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The Most Dangerous Deal in the World. Trump is attempting to avoid nuclear war by “solving” The Israeli–Palestinian conflict “.

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Kaine: Trump Is Attempting to ‘Overthrow the Government of the United States’

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) reacted Sunday on MSNBC’s “Weekends” to new audio from a one-hour phone call Saturday in which President Donald Trump asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to “find 11,780 votes.” Witt said, “What is your reaction to that audio? Does it raise legal questions?” Kaine said, “It does. It is shocking but […]

Maxine Waters: ‘Shocking’ Trump, Rep. Mo Brooks Attempting ‘Highest Form of Voter Suppression’

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s”The ReidOut” that Rep. Mo Brooks’ (R-AL) upcoming attempt to challenge the Electoral College and President Donald Trump lawsuits are attempts at the “highest form of voter suppression.” Reid asked, “You serve with Mo Brooks. You serve with some of the Republican members of the House. What do you make […]

Man arrested on suspicion of attempting to set Jerusalem church on fire

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YouTube Gets Brutally Ratioed After Attempting Woke Takedown Of Thanksgiving

The Democratic Mayor of Denver was caught violating his own COVID travel ordinance, getting on a plane to see family just 30 minutes after decreeing that people should not travel to visit their own relatives. “Pass the potatoes, not COVID,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock tweeted Wednesday, adding “Stay home as much as you can, especially […]

By Challenging Election Results ‘Dictator’ Trump Is ‘Attempting A Coup’ Says Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldeberg suffered another meltdown during Mondays episode of The View. Whoopi claimed that President Trump is “attempting a coup” by legally challenging the 2020 presidential election,. She said “This is what dictators do when they want to take a country away from its people”. Breitbart reports: Goldberg said, “There’s so much disinformation coming out […]

Two members of the far-right Boogaloo Bois arrested for attempting to support Hamas

Two members of the far-right Boogaloo Bois arrested for attempting to support Hamas – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement 00 Hits: 0

Official FBI files show a long history of ADL attempting to forge a working relationship providing fake investigators and snitches

Posted by Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, Israel Lobby Archive Documents The following files were obtained by Freedom of Information Act from the FBI.  Since the 1940s, the record reveals ADL attempting to liaise with the FBI by offering the ADL member network as an FBI resource. The details of this attempted collaboration by an […]

Video shows Israeli interrogators attempting to coerce confession from Ahed Tamimi

RAMALLAH, occupied West Bank — The family of Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian activist who was imprisoned in December for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier, released footage of the teenager’s interrogation during a press conference in Ramallah today. The released footage dates back to December 26, seven days after the teen was arrested by […]

East Ghouta Terrorists Attack Civilians Attempting To Leave Area, MSM Silent As Usual

By Brandon Turbeville For all the weeping and wailing of the mainstream media regarding East Ghouta and the hysteria over civilians in the terrorist-held areas being killed as a result of the operations to liberate the area, there is scarcely even scant mention of the civilians undeniably being targeted in Damascus by East […]

Henningsen: US ‘Squatting’ in Syria, Attempting to Manage NATO, Turkey, Kurds and Russia

The situation with NATO, Turkey and the Kurds in Syria is of central geopolitical importance for the United States. What’s at stake? In short, continued control and influence in Middle East affairs… Executive Editor of 21st Century Wire, Patrick Henningsen, speaks to RT International:   Partial transcript… PH: “Who’s going to manage this situation? Is […]

Milan police detain Gambian migrant for attempting to snatch cross from Christmas tree

A 21-year-old man from the Gambia was arrested by Italian police as he attempted to climb up the illuminated Christmas tree erected in Milan’s Piazza Duca d’Aosta on Friday, ANSA reported. Confronted by police about his odd behavior, the man had nothing to say other than “the tree is not good” while pointing to the cross, […]

Is it legal to covertly record your doctor? Make sure you understand the law before attempting it

(Natural News) In this day and age, it is possible to secretly record almost anyone, from police officers during traffic stops to professors at our colleges and universities. (Related: Google is secretly recording everything you search and say.) Small handheld devices such as the iPhone allow users to tape every single word that comes out […]

Former IT Staffer for Wasserman-Schultz Caught Attempting to Flee the Country, Charged with Bank Fraud

Congressional IT staffer Imran Awan was arrested on Tuesday evening at Dulles International Airport and charged with bank fraud. Awan has been accused of double-charging the House for IT equipment and exposing House info online. BREAKING: House staffer Imran Awan arrested at Dulles and charged with bank fraud, per @FOXNews.. Awan worked for @DWSTweets. #fox5dc […]

Texas Man Charged With Hate Crime For Mosque Fire, Attempting To Blow Up Car

25 year-old Marq Vincent Perez. A federal grand jury charged a South Texas man with a hate crime Thursday for allegedly setting fire to a mosque in January, adding to charges tied to his reported attempt to blow up a car. The grand jury indicted Marq Vincent Perez, 25, for a Jan. 28 burglary and […]

