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SUPERSTORM TYPHOON HAGIBIS: Why are the NWO globalists attacking Tokyo with the geoengineered weather weapon?

  A car is overturned in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo, Japan, on October 12. © Xinhua/Deng Min via Global Look Press   Monster Typhoon Hagibis claims first victim as Tokyo braced for Japan’s worst storm in 60 years (PHOTOS) >More than 1.6 million people have been ordered to evacuate as Japan gears up for […]

GOP Reps return from AIPAC trip attacking BDS and implying that annexation might be the answer

Must read: “Israel and the decline of the liberal order” by Robert Kagan, The Washington Post, Sept. 12/19 “The rise of nationalism around the globe may be reflected in the outcome of Israeli elections on Tuesday” EXCERPTS: “What makes Israelis think if the United States were to cease supporting the liberal world order and […]

Why are global organizations attacking a talk in small town of Clovis CA?

The unassuming central California town of Clovis is at the center of a swirling controversy that needs to be deconstructed. In the past 3 days, 4 massively powerful organizations with net assets totaling over a quarter of a billion dollars, have released aggressive statements condemning a small-town lecture at a small-town community college. Why is […]

Tlaib says Trump is attacking her because he’s ‘scared’ of women of color

In an interview published Saturday, US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib said President Donald Trump’s continued verbal assault on her and several of her Democratic colleagues in the so-called Squad was due to him being “scared of us.” Tlaib told the Guardian she was referring specifically to women of color. “It’s been very clear to me, especially […]

UK, US and Israel Collude in Setting Up Naked Provocations to Justify Attacking Iran

  Iran crisis: British oil tanker seized in Strait of Hormuz as UK shipping warned to avoid area in Gulf   UK Warns “Robust” Response Coming If Iran Doesn’t Release Tanker As US Jets Fly Over Gulf Update 1: UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned Iran of “serious consequences” if its military does not return control of […]

Dinosaur Media is Attacking "Conspiracy Theorists" for Exposing the Epstein Case

According to the dinosaur media, the worst part about the exposure of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking and high-level blackmail operation is that it bolsters conspiracy theories about child sex trafficking and elite corruption. Newsflash: they’re trying to gaslight you. Don’t fall for it for a second. #PropagandaWatch Read: How Americas Most Powerful News Media […]

Retired US Army general ‘spooks’ Trump out of attacking Iran: Politico

Retired four-star Army general Jack Keane “spooks” US President Donald Trump out of attacking Iran, according to a report.  Keane’s comments on the evening of June 20 regarding how to respond to Iran’s downing of a US drone dissuaded Trump from an Iran attack, according to sources close to the president. Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps shoots […]

Ideological Manipulation: Attacking Progressive Ideas and Policies, Misrepresenting Socialism

Capitalist ideology apparatuses (i.e. talk shows, cable news, think tanks, business press editorialists, etc.) have been gearing up in recent months, targeting new progressive ideas that have begun to emerge: medicare for all, modern money theory, green new deal, Socialism, etc.  Ideology defined here refers to purposeful manipulation and distortion of ideas in defense of […]

Trump Defies the Hawks, Backs Off Attacking Iran – But for How Long?

“God created war so that Americans would learn geography.” – Mark Twain Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire Last night we were told that President Donald Trump had approved US military strikes against Iran in retaliation for the downing of a surveillance drone.  Then he suddenly changed his mind and pulled back from the ledge. You […]

Tucker: How is Attacking Iran in America’s Interest?

Source Article from Related Posts ‘This is the path to civil war’: Tucker Carlson warns against escalating political rhetoric Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Trump 2020: POTUS Urged to Pick Tucker Carlson for Vice President Will President Trump replace VP Mike Pence with Tucker Carlson in 2020? Spectator USA certainly #Tucker […]

Louise Mensch gets Twitter-trounced after attacking presidential candidate for speaking with RT

Gravel, who is currently running for president, shared a clip from his appearance on RT’s Going Underground on Twitter, noting that he was “honored” to come on the show and discuss the US-backed coup in Venezuela. Mensch, who is British, apparently thought that the former Alaska senator’s performance was an affront to the crown – […]

Iran won’t be attacking American troops, despite US listing IRGC as terror group – top MP

Washington’s latest decision to include the elite Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) into the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations “shows that the Americans are backing terrorism,” Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, chairman of the parliament’s national security committee, told RIA Novosti. But it doesn’t mean that we are taking steps towards killing American soldiers Iranian leaders responded […]

Al Nusra terrorists suffer ‘heavy losses’ after attacking Syrian army in Idlib

     Militants from the Al-Nusra Front terror organization have attacked Syrian army positions in Idlib de-escalation zone near Abu-Duhur and Abu-Sharjah settlements. The terrorists’ offensive near Abu-Sharjah settlement was thwarted by Syrian Army’s fire and the terrorists withdrew to their original positions, the Russian Defence Ministry’s Reconciliation Centre for Syria reported. “Jabhat al-Nusra gangs have […]

Internet Trolls attacking the truth

Internet Trolls attacking the truth Public diplomacy in Israel, also known as Hasbara (Hebrew: הַסְבָּרָה‬), refers to public-relations efforts to disseminate positive information abroad about the State of Israel and its actions. The Israeli government and its supporters use the term to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Israel in the face of […]

Turkey will keep attacking PKK in Iraq, foreign ministry says

Turkey will keep striking Kurdish PKK fighters in northern Iraq, the foreign ministry said on Saturday, a day after Baghdad formally complained that repeated Turkish air strikes violated its sovereignty and endangered civilians, reports Reuters. The Turkish military said on Friday it killed eight Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants, prompting Iraqi authorities to summon […]

Mexico Wants “More Than 20 Billion” to Keep the Caravan from Attacking the Border

Octavio Rivera Daily Stormer November 28, 2018 He covers his face because he’s being persecuted by Serpent Jews From Outer Space and Voodoo Zombies. Mexico wants the U.S. to pay in order to keep the orcblin army entertained. AP: As Mexico wrestles with what to do with more than 5,000 Central American […]

Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

The Facts: Vaccines can trigger autoimmunity with a laundry list of diseases to follow. With harmful and toxic metals as some vaccine ingredients, who is susceptible and which individuals are more at risk? A new study shows what they do to our immune system. Reflect On: With so many scientists and publications emerging showing multiple […]

New Hampshire’s Top Police Chief Resigns After Attacking Own Son

Related Posts Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, resigns after making Deep State admissions in bizarre “Spygate” scandal twist (Natural News) The founder and now former CEO of, Patrick Byrne, Wyatt Detention Captain Resigns After Driving Truck Into Protesters Wyatt Detention Captain Resigns After Driving Truck Into Protesters Above: Shut down Wyatt […]

If China and Russia are Both Attacking You…

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 29, 2018 The US, China and Russia are the three most powerful countries in the world. Arguably, every other country is more or less irrelevant, all things being equal. So, if you are one of these three countries, what you probably do not want is the other […]

Israel will regret supporting terrorists, attacking Syria: Top Iranian security official

Press TV – Iran’s top security official warns Israel against keeping up its strikes on positions of the Syrian army and its allies in support of terror groups, saying the regime will be given a firm response if it fails to stop such acts of aggression. Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani made […]

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