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Global Stock Markets Crashing–What’s Next?-Audio

Global Stock Markets Crashing–What’s Next?-Audio Above Photo: Mike Cohen/Flickr Listen to my analysis of this week’s record collapse of US and global stock markets. What’s the impact on the global and US ‘real’ economy? Is the Recession here? (Globally yes, per Goldman Sachs research announced today). TO LISTEN TO MY SHOW GO TO: SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: […]

Epstein Court Documents, Video and Audio Files Published Online

By Aaron Kesel Documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein case in 2006-2008 have been officially published online for the public to review, reports the Sun-Sentinel. Dave Aronberg, a state attorney in Palm Beach, Florida, announced the new online portal filled with a treasure trove of documents, videos, and audio files concerning the 2006-2008 prosecution of the […]

"You’re Too Low" – Audio Offers Glimpse Into Final Moments Before Deadly Crash That Killed Kobe

The man said he thought to himself “this is awfully low” considering the hilly terrain. Shortly after, he heard the impact. “However the impact happened, it ended very, very quickly.” According to the Associated Press, investigators suspect that the chopper that was carrying Bryant and eight others likely crashed because of unfavorable weather […]

Skype audio graded by workers in China with ‘no security measures’

   A Microsoft programme to transcribe and vet audio from Skype and Cortana, its voice assistant, ran for years with “no security measures”, according to a former contractor who says he reviewed thousands of potentially sensitive recordings on his personal laptop from his home in Beijing over the two years he worked for the company. […]

New Audio Book: Commissary to the Gentiles, part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 14 December, 2019 by Kevin Alfred Strom Listen to the broadcast TODAY we present the second and concluding part of “Commissary to the Gentiles” written by Jewish activist Marcus Eli Ravage in 1928. It is a most revealing piece. Ravage admits the Jewish role in radically changing the spiritual outlook […]

Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests

Jake Johnson, Common Dreams Waking Times As a growing number of states move to pass laws that would criminalize pipeline protests and hit demonstrators with years in prison, an audio recording obtained by The Intercept showed a representative of a powerful oil and gas lobbying group bragging about the industry’s success in crafting anti-protest legislation behind closed doors. Speaking during a […]

Leaked Audio: NY Times Editor Tells Staff to Ditch ‘Russia Collusion’ and Focus on Trump’s ‘Racism’

New York Times editor Dean Baquet has instructed staff to ditch the Russian collusion propaganda and start focussing on President Trump’s “racism” instead, according to a leaked audio recording. The audio was leaked to Slate Magazine, which published a transcript Thursday. During a town hall, Baquet congratulated staff for winning two Pulitzer Prices on the […]

Google Admits “Home” Smart Device Is Listening To Your Recorded Audio

By John Vibes As smart devices have become ubiquitous in our lives, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the privacy implications of the technology. In the past, tech companies like Google have insisted that their smart devices are not a threat to your privacy, but as it becomes more obvious how intrusive this technology can […]

Latest Amazon Privacy Invasion Granted User Access to 1,700 Audio Files From Another Account

December 21, 2018 By Nicholas West Artificial intelligence is not in full control just yet. Lurking behind the algorithms contained in Amazon’s smart home tech device, Alexa, are humans capable of making mistakes. One user in Germany found out the hard way according to a new report by Reuters. The customer had asked to listen […]

Chilling quotes from alleged Khashoggi murder audio tape revealed

The Washington Post columnist is heard demanding to be freed: Release my arm! What do you think you are doing? Habertürk newspaper, citing security sources, released the gruesome quotes on Monday. The paper alleges the recordings show that the journalist was seized by the Saudi squad right after he entered the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul […]

‘Appalling’ Khashoggi audio shocked Saudi intelligence – Erdoğan

The Guardian – Turkish president keeps up pressure on Saudi crown prince, as pro-government paper publishes x-rays of hit team’s luggage Audio evidence related to the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi contains appalling details of the crime, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has said, as he continues to pile pressure on the Saudi […]

Moment WWI’s guns fell silent captured on striking 100yo AUDIO

Made near the River Moselle, which flows through France, Luxembourg, and Germany, the recording documents the moments leading up to the war’s official end, at 11 am on November 11, 1918. The audio begins with loud gunfire and explosions, followed by an abrupt but undoubtedly welcomed silence after the clock struck 11. The aged recording, […]

Blackstone Intelligence Network: Gruesome Audio Tape Details Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Blackstone Intelligence Network: Gruesome Audio Tape Details Murder of Jamal Khashoggi Blackstone Intelligence Jamal #Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey but never came out. At least not alive – or in one piece… according to Turkish officials who say they have audio and video evidence that a 15 member Saudi assassination team killed […]

#Khashoggi -VT Sources: Trump, Pompeo Have Had Murder Audio for 4 Days and Lied and Lied and Lied

Donald Trump says the US has asked Turkey for an audio recording of Jamal Khashoggi’s death which reportedly proves he was brutally tortured before his premeditated murder inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials said the audio recording had been handed over to the US and Saudi Arabia. But on Wednesday, Trump told reporters: […]

Science allows us to hear Antarctica’s haunting ice song for the 1st time (AUDIO)

“We discovered that the shelf nearly continuously sings at frequencies of five or more cycles per second, excited by local and regional winds blowing across its snow dune‐like topography,”the authors explain in a press release. The recording below is sped up 1,200 times so we can get a rough idea of how this natural ‘ice song’ […]

Turks tell U.S. officials they have audio and video recordings that support conclusion Khashoggi was killed

The Washington Post – The Turkish government has told U.S. officials that it has audio and video recordings that prove Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul this month, according to U.S. and Turkish officials. The recordings show that a Saudi security team detained Khashoggi in the consulate after […]

Leaked Audio Proves Democrats Are Lying About Bussing In Protestors

Leaked audio proves that socialist activists from New York City are being bussed around the state to campaign in conservative parts of New York State, despite denials by the Democrats.  Socialist volunteers were bused up to New York’s 19th Congressional District on Saturday to volunteer for Democratic nominee Antonio Delgado’s campaign, but leaked audio proves […]

EPA Whistleblower Exposes the Ongoing Geoengineering Omnicide (AUDIO)

September 3, 2018 Op-Ed by Peter A. Kirby We have passed another major turning point in our noble anti-geoengineering movement. Chalk up another huge ‘W’ for Dane Wigington at The man is on a tear. On the 16th of last month, Dane published an interview with a retired U.S. Air […]

Audio Recording Reveals DNC Boss Ordering Candidate To Quit Primaries “Or Else”

A secret audio recording reveals Minority Leader Steny Hoyer threatening a progressive candidate to quit running in the 2016 primaries, or face severe repercussions from the party. The recording, leaked by a candidate for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District to The Intercept, reveals how the Democratic Party resorts to intimidation and corruption to ensure its favoured […]

40Hz Audio and Visual Stimuli and Alzheimer’s

40Hz Audio and Visual Stimuli and Alzheimer’s March 2nd, 2018 Via: Nature: In March 2015, Li-Huei Tsai set up a tiny disco for some of the mice in her laboratory. For an hour each day, she placed them in a box lit only by […]

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