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Big signals from gold and silver as political chaos ramps up around the world

   After nearly eight years of torment, gold and silver are back. The global political picture is spinning out of control quickly. And the precious metals are here to tell us just how quickly. Before I get to the charts, however, I think it’s important we review everything that happened this week just to get […]

Millions of ‘slaves’ around the world still making stuff we buy today

The initiative undertakes research to build the world’s most comprehensive evidence-base of modern slavery. While there isn’t an official legal definition of modern slavery, the UN describes it as the condition of people whose work “is performed involuntarily and under the menace of any penalty.” The organization and its member states committed to eliminating […]

Zarif represents Iran all around the world with authority: Deputy FM

IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi slammed the US sanctioning of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, saying he is Iran’s powerful representative all around the world. “Designation of Mohammad Javad Zarif, the sovereign commander of Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign diplomacy showed that the US can’t confront the brave and zealous children of […]

12-Year-Old New York Girl Arrested For Spray-Painting Swastikas Around Town

Jewish New York Girl Arrested For Spray-Painting Swastikas Around Town Police in Ontario County, which is situated near the finger lakes in western New York State, have arrested a Jewish 12-year old girl for spray painting swastikas on a local church and on the sides of buildings, NBC New York reports. Possibly setting a record […]

Ring-like formations discovered around lakes on Titan

   Some lakes on Titan have ring-like shapes around them, and scientists are trying to find out how they formed. Understanding how they formed may tell us something about how the entire region they’re in, including the lakes, formed. The ring-shaped features are found around pools and lakes at Titan’s polar regions. Thanks to the […]

New scandal around empire of lies

On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump, who is also the commander in chief of the country’s armed forces, falsely claimed that a U.S. warship had downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. Speaking at the White House, Trump said the USS Boxer shot down the drone after it got within 1,000 yards, “ignoring […]

Army veteran turned his life around with yoga and meditation

   At his darkest point, Bryan Fant was addicted to vicodin, benzodiazepine, prozac, Xanax and various other powerful medications. All had been prescribed by the Veterans Administration to treat his debilitating pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Multiple deployments to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait had ravaged him physically. War had ravaged him emotionally. Fant lived […]

Biden and Harris pal around with a politician called ‘racist’ by Sanders and O’Rourke

Joe Biden has been stumbling since Senator Kamala Harris upbraided him at the debate June 27 for expressing nostalgia for the “civility” he had in the 1970s with segregationist southern senators whom he was able to work with despite political differences. Biden has now apologized for the comment. It must be noted that Biden has […]

1 In 5 Global Citizens See US As Force For Bad Around The World

In a new study entitled ‘The Age of Impunity?‘ by The Policy Institute at Kings College London and Ipsos MORI, 17,000 respondents from 24 countries were asked if they thought other states or organizations were mostly using their influence for good or for bad around the world. You will find more infographics at Statista As […]

Is The White House Plotting An End-Run Around Congress Into Iran?

Is The White House Plotting An End-Run Around Congress Into Iran? Above Photo: U.S. Congress, January 2017. (By Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock) Officials are suggesting the 9/11 law used by three presidents to justify every intervention of the last 18 years is applicable to Tehran, too. Members of Congress left a closed door meeting with Secretary of State Mike […]

India PM Modi’s flight to summit will detour around Pakistani airspace, despite Islamabad’s consent

While Pakistan had already approved “in principle” a shorter flight path for the official plane to pass over its territory, India withdrew its request on Wednesday, announcing that it had decided to go with its plan B. “The Government of India had explored two options for the route to be taken by the VVIP Aircraft […]

Man sets himself on fire and calmly strolls around a lawn outside the White House

A man lit himself on fire near the White House on Wednesday afternoon — and he was caught on video appearing to calmly stroll through a park before cops extinguished the flames. Witnesses saw the man erupt into a bright orange fireball at the Ellipse, a tourist-filled park that sits north […]

Chinese State Reporters Caught "Snooping Around" NATO Base, Germany Investigates

Journalists representing China’s main state media outlet are in hot water after they were seen filming NATO military equipment and asking probing questions of German soldiers about their daily routines and military jobs.  The incident has threatened to alight fresh controversy related to European and US suspicious of aggressive global spying tactics by Beijing, not […]

George Will: Plenty of blame to go around for Iran policy failures

The Joplin Globe – Difficulties with Iran will recur regularly, like the oscillations of a sine wave, and the recent crisis — if such it was, or is — illustrates persistent U.S. intellectual and institutional failures, starting with this: The Trump administration’s assumption, and that of many in Congress, is that if the president wants […]

Oversized meals at restaurants around the globe are linked to obesity, warn researchers

(Natural News) Obesity has become a global epidemic, affecting more than 650 million people. Poor diet is one of the reasons behind this widespread problem. A study published in The British Medical Journal found that oversized meals served at restaurants and fast food outlets are part of a poor diet, and associated with […]

Romans Had Ancient Tech for Creating Seismic Invisibility Cloak Around Monuments

A team of civil engineers in France have revealed that the Romans had ancient technology for building structures that acted like modern-day electromagnetic cloaking devices. The pattern of foundations in some major Roman monuments, like the Colosseum, provided protection against earthquakes by bending seismic waves around them. Ancient Archaeological Metamaterials The Romans used architectural features […]

Supporters Around The World Rally, Crying ‘Hands Off Venezuela’

Supporters Around The World Rally, Crying ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ Above Photo: U.S. demonstrators stand outside Washington on Saturday, March 16, 2019. | Photo: teleSUR Demonstrations erupted from Vancouver to Malabo and Washington to Johannesburg in support of Venezuela’s soverienty. From Argentina to South Africa, Malaysia to Peru, New Zealand to Canada and the U.S., supporters of the Bolivarian revolution […]

The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls On and Around the Earth

February 7th, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World I still find it somewhat amusing that we’re waiting for “Disclosure” — that some report or particular evidence would hit the mainstream to convince us of what we already know. Ever felt like you didn’t belong here or didn’t fully fit in? Or that somehow your […]

IDF shot a Palestinian Teen, Dragged Him Around, Chased Ambulance Away

Mourning posters showing Mahmoud Nakhle.\  Credit: Alex Levac The coldness of Israel and its soldiers is incomprehensible – shooting a Palestinian minor in the back, shooting at the neighbor who tried to help, threatening to shoot the ambulance driver, while the youth bled to death. This has become a common occurrence, with at least 52 […]

Alex Jones Chases Lying Street Shitter Google CEO Around Capitol Hill Until Police Stop Him

Gottfried Sturmherr Daily Stormer December 13, 2018 Google’s CEO Sundar “I’m dark like cinder” Pichai testified in front of Congress on Tuesday in response to accusations regarding the company’s relentless censorship campaign of conservatives on their platforms. Luckily, Alex Jones was present. As one of Google’s censorship survivors, he confronted him after the […]

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