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Israeli Forces Suppress West Bank Demonstrations, Arrest Journalist, Injure One

 March 28, 2020 6:14 AM  Ali Salam Image: Days of Palestine Israeli forces, on Friday, attacked citizens during demonstrations in the occupied West Bank, including the cities of Ramallah, Tulkarem and Qalqilia, according to local sources. Local sources told Palestinian Information Center that violent confrontations broke out between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians in al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiya […]

Chicago Mayor Warns — Those Who Go Outside To Exercise Risk Arrest

By Tyler Durden Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened to shut down public areas on Wednesday after becoming increasingly frustrated with people disobeying the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The mayor’s warning also made clear that anyone breaking the new measure would be fined or even possibly arrested, reported CBS Chicago. “Stay at home. Only go out for […]

Missouri Police Arrest Hispanic Gang Member Suspected of Killing White Father

We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence. We seek revolution through the education of the masses. When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable. Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently. Source Article from Hits: 6

PHOTOS: Police arrest pro-democracy demonstrators outside Knesset

Police arrested four Israeli protesters in Jerusalem Thursday morning as hundreds demonstrated outside the Knesset against the far-reaching, anti-democratic measures adopted by the Netanyahu government this past week to fight the coronavirus outbreak. The demonstration consisted of an “assault on democracy” motorcade, which headed for Jerusalem to protest Benjamin Netanyahu’s order to shut down the […]

Canadian faces two years prison for lawful attempt to arrest war criminal G.W. Bush

Former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark to Speak at the University of Calgary’s Peace Consortium in Defence of Splitting the Sky The Man Who Attempted a Citizens’ Arrest on George W. Bush  Joshua Blakeney Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies University of Lethbridge “George Bush hasn’t suffered at all over the monumental suffering, death, and […]

Saudi Arabia Arrest 300 Officials in Huge ‘Corruption’ Raid

Saudi Arabia is arresting hundreds of government and military officials for corruption crimes, the nation’s anti-corruption agency reported. Saudi Arabia’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) confirmed on Sunday that investigators would bring charges to against those currently held in custody. Nazaha said in a statement that investigators would bring charges against 298 people on crimes such […]

Crash and Burn, Cripple: Filipino Arrest Warrant Issued for Nasty Little Goblin Hotwheels!

“I have a serious disability and there’s no doubt at all that I would certainly die in prison here,” he said. Why does the Philippines have a CNN? Rappler is also run by the CIA, according to President Duterte himself. Anyway, let me tell you: Jim is not suing him for the “cyberlibel.” That is […]

Instead of Solving Real Crimes, Cops Go Undercover to Arrest 118 Handymen for Not Having Licenses

By Matt Agorist Hillsborough County, FL — In the land of the free, attempting to earn money in certain professions without first paying the state for the privilege of doing so can and will get you kidnapped and extorted. These laws are applied to children behind lemonade stands as well as adults selling flowers. The […]

Stones thrown by SECT rioters as police arrest rabbi accused of rape & ‘HEALING’ for money (VIDEOS)

Israeli police have arrested Rabbi Eliezer Berland early on Sunday morning, along with his wife and other top members of his ultra-Orthodox Shuvu Bonim sect. Shortly afterwards, the sect’s followers thronged the nearby street, trying to seal it off and stop the vehicle carrying Berland. Stunning footage from the arrest shows them hurling stones at […]

British ambassador returns to Iran after brief arrest last month

Reuters – Britain’s ambassador to Tehran has returned to Iran, he announced in an online posting on Thursday, after his departure last month following a brief arrest by Iranian security forces fueled speculation that he may not be coming back. “I recently returned from London to Tehran. This was an important trip that was planned […]

The Founding Fathers on Impeachment: Holding office no protection from arrest…whatsoever…and so much more

Editor’s note: The other issue is the trial itself, blocking testimony and evidence from a trial negates a trial.  It would require a constitutional amendment, not a majority vote, to eliminate evidence and testimony from a trial. The Senate is only a jury, otherwise, all tenets of British common law were clearly intended to apply.  […]

Denmark arrest three members of Al-Ahvaziya terror group for espionage

MNA – Denmark’s intelligence agency said on Monday it had arrested three leading members of the Al-Ahvaziya terror group on suspicion of spying on behalf of a Saudi Arabian intelligence service. The three members of the Al-Ahvaziya terror group had already been charged by Danish police for supporting an attack in Iran in 2018, according […]

‘Flash Crash’ Scapegoat Nat Sarao Sentenced To 1 Year House Arrest

Last week, we reported that US prosecutors had recommended to a judge presiding over the sentencing of 2010 ‘flash crash’ scapegoat Nat Sarao that the former day trader be sentenced to time served. Though that’s not exactly how things went during his Tuesday sentencing, at least Sarao – nicknamed the ‘Hound of Hounslow, the London […]

Jerusalem police arrest suspected cult leader who kept dozens of women, children

Police on Monday arrested a Jerusalem man, along with eight women, suspected of running a cult in which dozens of women and young children lived in exploitative and slave-like conditions beholden to the man’s whims, authorities said Monday. Some reports on Hebrew media said the man, in his 60s, was also suspected of sexually exploiting […]

Trudeau’s Canada: Police Threaten ARREST For Calling Soleimani a ‘Terrorist’

Toronto police threatened to arrest a man yesterday for the crime of calling Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani a “terrorist.” A candle-lit vigil attended by far-left activists was recently held outside a Toronto courthouse to mourn the death of the designated terrorist and mass murderer. Shocked to see Canadians mourning a man responsible for so much […]

Arrest of Israeli activist shows extreme-right group working with the state

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday that Jonathan Pollak, an Israeli anti-occupation activist who was arrested this week after refusing to appear in court over a private prosecution filed against him by an extreme-right group, will remain in jail. Pollak was arrested Monday at the Haaretz building in south Tel Aviv where he works. […]

Watch Live: Ghosn Speaks For First Time Since Arrest & ‘Great Escape’

Speaking from his hideout in Beirut, former auto executive and infamous fugitive from justice Carlos Ghosn is preparing to deliver his first press conference since his Nov 2018 arrest and subsequent “great escape” from house arrest in Tokyo. Ghosn has previously said he would “name names” of Japanese officials whom he alleged conspired to have […]

Mom Beats Pedophile With Pipe For Making Out With 9-Yr-Old Girl, Then Cops Arrest HER

Pennsylvania mother Shantika Briley was arrested Wednesday for allegedly beating a man with a pipe after she caught him sexually assaulting her 9-year-old daughter. The 35-year-old mom from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania said she caught the 39-year-old man “licking her daughter’s lips and trying to kiss her.” Briley allegedly responded by grabbing a pipe, beating the man until he ran out […]

Undercover police arrest prominent Israeli anti-occupation activist

Undercover police officers arrested prominent Israeli anti-occupation activist Jonathan Pollak at his workplace Monday morning, after he repeatedly refused to appear in court over a private prosecution filed against him by a far-right organization. The three officers arrived at the Haaretz building in south Tel Aviv, where Pollak works as a graphic designer, and took […]

Hong Kong Police Arrest 4 Alleged Financiers Of The Protest Movement

By Tyler Durden On Thursday, police in Hong Kong announced the arrests of several individuals whom they described as leaders of the Hong Kong protests movement. But these individuals (their identities have not been released) were not simply collared out in the street. Instead, police described the four as leaders of Spark Alliance, a mysterious […]

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