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Saudi scholar’s arrest in Sri Lanka sparks concerns of Wahhabi influence

Authorities in Sri Lanka have arrested a Saudi-educated preacher over links with the suspected mastermind of bombings last month, throwing a spotlight on the role of Salafi-Wahhabi terrorism in South Asia.  Several bomb attacks hit churches and luxury hotels in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo and two other cities on April 21, killing at least 253 […]

Snowden Archives At Great Risk—As Alarming As Assange’s Arrest

Snowden Archives At Great Risk—As Alarming As Assange’s Arrest Billionaire Pierre Omidyar, the owner of the Snowden archives through his company, First Look Media, has shut down the analysis, release, and custodial care of the archives claiming lack of funds. Since 2013, only 10% of the documents have been published. The decision was made just […]

After Assange’s Arrest, Ecuador’s Creep Towards Authoritarianism Becomes a Sprint

QUITO, ECUADOR — Last week, Ecuador’s government gravely undermined not only its own national sovereignty but international refugee and asylum laws by allowing U.K. police into its London embassy to arrest then-Ecuadorian citizen, Ecuadorian asylee, and journalist Julian Assange. As has been observed by many analysts, the shocking yet somewhat anticipated decision has shown that […]

Assange Arrest: How Does British Corporate Media See its Future?

Nina Cross 21st Century Wire On Thursday I joined the supporters of Julian Assange outside Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London following his arrest by British police at the Ecuadorian Embassy just hours before.  The events of the 11th April and the background to Assange’s case are now well-documented.  Inside the court Assange was found guilty […]

Daniel Ellsberg: Assange’s Arrest Is The Beginning Of The End

Daniel Ellsberg: Assange’s Arrest Is The Beginning Of The End Above Photo: Daniel Ellsberg. (Steve Rhodes / Flickr) What follows is a conversation between author and famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and Sharmini Peries of the Real News Network. Read a transcript of their conversation below or watch the video at the bottom of the post. SHARMINI PERIES It’s […]

What Julian Assange’s Arrest Tells Us About Our World

The Facts: Julian Assange was arrested early this morning in London at the Ecuadorian Embassy. This event provides us the opportunity to examine and question many aspects of the world we live in. Reflect On: Will Julian’s arrest wake up millions to the reality of what truth is trying to be hidden from our world? […]

Worldwide Media Reports On Assange Arrest Indicate a Very Dark Day for Press Freedom

    Trump Administration Under Fire for Exacting Revenge for Hillary Clinton The Millennium Report If there’s one thing that can throw a wrench into President Trump’s re-election campaign, it’s the repugnant and unjust treatment of Julian Assange. This is where Trump had better watch out! That Julian Assange has already been arrested for extradition […]

Assange Arrest Does Not Bode Well for Alt Media

    Assange Has Been Arrested For US Extradition. The Time To Act Is Now CAITLIN JOHNSTONE WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested and taken into custody by the London’s Metropolitan police, just as WikiLeaks warned days ago was about to happen. Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson reports that his arrest is related to an extradition request from the […]

WATCH: Israeli soldiers break into Palestinian school, arrest 10-year-old

Fully armed soldiers enter the school in occupied Hebron, threaten teachers, and take away a child they likely exceeded their authority to arrest because of his age. By Meron Rapoport Fully armed Israeli soldiers forced their way into a Palestinian school in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron and took away a […]

Fox News now demanding the criminalization and ARREST of "anti-vaxxers" … we warned you this was coming

(Natural News) A quick reminder to our many faithful readers: Don’t believe everything you hear over at Fox News, despite the network’s seeming support for conservative, a.k.a. liberty-centric, ideals – because things are not always as they seem. Just a few days ago, Fox News Medical Correspondent, Dr. Marc Siegel, declared war […]

Roger Stone Arrest: Trump Associate and Dirty Trickster Indicted by Special Counsel

LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — In the early hours of Friday morning, the FBI arrested career ratfucker and one-time Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone. An indictment released by the special counsel’s office, which is investigating allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, accuses Stone of committing several crimes, all of which occurred long […]

Mueller Suspected of Leaking Roger Stone’s Arrest to CNN

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is suspected of leaking details about the dramatic arrest of Roger Stone to CNN 24 hours before it occurred.  Investigators within Mueller’s team have been criticized of leaking information to CNN after a reporter admitted he had camped outside his home hours before the FBI raid took place. David Shortell, CNN’s […]

Pennsylvania Police Arrest Two Teenapers Responsible for Killing White Man

Charles Martel Daily Stormer January 12, 2019 Tysheem Santiago, left, and Anthony Holley Jr. When Wakanda sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re niggers. And some, I assume, are […]

Why Did Tripoli Issue Arrest Warrants for Libya’s Top Post-2011 Actors?

The Libyan Public Prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant of the Chairman of the Wattan Party Abdelhakim Belhaj and the former commander of the Petroleum Facilities Guard Ibrahim Jadran, according to Libyan Express. The warrants included four other Libyan personalities and 31 Chadian names from the Rebel Groups in Chad. The papers issues by the […]

The Real Reason Behind Canada’s Arrest of China’s Huawei Executive Meng Wanzhou

“Canadians should be angry that these traitors are isolating Canada from China, from Russia, from Iran and their great cultures, and condemning Canada to be nothing more than an outpost of the American empire. For traitors they are as they betray the Canadian people by serving the interests of the Americans and their war machine.” […]

Neocon Jews Behind Chinese Tech Exec Arrest

  December 13, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts Neocon warmongers staging false flag attacks to start another unprovoked war of naked aggression in the Mideast     The Lunacy Of Waging A War On Iran From Which China And Russia Neocon Warmongers Morph NATO Strategy Into Mutually Assured Nuclear Destruction John Bolton Proves […]

Colombian Police Arrest Six Israelis in Alleged Sex Trafficking Ring

SouthFront reports… Group of Israelis are suspected of running a child sex trafficking network in Colombia. According to a report by the Times of Israel the number of suspects is 14, while Haaretz claims it is 12. The office of Colombia’s attorney general said eight of the suspects have been arrested, including six Israelis. The […]

US Crosses Red Line with Arrest of Huawei CEO for ‘Breaking Iran Sanctions’

The Trump Administration continues to wage economic warfare on the world, but have they gone too far this time? The US government reached a new level of stupid this week when it ordered the arrest and extradition of Meng Wanzhou (pictured above), a Chinese citizen and CEO of telecoms giant Huawei CFO – purportedly for […]

Canadians Arrest CFO of Huawei on US Extradition Request in the Middle of Trump’s Trade Negotiations

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 7, 2018 Nice trade negotiations you got there, Trump. Be a shame if someone… Arrested the CFO of China’s biggest cellphone company at a Canadian airport. BBC: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government had no involvement in the arrest of a top executive from Chinese […]

US Authorities Arrest Notorious Honduran Murderer In Migrant Caravan

US authorities arrested a notorious convicted murderer who was part of the Honduran migrant caravan, according to a Department of Homeland Security statement. Officials revealed the killer was a Honduran national who was sentenced to 16 years in prison in his native country, before he was released and traveled north in the migrant caravan, before illegally crossing the United […]

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