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French Official Says Quarantine Should Not Be Enforced In Migrant Areas To Avoid Riots

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A top government official in France has admitted that draconian lockdown measures being imposed on the rest of the population shouldn’t be implemented in the country’s migrant-heavy ghettos in order to prevent riots. In a letter leaked to magazine Le Canard Enchaine, French Secretary of State to […]

Snow blankets high areas of Jordan

   Snow has blanketed several high areas in Tafilah and Karak governorates, south of Jordan, leading to road closures in these areas. The Kingdom is affected by a third-degree weather depression, accompanied by a polar air mass. The peak of the weather depression was on Saturday dawn, as most areas in the northern and central […]

Coordinating with Abbas, Israel puts virus closure on PA-ruled West Bank areas

Israel closed off Palestinian-administered areas of the West Bank on Wednesday to limit the spread of the coronavirus, an official said. “From today, a closure has taken place in the West Bank,” said Yotam Shefer, who heads the international department of COGAT, the Israeli military body responsible for civilian affairs in the West Bank and […]

Top 15 Areas That will Turn Take a look at Around Auckland, Fresh Zealand

Top 15 Areas That will Turn Take a look at Around Auckland, Fresh Zealand Plenty of states world wide at this point a few boasts around the states’ng got picked out encouraging using medicinal dope for anybody that should find snooze from the outcomes. CBD adheres for you to simultaneously CB1 along with CB2 […]

Heavy snowfall in Iran cuts off water and electricity for several areas

   Currently the water in 4 villages of Gilan province has been cut off due to heavy snowfall, and the electricity and landline of some households in Guilan are still cut off. Additionally, Guilan residents and many travelers have had problems on the roads leading to the province. Gilan Provincial Crisis Director General said heavy […]

Video: Syria Army Advance on Saraqib. Liberated Areas held by Al Qaeda (Hayat Tahir al Sham)

Idlib militants seem to be in disarray amid the developing advance of the Syrian Army. Since the liberation of Maarat al-Numan, government forces have achieved several important breakthroughs on the frontline in southeastern Idlib and southwestern Aleppo. The army has liberated the villages of al-Qahira, al-Jaradah, Khan Assubul, Maarrat Dibsah and Ain Halbane‏, all located […]

IRGC equipment sent to flood-hit areas in SE Iran: Commander

Tasnim – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said the IRGC has dispatched necessary equipment to help in relief and rescue efforts in the flood-stricken areas of the southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan. Speaking to reporters in the province on Tuesday, Major General Salami said that the IRGC […]

Johnson takes victory lap in traditional Labour areas that powered crushing win

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited northern England on Saturday to thank voters and newly elected Conservative Party lawmakers in the working class heartland that turned its back on the opposition Labour Party in this week’s election and helped give him an 80-seat majority. Speaking in Sedgefield — the constituency once held […]

Protected Areas are Not Preventing Human Encroachment, Study Shows

November 29th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Currently, one sixth of the globe’s land now falls within a designated protected area [1], in a bid to protect habitats, preserve biodiversity and maintain carbon sequestering vegetation. Sounds like a good thing, right? And it is. The world is on course to […]

Extinction Rebellion: What Can We Take From Their 3 Areas of Focus?

The Facts: The Extinction Rebellion may not have all their facts straight about climate change but they are an organized movement with a focus. Let’s have a look at what may be going on here. Reflect On: How do you feel about the ideas of having to tackle our current political system and economic system […]

Future of war: What will the storming of big cities & urban areas look like?

Leading militaries of the world are currently processing and conceptualizing any experience they have of conducting warfare in big cities. Early November marked three years since the start of the siege of Raqqa, Syria – the ‘capital’ of ISIS’ pseudo-caliphate. It should be noted that, ever since World War II, cases of large-scale warfare over […]

WATCH Russia and Turkey head out to patrol Kurdish areas in northern Syria

The Russian military police and Turkish troops moved out of the town of Qamishli on Friday and turned eastward, covering 100km along the Turkish-Syrian border and visiting several large towns. The convoy consisted of Russian BTR-80, Typhoon and Tigr (Tiger) armored vehicles, as well as the Turkish Kirpi (Hedgehog) armored personnel carriers. Russian army helicopters, […]

The Solar System must be preserved via "space wilderness" areas to prevent a gold rush, warn researchers

(Natural News) Experts have warned that space mining would cause a new Gold Rush that might deplete the resources of the solar system in several centuries. Before that disaster happens, humans must set up “space wildernesses.” The proposal came from researchers at the Smithsonian Institution and King’s College London. It recommended setting […]

Turkey and Russia to start patrolling Kurdish areas in northern Syria together on Friday – Erdogan

The joint patrols “start on Friday,” Erdogan said in a speech to lawmakers on Wednesday, referring to the deal he struck with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last week. The purpose of the patrols is to maintain security within ‘safe zone’ along the Turkish-Syrian border. The Russian Defense Ministry previously said that the Kurdish forces, who […]

Early snowfall hits plateau areas in SW China

   Cold fronts on Saturday hit the plateau in the northwest of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, bringing the autumn’s first snowfall to the area. It snowed in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture as well as the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the area 10 days earlier than last year. Bipeng Valley, a scenic […]

Turkification, Crimes of Killing and Kidnapping Continue in Syrian Areas Occupied by Turkish Regime

Deeds not words Turkification, Crimes of Killing and Kidnapping Continue in Syrian Areas Occupied by Turkish Regime ST Wednesday, 21 August 2019 09:09 DAMASCUS, (ST)– The Turkish-backed terrorist organizations and mercenaries alongside the Turkish occupation forces in the Syrian city of Afrin continue to commit murder and kidnapping crimes  against the locals in the areas […]

Teenagers living in areas with high air pollution are at higher risk of psychosis

(Natural News) Air pollution is known to cause respiratory health, but a new study suggests that it can also affect mental health, especially in teenagers. The study, which was published in JAMA Psychiatry, found that teenagers who were exposed to air pollution growing up are at a higher risk of psychosis. This […]

Syrian govt. forces liberate more areas in Hama province from terrorists’ grip

Syrian army soldiers, backed by fighters from allied popular defense groups, have liberated more areas in the country’s west-central province of Hama from the clutches of foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists, tightening the noose around the extremists operating in the region. The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday that Syrian army troops and their allied […]

Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces cleanse areas in southern Nineveh of Daesh

Members of the pro-government Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), known in Arabic as Hashd al-Sha’abi, have managed to cleanse more than a dozen villages in the southern part of the country’s province of Nineveh during the third phase of a major offensive to hunt down remnants of the Daesh terrorist group. The media bureau […]

27 inches of snow in 72 hours hits ski areas of New Zealand

   There have been some big snowfalls in New Zealand over the past few days, transforming conditions after a slow start to the 2019 ski season there. Ski areas have posted accumulations of up to 70cm in the past few and base depths have reached 3 metres (10 feet) at one area, the deepest in […]

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