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Nigger Arrested After Swinging With Gun in Livestream & Asking for 30k To Kill A Cop

NYP: A Kentucky man has been arrested after prosecutors say he livestreamed himself requesting a $30,000 bounty to shoot police officers in Louisville. Cortez Lamont Edwards […] brandished a gun as he went on Facebook Live to ask for money to shoot cops responding to a disturbance in front of his Louisville home […] Federal […]

Warner Bros. Produce’s Danish Children’s TV Show Asking Kids To Evaluate Naked Adult Bodies

A Danish TV show for children is asking young kids aged 7-14 to comment on naked adult bodies, stirring controversy.  The program, “Ultra Strips Down,” puts a live audience of children in front of naked adults to “encourage body positivity,” as explained by the show’s producers to the New York Times. The program is seen on DR, […]

UK Black man brutally beats NHS worker over asking him to wear a Face Mask on Bus

Home » Crimes, Europe, Social » UK Black man brutally beats NHS worker over asking him to wear a Face Mask on Bus     A disturbing video was released by Scotland Yard, showing an unruly passenger attacking and leaving unconscious an NHS test-and-trace worker after an argument over wearing the mandatory face mask erupted […]

Jesuit-Led Catholic Parish Is Asking Parishioners to Take Pledge Affirming An End To ‘White Privilege’

The pastor of a Jesuit-led Roman Catholic parish in New York City is asking his parishioners to recite a “pledge for racial justice” during Mass The pledge affirms that “white privilege and the culture of white supremacy must be dismantled.” Breitbart reports: In the video below, Rev. Kenneth Boller, S.J., pastor of the Church of […]

Jews Are Asking: Is There A Culture Of Rape In Israel?

After two major publicized incidents of gang rape involving Israeli youth and adult men — most recently one where 16 year old Jewish girl was raped by over 30 males — Israelis are being forced to confront a terrible reality: is there a culture of gang rape in Israel? Some weeks have passed, but the […]

Lawmaker says he told Netanyahu before asking to nix judge in his case

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Al-Manar Reporter Banned from Asking Macron during Press Conference

Posted on August 7, 2020 by martyrashrakat Lebanon  Al-Manar reporter, Mona Tahini, was prevented from asking the French President Emanuel Macron a question during his press conference at the Pine Palace in Beirut on Thursday. Al-Manar reporter posted a video on her Twitter account which shows Macron having a side talk and taking selfie pictures […]

US Military Asking For Help Locating Explosives That Fell Off A Truck In North Dakota

By John Vibes For more than two weeks, the United States Air Force has been scrambling to locate a crate of explosives that fell off one of their vehicles. Officials claim that the package was dropped in Mountrail County, North Dakota, on May 1 when a team from Minot Air Force Base was […]

The Times Declares: Stop Asking Questions on Syria!

The morning after the US-led airstrikes on Syria, The Times devoted its front page to an attack on academics who had questioned the rationale for the bombing. The headline article – ‘Apologists for Assad working in British universities’ – was accompanied by a two-page spread claiming that the academic Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media was trying to […]

Why we are asking for your help now–to keep the news flowing

You already know that last Friday in Palestine tens of thousands of dedicated Palestinians made their way to the border between Gaza and Israel, and that the Israeli armed forces used snipers to pick off individuals and intimidate nonviolent protesters. Mondoweiss reported from the Great March of Return, and will continue to provide photo, video […]

30 Questions That Journalists Should Be Asking About The Skripal Case

There are a lot of issues surrounding the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal which, at the time of writing, are very unclear and rather odd. There may well be good and innocent explanations for some or even all of them. Then again there may not. This is why it is crucial for questions to be asked where, […]

EXCLUSIVE: 30 Questions That Journalists Should be Asking About the Skripal Case

There are a lot of issues around the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal which, at the time of writing, are very unclear and rather odd. There may well be good and innocent explanations for some or even all of them. Then again there may not. This is why it is crucial […]

98th Holistic Doctor Found Dead – Nobody Seems To Be Asking Questions

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of yet another holistic doctor die just days ago, which makes 98 to date. Dr Winer was quite the pioneer, author, radio show host, and healer. Erin Elizabeth from Healthnut News has reported very publicly about 80 of the dead Dr’s, however there were another […]

More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S.

