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CERN’s ALICE Experiment Replaced MK-Ultra ALICE Assets

MK-ALICE assets served as the predecessor to CERN’s ‘ALICE’ experiment. Male MK-DELTA assets were codenamed ‘JASON.’ These assets served as assassins and contributed to the JASON Super Soldier Project. The Jason Bourne films are based on this. Female MK-ULTRA / MK-DELTA assets carried an additional psychic application. Female assets were codenamed ‘ALICE’ – a deliberate […]

Managed democracy: Wikileaks release of secret US intelligence assets lists head of Libertarian party

     Documents obtained through Wikileaks reveal that the current Chairman of the Libertarian Party has a relationship with the disgraced Stratfor intelligence group. In late 2011, hackers managed to crack into the databases of the global intelligence firm Stratfor and found a large volume of information that connected the firm with military contractors, government agencies, […]

Ukraine’s Naftogaz expects to recover $8 bln from Russia over assets seized in Black Sea and Crimea

nsnbc : Ukrainian energy giant NJSC Naftogaz may recover from Russia as early as this year nearly $8 billion in damages over the seizure […]

Ukraine to seek arrest of Gazprom assets if Russian company fails to comply with arbitration court’s ruling

nsnbc : Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he has ordered to seek the arrest of Gazprom’s assets if the Russian energy company fails to […]

Economist says ‘declaration of war’ if US freezes Russian dollar assets

     The Bank of Russia holds a third of its currency assets in the United States. The USA may impose sanctions on the bank. Earlier, the US had frozen the assets of the National Fund of Kazakhstan, which suggests that Russia’s reserves may find themselves in a similar situation as well. Given the current state […]

Iranian court freezes assets of more than 150 BBC staff

DUBAI (Reuters) – More than 150 Iranian current and former BBC staff and contributors have been barred from major financial transactions in Iran, an Iranian court order seen by Reuters showed, in a fresh step against foreign media seen as hostile to Tehran. The order bans 152 individuals from any transaction that needs […]

Trump Signs Executive Order To Seize Assets Of Clinton & Obama

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order allowing federal agents to seize the assets of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.   In the Dec. 21 executive order, Trump has declared that severe human rights abuses and corruption “have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems.” “I hereby declare […]

"It’s Unprecedented": Bank Of New York Freezes $23 Billion In Kazakh Assets

Overnight, Bank of New York Mellon said it had frozen $22.6 billion in assets held by Kazakhstan’s National Oil Fund in a rare move that escalates a legal battle between the government and a Moldovan investor. According to Reuters, Moldova’s Anatolie Stati and his companies had earlier won damages against the Kazakh government, and his […]

Pentagon announces first-ever audit to review $2.4 trillion in assets

     The first-ever financial audit in the history of the US Department of Defense will be massive, requiring 2,400 auditors to review the Pentagon’s $2.4 trillion in assets, including personnel, real estate and weapons. The audit will begin this month, the DoD announced during a news conference Friday. “It is important that the Congress and […]

Magnitsky Act mastermind seeks to stop Cyprus from revealing his offshore assets to Russia

Browder, a US-born British investor and the founder of Hermitage Capital Management, fears that his fraudulent investment schemes involving offshore assets in Cyprus would be revealed to European authorities if Cyprus continues to cooperate with Moscow on its probe against him, Natalya Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who conducted her own investigation into Browder’s operations, told […]

Petition To Declare George Soros ‘Terrorist’ and Seize His Assets Gains 75,000 Signatures

The petition was initially launched on August 20 by “E.B.” on the White House petitions website and has gained more than 70,500 signatures as of Friday morning. If it reaches the threshold of 100,000 signatures before September 19, the White House will have to provide a formal response. The creators of the petition on the […]

Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts Of US Assets, Sending An Ominous Signal

In what is a sure signal to oligarchs across the globe, Lord Jacob Rothschild, founder and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, has substantially minimized his exposure to what he views as a risky and unstable U.S. capital market. In the half-yearly financial report for RIT Capital Partners, Rothschild explained the company’s aggressive moves to significantly reduce […]

The US Government Should Freeze Putin’s Assets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes If Robert Mueller wants to track down Trump’s connections to Putin, the government should enforce the Magnitsky act and freeze Putin’s assets. In pursuing Putin’s wealth, the KGB financial network will be uncovered. The US Government can also seek to close off Russia from the international banking system. Putin will become such […]

The US Government Should Freeze Putin’s Assets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes If Robert Mueller wants to track down Trump’s connections to Putin, the government should enforce the Magnitsky act and freeze Putin’s assets. In pursuing Putin’s wealth, the KGB financial network will be uncovered. The US Government can also seek to close off Russia from the international banking system. Putin will become such […]

