banking has been devised for a purpose unseen and much different than what the public and most of our elected leaders/legislators believe. The purpose is not to stabilize, but to destabilize economies for ulterior motives. Reflect On: How does a system described in the article benefit the people at all? What is […]

Another Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ (2019)

Sources: Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children New Study Confirms Negative Impact of Fluoride On Thyroid Gland Support the Future of The Conscious Resistance Network: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance truth, healing, […]

Israeli drone crashes in South Beirut suburbs, another ‘prematurely explodes’

   The Israel Defence Forces have yet to comment on claims about the country’s drones flying over Beirut, Lebanon. A drone fell in the southern suburbs of Beirut and a second drone exploded near the ground before dawn on Sunday, a Hezbollah official told Reuters on Saturday, suggesting that the drones were Israeli. The second […]

Looks like the Trump administration is planning on another color revolution…in Greenland!

  Ilulissat, icefjord which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage is seen in western Greenland © Reuters / Ritzau Scanpix / Linda Kastrup   Plan B? US to open consulate in Greenland after Denmark rejects Trump’s offer to buy territory Washington is reportedly preparing to open a consulate in Greenland for the […]

Another Reason To End Fluoridation: Fluoride Consumption During Pregnancy Lowers IQ Of Children

By Aaron Kesel An influential medical research Journal the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a very interesting study that links fluoride consumption during pregnancy to lower IQs in children. The study funded by the Canadian government and the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science, was conducted using 512 pregnant women from six Canadian cities. […]

Deep DIVE: Death Of Another Pawn — Jeffrey Epstein, The Official Narrative Is The Real Conspiracy Theory

By Aaron Kesel The official story of serial elite pedophile trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death is the real conspiracy theory. Somehow officials expect us to believe a man hung himself with a bed sheet and bunk bed shrieking, broke several neck bones, all cameras were pointed away from the cell, the guards were sleeping, of those […]

JFK, MLK, OJ Simpson, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Nazi Dr Josef Mengele and Now Epstein – Another Controversial Case for ‘Celebrity Pathologist’

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) Within hours of Jeffrey Epstein’s death on Saturday (Aug 10), the internet was awash with conspiracy theories. Though officials said the politically connected financier appeared to have committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial for multiple sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls, skeptics immediately declared he had been murdered and debated which of […]

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