Source: Newsweek More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country’s parliament favoring a motion that could see South Africa’s constitution amended to allow for land to be stripped from owners without any […]

Whistling at women & asking for phone number could cost men €350 in France

The new report will be presented to the French government in the coming days, local media report. The plans come from a parliamentary working group set up by France’s secretary of state for equality, Marlene Schiappa. The politicians behind the proposal suggest that men who “violate women’s freedom of movement in public space” should face […]

WATCH: Man Wrongly Convicted For 31 Years is Asking The State For $1 Million

Days after Gov. Bill Haslam exonerated a Wilson County man who was wrongfully convicted of rape and burglary, his lawyers have asked the state for $1 million in damages. Lawrence McKinney, 61, was convicted in Memphis in 1978 and spent more than 31 years in prison before new DNA evidence led the court to overturn […]

Mass protests in Honduras asking for the removal of ‘the corrupt’ who stole election

     “The people won’t stand for this dictatorship,” said former Opposition Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla. Despite heavy rains, an estimated 80,000 Honduran opposition supporters marched in San Pedro Sula on Saturday to protest what they call a “fradulent” presidential election. Surrounded by his supporters, former presidential candidate for the Opposition Alliance Salvador Nasralla told […]

Lying to the FBI about Asking Russia’s Help to Protect Israel

(Opinion) — The indictment and guilty plea of General Flynn represent what I suspect is the high water mark of the Russiagate scandal. A few weeks ago, following the indictments issued against Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos, I speculated that Flynn would be the next person to be indicted, and so it has proved.Flynn’s guilty plea […]

Asking Government to Regulate Farmers Markets is a Horrible Mistake

November 13, 2017 Activist Post Daily Newsletter Subscription is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Free Report: How To Survive The Job Automation Apocalypse with subscription Source Article from Hits: 2

As Israel and Saudi Arabia adjust to their loss in Syria, we are left asking: ‘what’s next’?

     Facing defeat in the proxy war in Syria, the Israeli-Saudi tandem is planning a new front against Hezbollah, presaged by Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri’s sudden resignation, as ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke explains. It seems that matters are coming to a head in the Middle East. For many states, the coming period will likely prove […]

Las Vegas cover-up continues: Police block only journalists asking real questions from latest press conference

     Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference on Friday. The embattled sheriff lashed out at the public for the “conspiracy theories” surrounding the worst mass shooting in modern US history. The Las Vegas police department blocked conservative reporters Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes from entering the presser. Loomer and Tokes are in Las Vegas […]

Tom Delonge Asking for People to Invest in His UFO PSYOP

Tom Delonge Asking for People to Invest in His UFO PSYOP October 11th, 2017 The U.S. Government has funneled trillions of dollars into black world research and projects over decades, but Tom Delonge and his CIA friends are now asking for money to, “Bring […]

Why won’t media talk about what Palestine’s BDS movement is asking for?

Michael F. Brown Media Watch 18 September 2017 The BDS movement has specific goals to end Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and international law. Yet these are seldom spelled out in media coverage. Wisam Hashlamoun APA images Chicago and national media consistently failed readers in their coverage of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss’ decision to […]

‘We’re bad day away from Russians asking, ‘Why are you still (illegally) in Syria?’ – top US commander

At the Aspen Security Forum on Friday, Special Operations Command chief Army General, Raymond Thomas was asked whether American forces will remain in Syria, after Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is defeated, possibly, to support the Kurdish forces in the north of the country. Thomas acknowledged that American forces are fighting in a sovereign Syria, […]

Boss’ Viral & Brilliant Response To Employee Asking For Mental Health Day Off

Next Story Asking for a day off isn’t exactly praised in the Western work force. We’ve been taught that working long hours and never taking breaks is the best way to climb the ladder to the top. But what if you don’t want the top? And what if, even if you do, you don’t think […]

Trendy Moms Now Asking Babies for Their Permission to Pick Them Up

Daily StormerDaily Stormer July 14, 2017 It’s like rape if you don’t ask first. And then they will become literal rapists. Trust us, this makes sense. We wouldn’t lie to you, we’re God’s Chosen People. Source Article from Hits: 0

Trump: Germans asking why John Podesta refused to hand hacked DNC server to FBI and CIA for investigation

President Trump tweeted Friday morning that “everyone” in Hamburg, Germany was talking about the Democrats’ response to Russian election hacking ahead of his highly-anticipated meeting with Russian President Putin. Trump tweeted ahead of his arrival at the group of 20 summit: “Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the […]

Human Rights Activists Are Asking 8 Countries How Much They Spy on Each Other’s Citizens

Government eavesdropping on its citizens is an incredibly intrusive power that has allowed for the monitoring, embarrassment, control, and disgrace of individuals. Being so invasive, there are many laws in place to prevent its abuse, and ignoring such statutory controls can carry a hefty prison sentence in the U.S. And yet, with more and more […]

The Trump Administration is Asking the Supreme Court to Reinstate its Travel Ban

Two executive orders banning people from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. have been blocked by lower courts. The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries. The Justice Department filing to the high court late Thursday argues that the federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, […]

Minneapolis Transit Officer Fired After Asking for Passenger’s Immigration Status

A Minnesota Transit officer was fired after he was caught on video asking a light rail passenger if he was in the country illegally. After the exchange with the transit officer, the passenger, Ariel Vences-Lopez, 23, was arrested for fare evasion and was taken to the Hennepin County jail […]

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