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Oil Tankers Attack? Ryan Dawson

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts The curious case of the tankers June 14, 2019 by Nat South for The Saker Blog I have taken the opportunity WHAT IS BEHIND ATTACKS ON TANKERS IN PERSIAN GULF REGION Tensions are on the rise around the Persian Gulf after a series of suspicious […]

Iraqi base home to US troops comes under mortar attack north of Baghdad

The Iraqi military says unknown militants have launched three mortar shells into an air base just north of the capital Baghdad, where American trainers are present. The military said in a statement that the attack on Balad Air Base, located 64 kilometers (40 miles) north of Baghdad, took place early on Saturday and caused small fires […]

Iran Accuses ‘Warmongering’ US of ‘False Flag’ Attack on Oil Tanker

Iran has accused the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of lying about the “torpedo attack” on an American-linked oil tanker as tensions reach breaking point. According to Iran, the US launched the attacks Thursday on two tankers which burst into flames in the Gulf of Oman, as part of a “false flag” operation to […]

As if on cue, President Trump falsely accuses Iran for an obvious false flag attack executed by the U.S. and Israel

  An image provided by the semiofficial Iranian Students’ News Agency appears to show an oil tanker on fire in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday.CreditCreditIranian Students’ News Agency, ISNA, via Associated Press   Trump Says Tanker Attack Has “Iran Written All Over It” As Tehran Slams US “False Flag” Iran has slammed what […]

Trump Says Tanker Attack Has "Iran Written All Over It" As Tehran Slams US "False Flag"

Iran has slammed what it’s mission to the United Nations said are “unfounded and reckless” claims put forth yesterday by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accusing Iran of conducting the “blatant” attack on two international oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. Meanwhile President Trump on Friday morning told Fox & Friends that […]

Gulf of Oman False Flag Bombing Obvious Pretext for US Attack on Iran

    False Flag? Iran Has Little To Gain From Oman Tanker Attacks Gulf of Tonkin 2.0? Regardless of whether Iran is responsible for damage to vessels in the Sea of Oman, Bloomberg’s Julian Lee explains, it will still get the blame – and suffer the fallout. Via Bloomberg, Two oil tankers have been damaged in a suspected […]

Photos: Oil tankers in Oman Sea hit in attack

ISNA – Two oil tankers were reportedly attacked in Oman Sea on Thursday, leaving one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both.     Source Article from Related Posts Oil Tankers Attack? Ryan Dawson Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from The curious case of the tankers June 14, 2019 by […]

Dog mauls owner in ‘horrific’ attack in Nowra , Australia

   Detectives believe a man found dead in a Nowra unit earlier this week was mauled by his own dog after he had a medical episode. NSW Police initially treated the 51-year-old’s death as suspicious when his body was discovered with “horrific” injuries in the unit on Monday, a spokesman told AAP on Thursday. Multiple […]

2 Tankers Damaged After Torpedo Attack Near Strait Of Hormuz; Oil Soars

Update 2: It appears earlier reports that the Front Altair had sunk were, in fact, incorrect. The ship’s captain has said that it is still afloat. VHF radio traffic confirmed that it is damaged but still afloat. Hours have passed since the suspected attacks, and still nobody has claimed responsibility. Iran’s Foreign […]

Dozens killed in major Boko Haram attack on Cameroon island

A weekend assault by suspected Boko Haramfighters in northern Cameroon killed dozens of people, including soldiers and civilians, officials have said, in one of the deadliest attacks by the group in the country. Cameroon’s defence ministry said that “more than 300 heavily armed Boko Haram” fighters attacked military positions on Darak, an island near […]

2 Tankers Damaged After Suspected Torpedo Attack Near Strait Of Hormuz; Oil Soars

Update: The Front Altair, the Marshall Islands flag tanker damaged in Thursday’s attacks, has now sunk, according to Iranian television. Later, others denied these reports.   ..  If accurate, the sinking could have a serious impact on oil prices and the environment, as the ship contained twice the amount of oil as Exxon-Valdez. While some […]

9/11 Redux: US Officials Now Claim Afghan ISIS as Latest ‘Threat to Attack the West’

Rather conveniently, the epic Global War on Terror narrative comes full circle for the Pentagon’s war planners. Just as domestic and international political pressure began building against the US-led indefinite occupation of Afghanistan, a likely arch-enemy manifests itself in Central Asia – ensuring the pretext for further intervention. This latest installment of the long-running theatrical […]

Endocrine Disruption: An attack against humanity?

Do you know how many chemicals are used around you? Photo: NPH Over the last decade, there has been growing awareness of the adverse effects of many synthetic chemicals in the world around us — untested for their disrupting factors on the endocrine system. From industrial chemicals and pesticides, to consumer products and the air […]

About 100 Malians killed in attack on Dogon village

At least 95 people were killed in an overnight attack on an ethnic Dogon village in central Mali, local officials said on Monday, the latest bout of ethnic violence fueling the country’s security crisis. Fighting between Dogon hunters and Fulani herders has killed hundreds since January, including a March attack in which gunmen killed […]

52nd Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty

52nd Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty   Source Article from Related Posts USS Liberty 1967: Israel Murdered U.S. Sailors and Tried to Sink Their Ship … A Failed False Flag Attack Against the U.S. Firs published by February 15, 2015 on Washington Blog and Global Research Fifty two years, on The Unsinkable […]

SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health #17 – Attack of the Soyboys – The Feminization of Men‌‌

   We all know the stereotype of the Soyboy – males lacking in manliness, utterly subservient, usually declaring themselves to be a ‘male feminist’ and generally wallowing in the self-hating guilt of being an oppressive male. It’s a clever meme based on the conception that soy consumption leads to a feminization in men. But it’s […]

Preliminary Probe Into UAE Tanker Attack Blames A "State Actor", But Doesn’t Mention Iran

A preliminary probe has concluded that a “state actor” was likely behind the sabotaging of four oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in May, according to RT. This comes after the United States put the blame “squarely” on Iran. Preliminary findings from the investigation, which was jointly concluded by the UAE, Saudi Arabia […]

An Israeli Double-Feature: 52nd Anniversary of Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty

Two days ago the US celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day with accolades to the armed forces and thanks to surviving veterans.  The country stood strongly with the military.  But today two days later is the 52 anniversary of a day of shame when Washington turned its back on the US Navy.  It was June […]

India to buy 100 more of the Israeli bunker-buster bombs used in attack on Pakistan terror camp

New Delhi will purchase 100 more SPICE-2000 bombs for an estimated $43.2 million. SPICE stands for “smart, precise-impact and cost-effective” and is manufactured by the Israeli defense technology company Rafael. The munitions are expected to be delivered to the Indian Air Force (IAF) within the next three months. Also on India to stay out […]

ISIS Remnants Regroup and Attack Syrian Army Posts in the Desert with U.S. Help

ISIS Remnants Regroup and Attack Syrian Army Posts in the Desert with U.S. Help By Arabi Souri ISIS terrorists, defeated by the Syrian Arab Army in the major battles of Der Ezzor and Albukamal east of Syria, have regrouped and launched a new wave of attacks against the SAA posts in the desert with the […]

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