Attempting to see through the Comey fog

     Ex-FBI Director Comey released a statement ahead of his appearance before Congress, and it has heads spinning. I’ll tell you how things look through what I call the Persuasion Filter. There are several related stories swirling around the news that involve Russia, Trump, Trump’s campaign staff, and Comey. All together, the stories are beyond […]

Apollo Unleashes His Wrath on 44 Noggers Attempting to Reach Europe

Michael ByronDaily Stormer May 3, 2017 “Ten little nigger boys went out to dine; one met my arrow and now there are nine…” It can be difficult being a God. You co-created this beautiful planet and all the creatures within it, but you made one big mistake: you granted them Free Will. This […]

Lou Dobbs: Democrats Attempting Coup D’etat Against White House

Lou Dobbs has accused the Democrat party of attempting a coup d’etat against the Trump administration.  The Fox Business anchor has slammed the liberal media for blindly repeating Democrat demands for Trump’s impeachment based on dubious anonymously sourced leaks. reports: Meanwhile, during the 8 years of the scandal ridden Obama administration, former IRS head Lois Lerner […]

From Brandeis to Ginsburg, Jew Justices Have Been Bad for America and Good for the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes We really do need a constitutional amendment barring jews from public office. US Supreme Court Justices Louis Dembitz Brandeis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are prime examples as to why. Both of these biased, anti-American jews interfered heavily in American presidential politics in a very detrimental way. Frankist jew and vocal zionist Brandeis […]

Predictable – NATO summit closes by condemning Russia

     The issues that were discussed at this year’s NATO Summit were mainly preparations for a possible war against Russia. The two-day Summit in Warsaw, Poland ended on Saturday July 9th, with a 139-part “Warsaw Summit Communiqué” which used the word “terrorism” 17 times, “jihad” and “jihadist” and “jihadism” 0 (zero) times, and “Russia” 58 […]

#AusExit? Aussies ponder their future in Commonwealth after Brexit

The “AusExit” campaign, led by Australia’s republican movement, has surged in popularity since the UK’s decision to leave the EU in last week’s referendum. The republican movement calls for the removal of the British monarch as Australia’s head of state and elimination of the Union Jack from the Australian flag. The benefits of remaining part […]

US Forces Under Curfew After Rape & Murder In Okinawa

US forces stationed in Japan’s Okinawa island will be put under a month-long curfew following the rape and murder of Japanese women. The US military in Japan said they will restrict all celebrations and off-base alcohol consumption for its servicemen in Okinawa after an employee was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman and a […]

US Forces Under Curfew After Rape & Murder In Okinawa

US forces stationed in Japan’s Okinawa island will be put under a month-long curfew following the rape and murder of Japanese women. The US military in Japan said they will restrict all celebrations and off-base alcohol consumption for its servicemen in Okinawa after an employee was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman and a […]

Iranian MPs call on President to react to US breaches of JCPOA

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A group of Iranian lawmakers called on President Hassan Rouhani to unequivocally react to recent anti-Tehran sanctions imposed by Washington, describing them as new breaches of the July 2015 nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and world powers (known as JCPOA). Washington’s imposition of new sanctions, repeated breaches of JCPOA provisions repeatedly, […]

The Melting Pot

Israel Zangwill is the jew who we can all thank for the introduction of the term ‘the melting pot’. Zangwill was a Zionist and territorialist who passionately fought for a Jewish homeland, born in London in 1864, he; graduated from the University of London in 1884 with honors in English, French, and Mental and Moral […]

Selected Articles: Global Economic Report. Who Will Benefit From the Chaos?

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The Police Killed A Hostage but Captured the Gunman? Only in a Police State

The police shot and killed Michael L. Funk on December 7th, 2015 when he escaped a hostage situation during an attempted robbery at Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah, Wisconsin. Many questions remain as to why Funk was shot by police but we know this much according to The Northwestern: Funk, also known as ML, was a regular at Eagle Nation Cycles, 206 Main […]

FDA uses ‘animal’ rule to approve anthrax vaccine for humans … You’re just an experimental animal to the vaccine industry

(NaturalNews) The FDA has dramatically expanded the permitted uses of the anthrax vaccine using a post-9/11 law known as the Bioterrorism Act of 2002. […]

Egyptian Journo Ismail Alexandrani investigated for hours, no charges known

Hanan Fayed (TCP) : Journalist Ismail Alexandrani has been referred to the prosecution in Cairo Tuesday after being taken into custody Sunday at Hurghada airport, according to his wife Khadeega Gaafar. Ismail Alexandrani – Blogspot Alexandrani is accompanied by renowned lawyer and 2012 presidential candidate Khaled Ali and other lawyers, but no news has emerged […]

This Colorado County Aims To Fund Students’ College With Marijuana Taxes

Amanda Froelich | True Activist The public’s opinion on marijuana has dramatically transformed in recent years. As news has spread of the herb’s various benefits, more and more people have started supporting the recreational legalization of it. And why wouldn’t they? In one month, the state of Colorado sold $34 […]

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