QATAR: Trump Steps in to Protect US Assets in the Persian Gulf Mafia Battle

Niraj Srivastava21st Century Wire  The saga of the Saudi-Qatar dispute continues. This week saw some important developments, which might provide pointers to what is likely to happen in the coming weeks and months, and possibly years. As expected, the US stepped in to ensure that the Saudis, UAE, and Bahrain did not escalate their actions […]

Navy SEAL Has Assets Ceased For Trying To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

Earlier this year, Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer blew the whistle on Elite pedophilia and revealed thousands of high-level pedophiles were being investigated by the US Government. Despite a mainstream media blackout on the cases, Sawyer vowed to lift the lid on the child trafficking networks that are operating in Washington D.C. and throughout the United […]

Are Students a Class? Dependent on the Banks, “No Income, No Jobs, No Assets”

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US Sanctions 271 Syrians, Freezes Their US Assets

Two weeks after launching missile strikes on Syria, the U.S. Treasury announced it has sanctioned 271 employees of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center in response to the alleged sarin attack conducted by the Assad regime on Kahn Sheikhoun. It’s one of the largest sanction actions in U.S. history. The action was […]

List of REAL Assets That Hold Their Value Through Nuclear War, Social Chaos or Debt Collapse

How much of your money will only exist as a computer record on the day the global banking system fails? When you log in to your online banking account and view your account balance, do you really think those electronic digits on your computer screen are real money? Most people keep the vast majority of […]

Slovenia to reopen embassy in Iran

Iranian Ambassador to Ljubljana Morteza Darzi met with Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec. “Time is ripe to develop ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran further, and the most important step is to reopen Slovenian embassy in Tehran,” Karl Erjavec said in the meeting. He said that his country has decided to reopen his embassy […]

Crisis Actor’s Fake Injury Proves Dallas Cop Shooting is a Psyops and a Hoax

Crisis Actor’s Fake Injury Proves Dallas Cop Shooting is a Psyops and a Hoax Through the Zionist-controlled Black Lives Matters clique the nature of the Dallas shooting is categorically proven: that of nothing other than a crisis actor-orchestrated hoax. What an evil plot it is to heap such hoax actors upon the world, causing the […]

FIVB Volleyball World League: Iran loses to Brazil

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran opened the FIVB Volleyball World League 2016 with a 3-0 (25-19, 25-16, 28-26) lose against Brazil on Thursday. Brazil used a service storm over Iran in this match which was held at the Arena Carioca 1. Brazilians Lucas Saatkamp, with 17 points, and Ricardo Lucarelli, with 16, were the top scorers […]

Ex-Soldier Dies After Being Tasered By Police In Wales

A former soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan has died after being tasered by police in Llanelli, South Wales. The victim, 43-year-old Spencer Beynon who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder was tasered on Tuesday evening and died shortly after. Tributes paid to Llanelli man who died following ‘incident’ involving Taser — […]

Spokesman: Iran-US talks just in context of nuclear deal

Tehran, June 15, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari on Wednesday said Iran’s talks with the US are just in the context of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He told IRNA that recent statement of the US state department has been in line with the nuclear deal. Ansari said, ‘Our talks […]

Yes, There Have Been Aliens

Yes, There Have Been Aliens June 11th, 2016 Via: New York Times: LAST month astronomers from the Kepler spacecraft team announced the discovery of 1,284 new planets, all orbiting stars outside our solar system. The total number of such “exoplanetsâ€� confirmed via Kepler and […]

At Least 20 Dead As Twin Blasts Hit Town Near Damascus

Two blasts have rocked the town of Sayyida Zeinab 10km from the Syrian capital of Damascus. The suburb is home to one of one of Shia Islam’s most renowned shrines According to Syrian media and security sources at least nine people have been killed and 16 injured. The UK-based Saurian Observatory for Human Rights reported […]

9 killed as twin blasts rock town 10km from Damascus – reports

The first blast occurred at the entrance of Set Zaynab when a terrorist suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt. The second blast – a car bomb – rocked Fig Street, sources from Damascus police told Sana. Syrian authorities condemned the terrorist bombings, which led to casualties among civilians, Sana added. The first blast killed at […]

Rise of the Archons

This is a fascinating idea about the Worlds cruelty and how we have been deceived thousands of years. They want that we live in fear and they love it. An interview with Jay Weidner on Rense Radio Rense: Many people have heard the term “Archon” but would be hard-pressed to define it. What is an […]

Election pantomime: Trump or Clinton, Screwed Either Way

This feels like that moment. Unless something dramatic happens soon, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the presidency this fall. Either candidate would be a disaster. Yes, either. You already know why Trump is dangerous. He’s savagely ignorant of politics, history and, surprisingly considering his profession, economics. He advocates violence on a vast […]

The Anti-Kosher Vaccine

Are you plagued by political correctness? Afraid to speak about your beliefs and opinions in case you may upset someone else? Do you believe… That white folks are bad and should be punished for their transgressions against non whites? That six million of “God’s chosen people” AKA Jews were gassed and made into soap and lampshades? That its in-humane […]

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