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Watching The Hawks – Saudi Arabias Big Payoff with Max Blumenthal

Watching The Hawks – Saudi Arabias Big Payoff with Max Blumenthal Watching The Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace discuss the confusing rhetoric and perplexing policies of the Trump administrations personal and political ties to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Senior Editor of the Alternet Greyzone Project. LIKE Watching the Hawks @ WATCHING […]

Almaty goes to ‘Code Red’ terror alert – 3 Police officers dead, 7 in critical condition

     The highest of terror alerts has been declared in the Kazakh city of Almaty following an armed attack on police officers Monday, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Kazakh law enforcement announced a counter-terrorism operation in Almaty and urged residents of the city to stay indoors and keep safe. “In this regard we […]

Iran takes page from US Treasury’s playbook

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif traveled to France and the Netherlands on June 20-24 as part of his increasingly intense engagement with Europe, which will probably continue in the year remaining of President Hassan Rouhani’s current term. Prior to his visits to France and the Netherlands — Zarif’s third such tour of Europe […]

F-16s harassed Erdogan plane during coup attempt, plotters tried to seize him – Reuters

The incident happened as Erdogan was heading back from a holiday resort during the recent attempted military coup. Dramatic Turkey footage reveals horrifying violence of coup struggle (GRAPHIC VIDEO, IMAGES) According to a former military officer cited by Reuters, “At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan’s plane while it was in the air and en route […]

Crimes of Genocide against the Serbian People. Croatia’s Fascist World War II Janesovac Camp. Criminal Complaint against Film Director of Jasenovac Documentary

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Illegal Aliens Receive Food Stamp Preference Over Citizens In 44 States

The federally funded food stamp program has policies in place that benefit families with one or more illegal immigrant wage earners over American citizens. Only six states have policies in place that prevent this. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) published a report on this loophole Monday. Illegal immigrants themselves are not eligible for the Supplemental […]

VP hopes that extremism in region to be uprooted by int’l will

Tehran, July 11, IRNA – First vice-president said he hoped that with the help of an international will which has been shaped, people of the region could get rid of the extremist groups. Eshaq Jahangiri made the remarks Monday at a joint press conference here with visiting Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. The press conference […]

Iran’s top security official vows continued aid to Iraq, Syria

Iran English language newspaper headlines on Sunday, 10-07-2016 Iran Daily   US gov’t to oppose anti-JCPOA bills Alan Eyre, the US State Department’s Persian-language spokesman, said Saturday that the White… Source Article from 00 Hits: 3

Adolf Hitler Will Still be a Light in the Darkness

If you have not yet read the beautiful words from Hitler’s sister, I suggest you get a tissue if you decide to. Paula Hitler, Berchtesgaden, May 1st, 1957: Gentleman, Never forget this: Your names will be long forgotten even before your bodies have rotted away in the earth. But the name Adolf Hitler will still be […]

Trump Taps Rudy Giuliani for Homeland Security’s Next Big Sis

That is one ugly woman. By Truthstream Media Not only did Ben Carson recently come out to say that Trump will likely choose Sarah Palin as his VP, but Trump has now reportedly been in talks with his good pal Rudy Giuliani about an offer to be Homeland Security chief. What could be more frightening […]

Russian Yacht Seized By North Korea In Neutral Waters

North Korean coast guards intercepted a Russian yacht with five crew members in neutral waters on Friday and escorted it to a port without giving an explanation. The yacht was reportedly returning with Russian athletes from an international competition in South Korea. The Russian embassy in Pyongyang has demanded the immediate release of the yacht […]

My Mother — Love is Self Sacrifice

devotion to others. But,I didn’t learn to return it until it was too late. (Updated from May 10, 2014) by Henry Makow Ph.D. When the Illuminati are making young women unfit for marriage and motherhood, I am glad to see Mother’s Day enjoying a vogue. Restaurants are booked solid as families prepare to honor mothers for […]

My Mother – Love is Self Sacrifice

devotion to others. But,I didn’t learn to return it until it was too late. (Updated from May 10, 2014) by Henry Makow Ph.D. When the Illuminati are making young women unfit for marriage and motherhood, I am glad to see Mother’s Day enjoying a vogue. Restaurants are booked solid as families prepare to honor mothers for […]

Attack on MSF Hospital Highlights Lawlessness for Permanent Security Council Members

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : USCENTCOM released a heavily redacted report on the air raids against an MSF operated trauma clinic in Kunduz, Afghanistan. 42 died. The report describes the incident as tragic error and 16 were either removed from command, received a note in their record or were sent to retraining or psychotherapy. MSF sharply […]

Dead Minke whale found on shore at Creevy, Ireland

     A dead minke whale washed up on rocks at Creevy Pier between Ballyshannon and Rossnowlagh on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning is attracting interest with increasing numbers of curious visitors arriving on Thursday evening to view the whale. At approximately 25 to 28 feet in length, it is typical in size for a mature specimen. In […]

