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The Coming Show Trial Of Julian Assange 

Authored by Chris Hedges via Truthdig, On Friday morning I was in a small courtroom at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London. Julian Assange, held in Belmarsh Prison and dressed in a pale-blue prison shirt, appeared on a video screen directly in front of me. Assange, his gray hair and beard neatly trimmed, slipped on heavy, […]

Assange Lawyer: Pentagon, Not White House, Trying to Destroy WikiLeaks Founder

Julian Assange’s lawyer claims that the Pentagon, not the White House, are the force behind the campaign to destroy the WikiLeaks founder. After allegedly asking Obama officials if they “really wanted” the publisher for whistleblowers and warning that “there are dangerous precedents here,” Assange lawyer Geoffrey Robertson said they responded: “We don’t want him, but […]

Assange Lawyer Reveals The Pentagon Was Behind Bringing Down WikiLeaks’ Assange

The Facts: MailChimp has begun removing customers who share information questioning vaccines to their email lists. An investigation revealed the CDC Foundation appears to be directing the move. Reflect On: A campaign to stop vaccine misinformation? Who is deciding what is misinformation and truth? Why are big companies trying to silence people without answering their […]

‘We Are Golunov’ but Not ‘Assange’: Western Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

The case of Julian Assange poses many questions about the direction western society is heading in… OPPOSITE ENDS: The case of award-winning journalist and publisher Julian Assange held in UK Belmarsh Prison awaiting possible extradition to the US for espionage charges – contrasts with recently released Russian opposition journalist Ivan Golunov. Johanna Ross 21st Century […]

UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer Becomes One of Assange’s Most Vocal Advocates

On May 9, UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, visited WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange at Belmarsh Prison, where he is currently serving a 50-week prison sentence for a minor bail violation. Melzer was accompanied by two medical experts who specialize in the examination of possible victims of torture as well as the documentation […]

Towards extradition of Julian Assange

VIPS: Extradition of Julian Assange threatens us all, Memorandum for the governments and people of the United Kingdom and the United States from Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity (VIPS) / What future for Brexit?, by Nicola Ferronato / The “good guys”, the “bad guys” and the war. A brief review of the EU parliamentary elections, […]

INTERVIEW: Ecuadorian diplomat Fidel Navraez on Julian Assange extradition

Last Friday, the US extradition case for Julian Assange was officially opened at Westminster Magistrates Court in London, where formal proceeding are expected to extend into late February or early March of 2020.  The following interview was recorded after Julian Assange’s US extradition hearing in London on June 14, 2019, where SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick […]

John Pilger: The Global War on Assange, Journalism & Dissent

John Pilger: The Global War on Assange, Journalism & Dissent Above: Journalist John Pilger and Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, chat before addressing the crowd during the ‘Antiwar Mass Assembly’ organized by the Stop the War Coalition at Trafalgar Square. From Getty Images. Note: In this three-minute interview outside of court, John Pilger discusses the extradition […]

Assange US Extradition Hearing Set for February 2020

Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire Today the US extradition case for Julian Assange officially opened at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London.  A rough schedule was laid out for formal proceedings which are expected to extend into late February and early March of 2020.  This came after yesterday’s news that British Home Secretary Sanjid Javid signed […]

UK Home Secretary Sanjid Javid Signs Order to Extradite Assange to U.S.

This morning, UK Home Secretary has Sanjid Javid signed the extradition order that could send WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the Unite States to stand trial on 18 indictments including espionage. Home Secretary Javid insists he is justified in his decision to render Assange to the US, still claiming that, “I want to see justice […]

Assange case proved US press ‘doesn’t believe in free speech’

   American journalists “go out of their way to disparage” Julian Assange of WikiLeaks because he makes them ashamed of their own failure to challenge the “eternal war footing” of the US, human rights professor Dan Kovalik told RT. “I don’t believe that the press in this country believes in free speech. This is one […]

‘This is about shutting down dissent’ – John Pilger on Assange US extradition case

   The attempt to extradite WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange from the UK to the US is not only about locking up the Australian, but about “shutting down dissent” and “investigative journalism,” claims journalist John Pilger. Speaking outside Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on Friday following the decision to open a new, full US extradition hearing […]

‘Assange extradition should be warning to liberals who believe in American democracy’ – Zizek

   The UK’s decision to extradite WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange to the US should be taken as a warning to all liberals who still have any faith in ‘American liberal democracy,’ says cultural philosopher Slavoj Zizek. The Slovenian sociologist told RT that signing of the extradition order is just one of two recent events that […]

UK signs Julian Assange’s US extradition papers

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts Signs Of The Times Signs Of The Times Jewification […]

Ecuador confident that US won’t execute Assange, but what about spending 175yrs in prison, instead?

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry announced that no matter what happens to Assange, the UK has promised that it would not extradite him to a country that will kill him. The soothing statement was issued ahead of the first London court hearing to decide if the Wikileaks co-founder will be shipped off to the US in […]

Julian Assange is facing the Deep State in US, UK, Sweden, Australia and Ecuador (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts Sweden’s probe made it impossible for Assange to ‘defend himself’ – UN rapporteur to RT There were discrepancies in the probe against Assange in Sweden such as the investigation being Sweden Reopens 9-Year Old Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange; Seeks His Arrest and Extradition Sweden Reopens 9-Year […]

Julian Assange is not on trial, British justice is

The latest instalment in that persecution is a court hearing in London on June 14, where details of the request for his extradition to the US, it is expected, will be revealed for the first time. The formal request for the extradition of the founder of WikiLeaks was made to the UK by US authorities […]

British Gov’t Signs Extradition Order to Send Assange to USA

The British government has signed a request for the extradition of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange to the US, where he is accused of multiple violations of the Espionage Act. Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Thursday, British Home Secretary Sajid Javid revealed that he signed and certified the papers on Wednesday, with the […]

US Issues Formal Request For Assange’s Extradition

US Issues Formal Request For Assange’s Extradition Above Photo: LeStudio1 – 2019/Flickr The Washington Post reported today that officials from the US Justice Department issued a formal request to British authorities last Thursday for the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The document has not been made public. The US government had 60 days from Assange’s arrest by […]

British Home Secretary Has Signed Extradition Order To Send Julian Assange To US

The Facts: Doctors treating patients from over-exposure to wireless radiation joined scientists at Queen’s Park to recommend the Ontario Government take steps to protect public health before the roll-out of 5G – the next generation of cell phone tech. Reflect On: How are technologies like this approved by federal health regulatory agencies without any appropriate […]

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