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Researchers Find Ilopango Mega-eruption Caused A Maya Armageddon

A new scientific study of an ice core sample from Greenland has demonstrated how the Central-American Ilopango mega-eruption wiped out an entire Maya area, 1,590 years ago. Oxford University archaeologist and lead author of the new research paper, Dr Victoria Smith, told Ars Technica that her radiocarbon analysis confirmed El Salvador’s Ilopango mega-eruption occurred in […]

George Galloway: A short hop to Armageddon as Trump and Netanyahu step us closer to ‘end times’

     The biblical town of Armageddon is but a few miles as the bullets fly from the site of the latest Gaza massacre which has taken us further down the road to the end of times. Its proximate cause was the latest Man-Child effort of Donald J Trump, this time to relocate the US embassy […]

Insider: Is Trump Family Cult Behind Coming Armageddon?

  April 12, 2018 Source Article from Hits: 1

Armageddon ash cloud: Explosive volcano spews debris 7km into skies (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A plume of volcanic debris measuring more than four miles (7km) in length sprang from the mouth of Mount Sinabung on the northern part of the island on Monday afternoon, sparking widespread travel disruption amid an aviation ‘red notice’ and airport closures. The alert prohibits airlines from flying over parts of the country with significant […]

How to Avoid Armageddon in Korea

Most people intuitively get it. An American preventive strike to wipe out North Korea’s nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles, or a commando raid launched with the same goal in mind, is likely to initiate a chain of events culminating in catastrophe.  That would be true above all for the roughly 76 million Koreans living on […]

ALERT: The fake Battle of Armageddon has been set in motion (+ Why Bitcoin is a globalist front)

Trump’s decision on Jerusalem has set the stage for the first Battle of Armageddon, in which “the whole world will turn against Israel.” See the December 7-8 mini-update in the main event tracking entry for details. A new mini-update on Bitcoin is in development at the top of the entry. Source Article from Hits: […]

Paul Craig Roberts: America Is "Walking Into Armageddon"

Source: Paul Craig Roberts The orchestrated hostility toward Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea protects the $1,000 billion annual budget of the military/security complex by convincing the American public that the US is threatened by enemies. It also keeps alive Democratic Party hopes that Trump can be removed from office, and it […]

ALERT: The fake Battle of Armageddon has been set in motion

Trump’s decision on Jerusalem has set the stage for the first Battle of Armageddon, in which “the whole world will turn against Israel.” See the top of the main event tracking entry for details (which will continue to be provided over the coming 24 hours). Source Article from Hits: 1

‘Magic Mirror, On the Wall’ …Judaic Pathological Narcissism as the Sparkplug of Armageddon

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‘On Course for Ecological Armageddon’ – Researchers Sound Alarm as Insect Die-Off Worsens

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterWaking Times Last year, the results of a German study on insect populations foretold of a massive global die-off in many inspect species. Now, scientists are sounding the alarm again following a new study, and warning that we are “on course for ecological Armageddon.” “Insects make up about two-thirds of all […]

Researchers Warn Massive Insect Die-off Is Harbinger Of “Ecological Armageddon”

NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS – Though the rapidly vanishing bee population has captured headlines in recent years, a new study suggests that the bees’ disappearance is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. According to a new, decades-long study conducted by researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands, the insect population at large is in startling […]

Laughing on the Way to Armageddon

By Paul Craig Roberts The United States shows the world such a ridiculous face that the world laughs at us. The latest spin on “Russia stole the election” is that Russia used Facebook to influence the election. The NPR women yesterday were breathless about it. We have been subjected to ten months of propaganda about Trump/Putin […]

SIGNS OF THE TIMES Coming of Malhama (Armageddon) – Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Check out this link for more lectures, interviews and works by Sheikh Imran Hosein on this site.         Source Article from Hits: 1

Donald Trump and Theresa May: Partners in Planning Armageddon?

For the love of God, for the love of your children and of the civilization to which you belong, cease this madness. You are mortal men. You are capable of error. You have no right to hold in your hands – there is no one wise enough and strong enough to hold in his hands […]

Putin: Russia Will Avenge Bastille Day Terrorists

President Putin has said that Russia is ready to work with France in order to seek revenge against the terrorists who committed the Bastille Day attacks in Nice.  Putin has urged world leaders to join his fight against extremists, saying that “terrorists only understand force, and we must use it”. reports: The Kremlin have […]

Most recent poll shows Trump passing up Hillary

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — Donald Trump had a few bad weeks, culminating in the press and the establishment beating him up for stating that the reason he was being treated unfairly by a judge might be because of the judge’s Mexican heritage. (What an racist outrage to think that someone who belongs to […]

