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U.S.-backed coup Deposes Evo Morales in Bolivia

Update by Workers World As of 4 p.m. EDT on Nov. 10, President Evo Morales has resigned his office in Bolivia, pushed out by a counterrevolutionary coup d’état backed by Washington. After part of the police force joined the counterrevolutionary gangs and the heads of the Armed Forces advised him to resign, Morales took this step […]

“Terrorizing the Populace”: Report Finds CIA-Backed Death Squads in Afghanistan Committing War Crimes, Atrocities

October 31, 2019 By Eoin Higgins CIA-backed death squads in Afghanistan have committed a number of human rights violations over the last year, a Human Rights Watch report found Thursday, and the militant groups are likely to be the lasting legacy of the U.S. war in the country. “They do counterinsurgency the old-fashioned way,” tweeted […]

A CIA-Backed Militia Targeted Clinics in Afghanistan, Killing Medical Workers and Civilians

On the night of March 8, 2019, four staffers at a Swedish-run health clinic in Afghanistan’s Wardak Province ate together, talked around a thermos of tea, and bedded down for the night in the guard’s room. They were awakened some time later by the thump of helicopter rotors followed by distant explosions echoing […]

CIA-backed Forces Carried Out ‘Summary Executions’ in Afghanistan

Afghan forces backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been carrying out summary executions, abducting individuals and attacking healthcare facilities, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). In a report published on Thursday, the NGO said it had identified 14 incidents between late 2017 and mid-2019, some of which it said amounted to war crimes, […]

Demonstrations Escalate in Haiti Demanding the Resignation of Washington-backed Regime

A new round of popular unrest in Haiti on October 27 has left two people dead and many others injured. On October 25 and 27, the embassies of France and Canada were firebombed by angry crowds. Since August the rising price of fuel sparked protests calling for economic relief and the immediate resignation of President […]

Sikh Workers At Mafia-Backed Italian "Slave Farms" Are Starting To Fight Back

Sikh workers at mafia-backed “slave farms” in Italy are starting to speak out, according to a new article by The Times UK.  One worker who spoke to The Times and went by the name Ranju, said that he came close to suicide when he was forced to “drink from the cattle trough and eat scraps […]

Iran says it nabs exiled opponent ‘directed by French intel,’ backed by Israel

TEHRAN — Iran has arrested an opposition figure who had been “directed by France’s intelligence service” and he is now in custody in the Islamic republic, the Revolutionary Guards said on Monday. Ruhollah Zam, who ran a “counter-revolutionary” Telegram channel, was detained in a “sophisticated and professional operation” by the Guards’ intelligence organization, the elite […]

US sanctions on Iran-backed Hezbollah deepen Lebanon’s economic crisis

BEIRUT — The conflict between Iran and the US that has created tensions throughout much of the Middle East is now also being felt in Lebanon, where Washington has slapped sanctions on Iran-backed Hezbollah and warned they could soon expand to its allies, further deepening the tiny Arab country’s economic crisis. The Trump administration has […]

6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives Backed by Clinical Research

Sayer Ji, GreenMedinfo Waking Times People generally think that over-the-counter drugs are safer than physician-prescribed ones. Unfortunately that does not hold true for drugs like ibuprofen, consumed at a rate of billions of doses, annually, and responsible for thousands of cardiovascular disease-related deaths each year. Did you know that Merck’s blockbuster drug Vioxx caused more than […]

Western-backed Hong Kong protest poster-boy Joshua Wong to run for local office

The 22-year-old activist announced his plans on Saturday to run in the local election, set for November. His statement coincided with the anniversary of the 2014 mass protests in Hong Kong, China’s self-governing territory, in which Wong had also participated. “Five years ago, we claimed that we will be back and now we are back […]

Bomb-plotting extremist American soldier tried to join US-backed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine

A far-right US soldier arrested by the FBI for plotting domestic bomb attacks sought to join Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which was directly armed and advised by the American government A far-right soldier in the United States Army has been arrested by the FBI for plotting bomb attacks targeting American media outlets […]

Kremlin-backed candidate claims victory in Georgia separatist poll

The Kremlin-backed leader of Georgia’s separatist region of Abhkhazia has claimed victory in a disputed election denounced by the central government and the West as illegal. Over Raul Khajimba’s five years as leader, the tiny Black Sea enclave has sought ever closer ties with Russia — one of only a handful of countries to […]

Barak says passage of Likud-backed Camera Bill would mark ‘the end of democracy’

A chorus of opposition politicians on Saturday criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ruling Likud party for seeking to rush through legislation before elections on September 17 that would allow observers from political parties to bring cameras into polling stations. The so-called Camera Bill is opposed by the Central Elections Committee and Attorney General […]

How CIA-Backed Palantir Is Helping Police Root Out “Thought Crimes”

By Tyler Durden Palantir’s technology was developed in warzones like Fallujah, where it was used to anticipate roadside bombs and attacks by insurgents. Now, it’s being used on the streets of Los Angeles to root out criminals like something straight out of the movie Minority Report. Unsurprisingly, the privately-held tech firm is backed by the […]

National-Security Concerns Threaten Undersea Data Link Backed by Google, Facebook

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts Coralling Trump and BoJo: US Senators threaten to block […]

I am a fan but I disagree. E. Michael Jones: “Donald Trump Has Backed Himself into a Corner” (Press TV)

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts #Trump #Democrats I’m “Pretty Sure” Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020 (pt. 2: Achievements) Source Article from #Trump #Democrats I’m “Pretty Sure” Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020 (pt 1: Optics) Source Article from Nikki Haley Claims Top Trump Aides Tried To Recruit […]

40 civilians killed as Saudi-led coalition fights UAE-backed ex-allies in Yemeni port – UN

As many as 40 civilians have been killed and 260 others injured in Aden, a large port in southern Yemen, since last Thursday, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator reported on Sunday citing preliminary reports. Lise Grande said it was “heart-breaking that during Eid al-Adha, families are mourning the deaths of their loved ones instead of celebrating […]

US-backed Opposition in Thailand Exposed After Recent Bombings

Tony Cartalucci 21st Century Wire Several small bombs detonated across Bangkok on Friday, August 2, amid a meeting between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) the US, China, and Russia. There were several injuries reported, but no deaths. Despite a Western media deliberately feigning confusion over motives and possible suspects while attempting to depict […]

Nasrallah: US-backed Axis Defeated, We Have Enough Missiles to Redraw the Map of the Middle East

—- Transcript: […] Another element indicating (the improbability of a war against Iran) is the field data, and I mean the (triple) Summit which I have just mentioned. And we are now entering the (4th section of my speech devoted to the triple) Arab Summit (in Mecca on May 30-June 1). The Summit was convened […]

Venezuelans ‘Impatient’ as US-Backed Guaidó Coup Continues to Flounder

Support for the Guaidó coup continues to dry up, and its credibility has taken a serious hit in recent weeks… reports… In late April, Juan Guaido launched an attempted coup in Venezuela, one which the US figured would be an easy success to sweep him into power after months of insisting he was the […]

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