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Yet another risk for kids on antidepressants: Higher chance of developing type-2 diabetes, according to new study

(Natural News) Antidepressants are often prescribed for individuals who exhibit signs of major depressive disorders and various conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. Now, a recent study has proven that children and adolescents who take antidepressants could develop type-2 diabetes. Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and the University […]

Over-prescription of antidepressants polluting oceans and threatening sea life

(Natural News) Our actions can affect the environment in many ways, and some are more obvious than others. Throwing garbage into the ocean, cutting down trees, and pumping toxic chemicals into the air out of factory smokestacks are clearly harmful to our planet, but other actions are destroying the earth much more quietly. For example, […]

Brave New World – Doctors and Researchers Make the Case for Preemptive Antidepressants

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times Should people without depression take medication to prevent it? This is the latest question to come out of modern psychiatry, and is explored in detail in a recent article by a major news outlet. In short, they are presenting an admittedly controversial idea, the suggestion that certain people who […]

Antidepressants found to be "death pills" that dramatically raise the risk of early death

(Natural News) A study that was conducted by scientists at McMaster University in Canada concluded that antidepressants raised the risk of death among depressed people without a heart disease, to 33 percent, as compared with those who did not regularly take these so-called “medications”. The researchers analyzed data from 17 previous studies involving almost 380,000 people. […]

Pregnant women who take antidepressants increase risk of psychiatric disorders for their kids

(Natural News) Mothers-to-be who are mulling over the decision about whether to take antidepressants while pregnant might want to take note of a recent study out of Aarhus University that reveals that doing so raises a child’s risk of having a psychiatric disorder later in life. In the study, which looked at nearly a million […]

Antidepressants found to drastically increase head injuries among Alzheimer’s patients

(Natural News) A nationwide cohort study conducted in Finland found that antidepressants increased the risk of head and traumatic brain injuries among patients with Alzheimer’s disease. While antidepressants have been linked to an increased risk of falling, no study thus far researched a possible connection between the drug and brain injuries in community-dwelling patients with […]

Antidepressants Found In Brains Of Fish, Scientists Warn

Large quantities of antidepressants are building up in the brains of various fish in the Great Lakes region, scientists warn. Strong antidepressants, prescribed to humans, have been found in the brains of bass, walleye and several other fish, according to a new study that found high concentrations of these drugs in 10 fish species in […]

BBC Investigation: Antidepressants Linked To Murders

A BBC investigation has revealed that consuming antidepressants increases the risk of a person committing murder. According to the BBC Panorama program, 28 reports of murder and 32 cases of murderous thoughts referred to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, were all linked to common SSRI drugs such as Prozac and Seroxat. reports: Professor Peter […]

Antidepressants linked to murders and murderous thoughts

Antidepressants have been linked to 28 reports of murder and 32 cases of murderous thoughts, in cases referred to the UK medicines regulator over the past 30 years, a BBC investigation has discovered. The pills, known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) which includes common drugs like Prozac and Seroxat, are prescribed 40 million […]

Newly Unsealed Records Show Dylann Roof was Taking Antidepressants Before Mass Murder

Dylann Roof’s mental state was hidden from jurors, according to a November report which concluded Roof suffered from delusions of grandeur and was identified as autistic. Roof was convicted in the killing of nine Black parishioners in 2015 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Make no mistake, Dylann Roof is […]

Injecting children with multiple vaccines at once is dangerous, says renowned medical journal in groundbreaking study

(NaturalNews) It’s a scene that is familiar to many parents: You bring your baby in for a check-up, and the doctor informs you that your 6-month-old is due for “some shots.” After some prodding, he reveals that your baby actually needs a combination of eight different vaccines. He assures you that this is […]

Germany Prepare For War Against Russia

A new German report suggests that Germany is making the necessary preparations to go to war with Russia.  According to the German Economic News (Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or DWN), the German government have declared Russia “an enemy of the nation”. reports: DWN says: “The Russian secret services have apparently thoroughly studied the paper. In […]


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When socialism takes hold, hospitals collapse into ruin… Disturbing photos from Venezuela show the human cost of bad government

(NaturalNews) Sen. Bernie Sanders, the first openly socialist U.S. presidential candidate, won’t become the Democratic Party’s nominee, no matter how much his supporters kick and scream about the unfair advantages awarded his chief rival for the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton. But sometimes dreams don’t come true, and for a reason: Some entity somewhere […]

Judicial Watch: Justice Department Documents Reveal Widespread Use of Fast and Furious Weapons by Major Mexican Drug Cartels – Linked to at least 69 Killings

Source: Judicial Watch From December 2012 to March 2016, 94 Fast and Furious weapons were seized; Fast and Furious weapon found in “Chapo” Guzman hideout (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today released Justice Department documents showing that weapons sent from the U.S. into Mexico as part of the Obama administration’s […]

Facebook deliberately censors content on certain topics, including vaccines and immigration

(NaturalNews) Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh and others refer to the world’s biggest social media site as “Fakebook,” and there’s a reason for that: Much of what users see is manufactured to fit certain narratives, while keeping the truth about certain other subjects and issues out of the picture. In recent days there […]

100% of Portugal’s citizens have glyphosate in their urine… alarms sounding over the mass chemical poisoning of humanity with cancer-causing weed killer

(NaturalNews) Recent tests by the Portuguese No GMO Coalition showed that volunteers in the country had extremely high levels of glyphosate in their urine, placing their contamination rate well above that of many places in Europe. Every single one of the 26 volunteers had cancer-causing glyphosate in their urine; similar tests in Switzerland […]

Domino’s Unveil Robot Pizza Delivery Guys

Domino’s have joined the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bandwagon by announcing plans to replace their pizza delivery drivers with robots.  The pizza company revealed their idea for “delivery-person-free-future” on their website, saying: “Imagine a world in which your pizza is delivered by a driverless vehicle. A world in which you collect your piping hot Pepperoni Pizza […]

Tesla Hires Former LEGO Executive, Expert in Fully Automated Manufacturing Methods

Tesla Hires Former LEGO Executive, Expert in Fully Automated Manufacturing Methods March 9th, 2016 Via: electrek: An interesting fact about lego bricks: the first hands to touch a Lego brick are the hands of a customer since the entire manufacturing process is automated. Granted, […]

Health Ranger launches dried Organic Golden Berries as amazing superfruit, available now in long term storable cans to add critical vitamin C to any food supply

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month. In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS […]

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