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Trump Offers Talks to Iran… Down Barrel Of Gun

Trump Offers Talks to Iran… Down Barrel Of Gun US President Donald Trump again reiterated an offer of talks to Iran this week as the two countries teeter on the brink of war. Trump says he is open to dialogue with Iranian leaders – in spite of his repeated threats to bomb the country, and […]

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises $4.35 per barrel in April: OPEC

MNA – Iranian heavy oil price increased $4.35, according to OPEC’s latest monthly report to reach $68.5 in April. As the same report confirmed, the average price of Iranian crude oil in 2017, stood at $49.60 per barrel and in 2018 at $64.25 per barrel. In the first four months of 2019, the prices hovered […]

71 yo Frenchman embarks on journey across Atlantic… in a barrel

Savin hopes to reach the Caribbean in three months, relying on only the ocean’s currents to get him there. “The weather is great — I’ve got a swell of one metre and I’m moving at two or three kilometres an hour,” he told AFP. “For the time being, my capsule is behaving very, very well […]

OPEC deal could push oil to $80 per barrel – analyst tells RT

The deal between OPEC’s 15 member states and allied states led by Russia was reached at a meeting between OPEC and global oil producers in Vienna, Austria on Friday. Under the agreement, global crude oil output will be slashed by 1.2 million barrels per day (bpd) for the first six months of 2019. ‘), link: […]

Cutting output by even 1 barrel is ‘a red line’ for Iran, oil minister says

CNBC – Iran is refusing to cut its oil production at the latest OPEC meeting, saying it is a “red line” for the Islamic Republic. “It’s a red line for Iran to reduce its production, to contribute to a new cut in production. Iran hasn’t produced any more oil in the previous months and it’s […]

Like shooting fish in a barrel, genocidal jews bombard southern Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes bombard southern Gaza Strip An explosion is seen in northern Gaza City after an airstrike carried out by an Israeli warplane on June 20, 2018. (Photo by AFP) Israeli warplanes have carried out a number of airstrikes against the southern part of the Gaza Strip, as the Tel Aviv regime continues with its acts […]

Iran furious after Trump calls Saudi King requesting 2m barrel oil production boost

     As expected, it did not take long for Iran – which has the most to lose from any Saudi output hike which would not only send the price of oil lower but also allow Riyadh to capture Iran’s sanctioned market share – to respond, and moments ago Bloomberg reported that in an interview with […]

Cold War fun: Pilot reveals Soviet bomber crews asked US jets to barrel-roll & took pics (PHOTO)

The picture was published by the popular military aviation blog The Aviationist on December 4 as an illustration of how the definition of recklessness has changed since the Cold War. Maneuvers like barrel rolls or aggressive turns during interception missions are now usually branded by the Pentagon as “unprofessional” or “unsafe” if performed by Russian […]

How do you like your bombs, Barrel or steel?

The Barrel Bomb Conundrum By Craig Murray “Information Clearing House” –  Virtually every mainstream media article or broadcast on the United States aerial massacre of Syrian government troops, manages to work in a reference to barrel bombs as though this in some way justifies or mitigates the US action. It is a fascinating example of […]

New Obamacare Mental Health Policies Can Take Your Gun and Put You In a FEMA Camp

  There is an ongoing battle for the psychological health and welfare of America’s children and eventually all Americans. Since 2002, the government has been intent on testing millions for mental illness. This obsession even extends to our veterans as they return from combat and leave the service. The veterans […]

Big Banks Brace for Oil Loans to Implode

Big Banks Brace for Oil Loans to Implode January 18th, 2016 Via: CNN: Big banks are cringing as crude oil is crumbling. Firms on Wall Street helped bankroll America’s energy boom, financing very expensive drilling projects that ended up flooding the world with oil. […]

Mugabe and the White African

Michael Campbell is one of the few hundred white farmers left in Zimbabwe since President Robert Mugabe began his violent land seizure program in 2000. Since then the country has descended into chaos, the economy brought to its knees by the reallocation of formerly white-owned farms to ZANU-PF friends and officials with no knowledge, […]

Food scarcity and riots on the way

     The most frequently I asked questions I get are (1) what will be the next false flag; and, (2) when will it happen? It is a fools errand to attempt to answer the second question. However, the answer to the first question is painfully obvious. The economy is $19 trillion dollars in debt, we […]

Bligh staring down the barrel of defeat

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is staring down the barrel of a heavy defeat at the next state election, the latest Newspoll shows. Support for Ms Bligh’s Labor party has fallen to almost half the levels currently enjoyed by the Liberal National Party. The Newspoll, published in Wednesday’s The Australian, shows Labor’s primary vote at 27 […]

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