Republican Senator Tom Cotton declares US is ‘under-incarcerated’ and should lock more people up

     Despite having the world’s biggest inmate population and second-highest incarceration ratio, the US should send more offenders to jail, Republican Senator Tom Cotton has said, adding that freeing inmates would make the US like Iraq. In an attack on proposed criminal justice reforms, Cotton criticized bipartisan efforts to address America’s overpopulation of prisons by […]

Israel Welcomes NileSat Action against Al-Manar

Local Editor The Zionist media outlets welcomed NIleSat action that blocked Al-Manar TV channel’s broadcast via its satellite, considering that it comes in the context of the struggle between the axis of resistance and the so-called “moderate” Arab states. The Israeli analysts focused on Russia’s step of enabling Al-Manar to broadcast via its satellite, noting […]

MoD Scientist is Latest Whistleblower After Bizarre ‘Encounter With THIS UFO’

A SCIENTIST working for the US Department of Defence has become the latest current or former high-ranking military personnel to break rank and whistleblow over aliens and UFOs. by Jon Austin The department’s electromagnetic and laser systems expert, who has asked to be anonymous to safeguard his career, claims to have seen an extraordinary phone […]

Clintons Ban 9/11 Film Exposing Truth

Award-wining filmmaker Cyrus Nowrasteh has claimed that Bill and Hillary Clinton used their influence at Disney and ABC to ban a 2006 film “The Path To 9/11” which examines the truth behind the events that led up to the attacks on September 2001.  The four-hour film by the Iranian American writer-director examines former President Bill Clinton’s […]

White House: Rumsfeld Interview Says Missile Hit Pentagon On 9/11

The Department of Defense have hastily deleted an article in which Donald Rumsfeld admits that a missile hit the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks.  The article has been preserved on the Wayback Machine, and in the transcript below you will find references to Rumsfeld saying that a “missile damaged this building“, and other words to […]

What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common… you’re swallowing ROCKS!

(NaturalNews) Did you know that calcium pills are linked to heart attacks? Were you aware that commercial almond milk is made with ground up […]

What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common… you’re swallowing ROCKS!

(NaturalNews) Did you know that calcium pills are linked to heart attacks? Were you aware that commercial almond milk is made with ground up […]

What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common… you’re swallowing ROCKS!

(NaturalNews) Did you know that calcium pills are linked to heart attacks? Were you aware that commercial almond milk is made with ground up […]

Israeli troops wound 15 Palestinians in West Bank

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces shot, wounded on Wednesday at least 15 Palestinians with live bullets in occupied West Bank. Israeli occupation forces stormed the Palestinian West Bank city of Qalandiya and assaulted Palestinian civilians in the streets and shops. Palestinian youths hurled stones and empty bottles at them, and they responded […]

Bt cotton killing Indian farmers while Monsanto profits from seed imperialism and deadly poisons

(NaturalNews) Agricultural violence is running rampant in India, harming both the physical and financial health of its farmers. As it happens, Monsanto and the government simply sit back and continue to relish in the profit that comes from genetically modified seeds and poisons such as glyphosate. People are dying? No big deal. Their […]

Assad’s Struggle Against US Imperialism

Assad’s Struggle Against US Imperialism by Stephen Lendman The late Syrian expert Patrick Seale once said Assad’s popularity stems from his “standing up to Israel and its American backer, and for” providing security and stability in a troubled region. Obama’s war changed things. […]

Comet Armageddon Detected in Nearby Star System

Wednesday, October 19 2011 @ 11:27 PM CDT Views: 2,516 Ian O’Neill During our solar system’s “Late Heavy Bombardment” (LHB) some four billion years ago, the inner planets were constantly peppered with massive comets impacting their surfaces. Earth would have been unrecognizable — the planet’s surface was a burning, molten mess; young atmosphere constantly punctuated […]

America’s Financial Armageddon and Afghanistan

Even less understood is how the political decisions of the late 1970s are tied to the current simultaneous financial and foreign policy crisis. Nor is it understood how Washington and Wall Street set the stage for America’s financial downfall by using Afghanistan as an investment bank throughout the 1980s to renew the Cold War instead […]

Armageddon Is Real: Scientists To Blow Up Asteroid

  Noah August 17, 2011 Since America has abandoned its mission in space, it is up to the Europeans to save us from looming catastrophe, and they have thankfully picked up the slack. The European Space Agency is planning to launch a robotic probe that, by 2015, will rendezvous with an asteroid and release […]

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