How Saudi War in Yemen Has Made Al-Qaeda Stronger, Richer

Local Editor One unintended consequence of the war in Yemen: al-Qaeda now runs its own mini-state, flush with funds from raiding the local central bank and levying taxes at the local port.   Once driven to near irrelevance by the rise of Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the terrorist “ISIS” group] abroad and security crackdowns […]

Iranologist heralds bright prospects for Iran-Russia cooperation

Moscow, April 6, IRNA – Russian Iranologist Herand Voskanian said on Wednesday that Iran and Russia are on the path to strategic cooperation with bright prospects. Voskanian, also a lexicographer, told IRNA that the year 2015 was successful for Iran-Russia ties and the two countries have moved on the path of strategic cooperation. The Iranian […]

Israel Supporters Screech and Howl Over UN Special Rapporteur Appointment

Canadian Professor Michael Lynk By Richard Edmondson One wonders if Israelis and their supporters ever get tired of carping. Whether it’s BDS, the tweets of some college professor, or a nuclear deal with Iran, the Israelis, it seems, are always fuming and frothing about something. The latest tantrum is over the appointment of Canadian Professor […]

The Two-Party Illusion

By Jeff Thomas “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil.”  –   John Adams March 01, 2016 “Information Clearing […]

You Will Be Defeated in Lebanon

Ibrahim Al-Amin Let the oppressive regime in Saudi Arabia do what it wants. Let the Saud Family exhaust it self the way it wants, and grunt what they want all the time. Let them raise their voices and lift their banners and weapons as high as they think they can reach, and let their madness […]

Dogs become latest victim of Flint water crisis

     The Flint water crisis is expanding again. This time, however, the devastation is affecting man’s best friend, as two dogs in Genesee County, Michigan have tested positive for lead toxicity, according to the state veterinarian. The two dogs, both crossbreeds, are still alive, said Dr. James Averill, state veterinarian and Animal Industry Division Director […]

White House not ruling out anti-Iran sanctions over ballistic missile test

White House cannot rule out imposing sanctions against Tehran “at any time” over its ballistic missile program. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The United States still considers sanctions against Iran over a recent ballistic missile test, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said during a press briefing on Friday. “There has been significant discussion about the possibility that […]

Jordan ‘turns from US & Israel’ by setting up anti-ISIS war room with Russia

     Jordan has set up a joint war room with Russia to carry out coordinated anti-Daesh (ISIL) military operations in Syria, indicating a turn by the country from its US, Saudi Arabia and Israeli allies, in the face of the increasing volatility of the entire Middle East region. The move by Jordanian King Abdullah II […]

Iran’s coverage: Iran would prevent Saudi impact on Syrian crisis, Zarif says

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Zarif: Iran not to let Riyadh to overshadow settling Syrian crisis Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif reiterated that the country would never allow Saudi tension-creating policies overshadow settlement of Syrian crisis.   Speaker warns Congress on adopting anti-Iranian measures  If US Congress continue adopting anti-Iranian […]

MERS virus mutation confirmed in South Korea

     A mutation of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus, which has killed dozens during its South Korean outbreak, could have created a more potent and contagious stain, scientists have revealed. After testing the bodily fluids of eight people infected with MERS, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) discovered that the […]

Cops abusing steroids at alarming rates, resisting mandatory drug testing

     Police departments all over the world have physical fitness requirements for new recruits. Their argument is that strength and fitness are necessary for the job of policing. But as time goes on, the standards for officers keeping in shape are usually not maintained, making it curious why the standards were put in place at […]

One Major Reason Why Relationships Keep Failing

Time and time we’re left wondering what happened? ” she was too needy” ” he didn’t treat me right” ” we just didn’t connect”. What’s really going on? Are these reasons actually legitimate or is there a lack of understanding of what love language we are speaking? We all want to know how to make our […]

Mapping the Sunni-Shiite divide & its role in geopolitics

     Earlier today, in “Mid-East Melee: Sectarian Showdown Looms As Bahrain Cuts Ties With Iran, UAE Recalls Ambassador,” we brought you the latest from the war-torn Mid-East where a worsening spat between Saudi Arabia and Iran threatens to plunge the region into chaos. Make no mistake, things were already out of control. The conflict in […]

No obstacle to Europe’s presence in Iran’s financial market: Zarif

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday voiced Tehran’s preparedness to increase its cooperation in different fields, banking and financial fields in particular, with different European countries including Denmark. In a joint press conference with Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen here in Tehran, Zarif said there is no barrier for European […]

Earthquake Rattles India, Bangladesh, Myanmar & Bhutan – Massive Damage, 16 Fatalities, 272 Injured So Far

nsnbc : A destructive and deadly magnitude 6.7 earthquake rattled Manipur, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan causing massive damage, 16 fatalities and 272 injured, so far. The death toll is likely to increase as search, rescue and recovery operations proceed. The number of fatalities could rise into the hundreds. Earthquake damage in Imphal, India. Photo […]

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