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A 400-year old ship has been found in the Baltic Sea

Divers from Finland have accidentally uncovered a 400-year-old ship in the Baltic Sea. It was found just 85 meters below the surface with only minor damage caused by a collision with a fishing trawler, which damaged its deck, masts and bow. But other than that, the hull is almost intact, with only a few planks […]

Russian jet intercepts American Navy surveillance plane over the Baltic Sea

     A Russian SU-27 jet flew close – reportedly within 20 feet – to a U.S. Navy plane over the Baltic Sea on Tuesday. While the maneuver was deemed safe, it was criticized as “unprofessional” by two defense officials who spoke with CNN. What’s the background? The Russian SU-27 is a one-man fighter plane. It […]

Bizarre ‘Spider Stones’ Found at Site of Neolithic Sun-Worshipers on Baltic Island Bornholm

Strangely marked stones and other artifacts unearthed on the island of Bornholm in Denmark have raised new mysteries about a Neolithic sun-worshipping religion centered there about 5,000 years ago. The new finds include “spider stones,” inscribed with pattern like a spider’s web, and a piece of copper from a time when the metal could not […]

Chinese military vessels enter Russia’s Baltic for 1st time as joint drills kick off

As the Chinese ships entered the Russian sea port of Baltiysk on Friday, the first phase began, with the active phase commencing on July 24. While the Baltic stage of the exercises is set to last through July 28, the second phase of the Joint Sea maneuvers will be held in the Russian Far East, […]

Increasing tensions: NATO stages first-ever war games in Baltic ‘weak spot’ to defend from ‘Russia threat’

     British, Polish, American and Lithuanian troops took part in military exercises in the Suwalki Gap on the border between Poland and Lithuania, “protecting” NATO’s soft spot from the “Russian threat” for the very first time. Some 1,500 NATO troops participated in the war games in the Suwalki Gap over the weekend, alongside US helicopters […]

NATO stages 1st-ever war games in Baltic ‘weak spot’ to defend from ‘Russia threat’ (PHOTOS)

Some 1,500 NATO troops participated in the war games in the Suwalki Gap over the weekend, alongside US helicopters and British aircraft, training to protect the area from alleged “aggression.” The Gap is a small 104km patch of land on the border with Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, as well as the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. […]

Russian fighter jet intercepts 2 US bombers over Baltic Sea (PHOTOS)

According to Pentagon officials, the Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker military refueling aircraft accompanied by two B-1 bombers and one B-52 during the BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) annual training exercise, which started on Saturday. Pictures released by the US Department of Defense show the jet flying alongside the American warplanes. Officials said the […]

Russian Su-27 intercepts US B-52 bomber over Baltic – Moscow

Russia’s air defense detected the aircraft on Tuesday morning at around 7:00 GMT, the statement said. The Su-27 of the Russian Baltic Fleet was deployed in response and shadowed the American aircraft after identifying it, as the bomber was flying in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea along the border, the ministry said. NATO kicks […]

NATO kicks off new round of Baltic drills to combat imaginary ‘Russian aggression’

     As the Baltic states, in concert with NATO, wraps up its previous cycle of military exercises close to Russia’s borders, the alliance has kicked off its so-called Saber Strike 17 drills in multiple locations throughout Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Leaders of the NATO military bloc agreed to deploy four multinational battalions to Poland […]

‘Honey traps’ at bars & other Russian threats to Baltic states (according to them)

Denmark is to send 200 of its troops to Estonia later this year as part of NATO’s confidence-boosting mission in the Baltic republic. The Danish Defense Intelligence Service (DDIS) has warned that the soldiers should be aware that Russian women could turn out to be spies who lure them into honey traps, while rowdy bar […]

Former Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon says he will run for prime minister: Zio-Watch, June 18-19, 2016

An Iron Dome Missile Defense battery firing near the Southern israeli town of Ashdod, July 16, 2014. (Miriam Alster/Flash90) WASHINGTON (JTA) — Despite President Barack Obama’s veto threat, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $576 billion defense appropriations bill, including an allocation of $635 million for Israel’s missile defense program. Thursday’s vote on the […]

Labour MP Jo Cox Critically Ill After Being Shot & Stabbed In Leeds

Labour MP Jo Cox is fighting for her life after being shot and stabbed near her constituency in Leeds. She was ‘shot three times and stabbed with foot-long knife’ and, according to witnesses, the 41 year old mother of two was left lying in blood on pavement. The attacker allegedly screamed ‘Britain First’ as he […]

‘Beyond good & evil’: Russian FM spokeswoman slams homophobic comments on Orlando massacre

The homophobic reactions justifying the actions of the shooter by the victims’ sexual orientation are “simply disgusting,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in an emotional Facebook post. “Such elaborations are beyond good and evil.” She likened such comments to justifying “shooting children with developmental problems” by saying as an excuse that “they are […]


RSPCA HAS FAILED AGAIN: BECKY FRANCIS. Image: Becky Francis, Sheffield, Great Britain.  RSPCA FAILS AGAIN: BECKY FRANCIS EXPOSED February 4th of 2016 a young teenage woman identified as Miss Tiegan Oates from Sheffield, Great Britain recorded a savage act of animal abuse on her mobile cell phone. The woman in that video (seen below) is identified as […]

Cops and prison groups in California are fighting the hardest against marijuana legalization because of the revenue stream they’ll lose

     Roughly half of the money raised to oppose a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in California is coming from police and prison guard groups, terrified that they might lose the revenue streams to which they have become so deeply addicted. Drug war money has become a notable source of funding for law enforcement […]

Peace on ice? Syrian opposition accuses UN of ‘bias,’ suspends Geneva talks

READ MORE: CIA ‘Plan B’ for Syria would give rebels MANPADs to ‘counter Russia’ – report Accusing Bashar Assad’s forces of violating a Russia-US-brokered truce that has been in place since the end of February and blocking humanitarian access to besieged areas, the opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) said it was “absurd” to continue negotiations. […]

The Beast Is On The Loose In Iraq

An Iraqi tank nicknamed “The Beast” is loose on the battlefields of Iraq, tearing down the countryside, looking for ISIS fighters, in the western city of Hit. A Twitter post on the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service’s account shows The Beast obliterating an ISIS car loaded with explosives. The Daily Caller reports: The ISIS car was approaching ICTS […]

Dramatic CCTV footage of Ankara blast shows fire raining down as people flee (VIDEO)

The attack was carried out near the Turkish capital’s main square, injuring 125 people. According to Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu, 19 people out of the 71 currently receiving treatment in hospital are in a serious condition.   The blast, which could be heard several kilometers away, appears to have been triggered by a car exploding […]

3,600 Year Old Bible Predicts Impending Cataclysms Worldwide

A 3,600 year old Bible warns humanity of future disasters that are set to occur, as well as past events that have already taken place.  The Kolbrin is the first Judaic-Christian book that unites events described in the currently accepted version of the Bible. This version of the Bible speaks of events from different periods of […]

US & India mull over ‘joint patrols’ in South China Sea — report

A US defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said in an exclusive interview with Reuters that India (which has a long-running land border dispute with China) and Washington had thoroughly discussed joint patrols, adding that they hoped to launch them within the year. The patrols would likely be in the Indian Ocean, where […]

An Expression of Gratitude, a Brief Rant, and Info Exchanged Worldwide

Hi everyone, this is my first share. I must mention in advance that this is more out of expression than anything else. I have seen wonderful work on this page that has taught me things that I never knew. Thank you and keep it coming. I cannot express myself enough as to how greatful I […]

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