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Designer Babies: Brave New World Fulfilled

From diaphragms for married couples, to paid surrogates, to frozen embryos, no legal lines are held in a modern world of birthing processes. In less than one generation, humanity has moved from demanding “sex without children” to “children without sex”, and this shift is only set to increase. Could reproductive technologies be assisting humanity’s move […]

Liberal Journalist Says She’d Still ‘Vote for Biden If He Boiled Babies and Ate Them’

A liberal journalist has declared she would still “vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them” because “taking back the White House is that important.” Katha Pollitt, a long-time essayist and columnist for The Nation, a left-wing publication, made the radical statement in her disturbing May 20 article, “We should Take Women’s Accusations Seriously. […]

CONFIRMED: Coronavirus vaccines will contain aborted human babies

(Natural News) Pro-lifers everywhere had better think long and hard about what they plan to do in the event that state or local governments try to mandate vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) once a jab is commercially released because chances are those syringes will contain the remnants of aborted babies. Even […]

DOZENS of babies born to Ukrainian surrogate mothers left stranded in Kiev hotel due to Covid-19

The news, broken by a handful of local media outlets, revolves around a video appeal issued by Biotexcom, which describes itself as a “center for human reproduction.” It shows 46 newborn babies lying in their cradles at a hotel called ‘Venice’ or being taken care of by the clinical staff. Foster parents, the clinic lamented, […]

Mother Dog Thought She’d Never See Her Babies Again Until Worker Pulled Them Out

A mother dog named Cora was left heartbroken after her cruel owner surrendered her at the Marin Humane Society shelter in Novato, Calif, but kept her puppies. The staff could see from her behavior and her sad eyes that she missed her little ones dearly. Dog mothers, just like humans, develop maternal instinct for looking […]

West Virginia Bans Killing Babies That Survive Abortion – ‘Unbelievable We Have To Do This’

West Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Justice has signed legislation banning the killing of babies who survive abortions. Calling it “unbelievable, to tell you the truth, that we have to do such a thing,” Justice declared that “today we’re going to put a stake in the sand that says for us, for us at least we […]

NFL Star Tim Tebow: Saving Babies From Abortion ‘Means A Lot More Than Winning Super Bowls’

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow told an audience in Kansas that saving babies from abortion means “a lot more than winning Super Bowls.“ Tebow, who won the Heisman trophy as a quarterback for the Florida Gators back in 2007, spoke at a Kansans For Life event and told the crowd that doctors told his mother, […]

UK: Woman “Professor” Says Making Babies is “The Worst Thing You Can Do” to the Climate

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer February 20, 2020 See this woman? Take a good look at her. She’s what’s nowadays called a professor. You must respect professors, because being a professor is not something that can be accomplished by everybody. Breitbart: Giving birth to a child is “the worst thing you can do” […]

Farmers Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They See Cow’s Babies

The Beldo family of Sebeka, Minnesota, were over the moon with the news of their daughter giving birth to a baby girl. They didn’t think twice before they went to see their granddaughter. But what they didn’t know was that more great news were awaiting for them back home. Namely, one of Chuck and Deb’s […]

Rottweiler Goes into Labor as Expected, but the Babies Keep On Coming

Jessie the Rottweiler was expecting puppies and the whole family was over the moon when they heard the great news. Her human mommy, Eleanor Usher, was the most excited of all. The mommy-to-be had regular check ups at the vet’s who told them how Jessie was carrying six to eight puppies. But the truth was […]

INSANE: Midwife Gets Charged with 95 Felonies by State of New York for Delivering Babies

A midwife is facing life in prison and being charged with an astounding 95 felonies for delivering babies against government regulations in the state of New York. The case has serious ramifications for religious freedom as well, since midwife Elizabeth Catlin is a Mennonite and provides birthing services for people who share her religious […]

Families of kidnapped Mizrahi babies are having a #MeToo moment

Over the last two years, the #MeToo movement has given the world a compelling example of the power of group narratives. The power to highlight and connect survivors’ stories has driven the efforts of the movement and its leader, Tarana Burke, to end sexual violence and dismantle male-dominated power structures. The awareness that women are […]

Stray mother dog lost her legs cares for her homeless babies

It is known that animals are flexible, and they always try to adapt to their environment. That leads us to an important point, which is that there are millions of homeless poor dogs in this life struggle daily to find water, food and a place to sleep in. This story is one of them. A […]

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram?

The only children in the restaurant are the musicians. In other words, children are the “entertainment”. Source Article from Hits: 23

‘Pedophile dad caught with scores of clips of babies being raped’ is freed from jail

   A suspected pedophile father caught with over 1,000 child abuse videos including clips of babies in diapers being raped has been freed on bail. Trevor Fraley, 24, posted $500,000 bond Monday, despite sheriff Richard Jones, from Butler County in Ohio branding the child sex abuse material ‘the most terrible thing I have ever seen.’ […]

Antacids interfere with calcium absorption: Babies given antacids in their first year of life are more likely to have a bone fracture later in childhood

(Natural News) It’s becoming increasingly clear just how much antacids can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb calcium, and recent research shows that this isn’t just a problem you need to worry about as you get older. A study published in Pediatrics has found that babies who are given antacids during […]

UN Peacekeepers Raped Hundreds of Kids in Haiti Who’s Babies Were Then Abandoned

Peacekeepers of the United Nations had hundreds of babies with underage girls in Haiti before they were swiftly abandoned, a new report claims. The study into the UN mission in Haiti said girls as young as 11 were left pregnant after being raped by UN officials. Some of the girls were traded for “a few […]

UN Peacekeepers Fathered Hundreds of Babies With Girls in Haiti as Young as 11

By Darius Shahtahmasebi United Nations (UN) peacekeepers charged with protecting disaster-struck Haiti have fathered hundreds of babies with local women and girls before leaving them behind in poverty, according to a new study. A paper published by the University of Birmingham’s Sabine Lee and Queen’s University’s Susan Bartels describes the experience of those people living […]

South Park mocks transgender athletes and PC babies throw a tantrum confirming LEFT can’t satire

The seventh episode of its 23rd season got off to an uproarious start by immediately making fun of politically correct outrage whiners with the aptly named ‘PC Babies,’ before setting its sights on the current debate surrounding biological men competing in women’s sports.  I heard today that South Park made yet another anti-trans episode. I […]

Happy Babies Become Happy – and Successful – Adults, Study Shows

November 14th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World A study published in Emotion, the American Psychology Association’s peer-reviewed journal,  indicates that those who experience greater happiness during childhood are more likely to be successful as adults. The author of the study, John K. Coffey II, is an assistant professor of psychology […]

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