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Faith-Based Peace Activists, Facing 25-Year Sentence, Defend Disarmament Action At Nuclear Submarine Base

“I would argue our communal criminal history has been all about upholding the basic tenets of love and providing for the common good.” Advocates for seven faith-based peace activists are calling on the public to support the group as they fight federal charges and a potential 25-year prison sentence for disarming a nuclear submarine base. […]

Lead-Based Paint Found In Half Of All Inspected Schools

Lead-Based Paint Found In Half Of All Inspected Schools Above Photo: Lead-based paint is being found in roughly half of schools that do inspections, a federal report reveals. Carlos Osario/AP With all the emphasis that has been placed on making sure children are safe from the hazards of lead-based paint at home, similar efforts would seem just as […]

Not just toxic masculinity: Militarism also feeds gender-based violence

In a society dominated by male hierarchies, violence is not only a pervasive symptom but a defining feature — especially for Palestinian women.  Palestinian women cross the Qalandiya checkpoint outside Ramallah, West Bank, into Jerusalem to attend the first Friday of Ramadan prayers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, July 12, 2013. ( The Israeli […]

Cell Based Meat, Grown in a Lab! No Slaughter Necessary

What is lab grown meat made from? A growing number of startups are producing meat in a lab, sparing animals from slaughter. They want to bring cell-based beef, poultry, pork and fish to your plate. But they face scrutiny from consumers, regulators and food-safety advocates. Can we say …..Yummy? Via Associated Press: <!– […]

Dandruff Problems? Natural, Evidence-Based Solutions You’ve Probably Not Heard About

July 8th, 2019 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Originally published at and reproduced here with permission. Have you ever looked down at your clothes and noticed the embarrassing, tell-tale signs of a flaking scalp? If so, you’re not alone—dandruff affects one in five people in the United States. But it’s important to understand […]

Activists Shut Down UK-Based Israeli Arms Factories ‘In Solidarity With Palestinian People’

Activists Shut Down UK-Based Israeli Arms Factories ‘In Solidarity With Palestinian People’ Above Photo: via Block the Factory On 1 July, activists closed down two Israeli-owned arms factories in the UK. The protesters took this action “in solidarity with the Palestinian people“. “Elbit kills for profit” In the early hours, activists occupied the roof of arms manufacturer Elbit’s Ferranti factory in Oldham, […]

Exit Scam? Dublin-Based Exchange Bitsane Vanishes With Users’ Funds

Authored by Marie Huillet via, Ireland-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane has apparently vanished, taking as many as 246,000 users’ crypto deposits with it. The news was reported by Forbes on June 27. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph Launched in 2016, Dublin-registered Bitsane LP was formerly listed as one of Ripple’s approved exchanges — a January 2018 CNBC article had also pitched the exchange as an […]

Bernie Sanders: War with Iran Would Be “Based On A Lie”

A war with Iran would “be based on a lie” just like the US invasions of Vietnam and Iraq in the past, according to Bernie Sanders. The 2020 presidential hopeful also vowed to do whatever he could as an American senator to “stop the US attacking Iran.” Press TV reports: The Vermont lawmaker made the […]

Iran Claims to Have Busted Web-Based CIA ‘Spy Network’

“We have intelligence allies and we exchange information with them. Currently we are engaged in the battle of intelligence with the United States. In this battle we should use ours and our allies capabilities.” ‘“The CIA in an expansive espionage system designed a website and a special space for each of the spies,” it added, […]

The corruption of evidence based medicine : Killing for profit

   The idea of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is great. The reality, though, not so much. Human perception is often flawed, so the premise of EBM is to formally study medical treatments and there have certainly been some successes. Consider the procedure of angioplasty. Doctors insert a catheter into the blood vessels of the heart […]

Girls’ Romantic Ideal Based on Father

Most girls receive too little love from their fathers, and grow up to be insecure, distrustful of men and frigid, says Victoria Secunda, author of Women and their Fathers: The Sexual and Romantic Impact of the First Man in Your Life (1992). The result is failed marriages, broken families and a vicious circle of fatherlessness. […]

It looks like the Lavender Mafia had the Australian-based Calabrian Mafia set up Cardinal Pell with a false child abuse conviction.

  Cardinal George Pell leaves the appeals court in Melbourne (The Age/Nine News Australia screengrab)   Cardinal Pell & The Mafia By ROD DREHER The American Conservative I hear great news out of Australia, where Cardinal George Pell’s appeal on his child abuse conviction was heard by a court tribunal today. Daily Telegraph journalist Miranda Devine writes […]

Local Government Seizes Countless Kids Based On Falsified Drug Test Results

Instead of running a legitimate operation, Murrah pocketed the money, and faked the test results. Then she forged a doctor’s signature to certify the results. The only reason Murrah was ever caught is because an innocent woman who failed a drug test tracked down the doctor to ask him about the results. […]

Hoard of the rings: Novel type of Bronze Age cereal-based product discovered

   Strange ring-shaped objects in a Bronze Age hillfort site represent a unique form of cereal-based product, according to a study published June 5, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Andreas G. Heiss of the Austrian Archaeological Institute (ÖAW-ÖAI) and colleagues. Agricultural practices are well known in the archaeological record, but less understood […]

LEGO Launched a Fully Functioning Wind Turbine Made From Plant-Based Bricks

Containing 826 pieces that make up a 3-foot tall wind turbine, with a working motor, replaceable blades, and battery box, LEGO has put in a lot of effort into this. Plus, they have also put in a tiny house beside the wind turbine, coupling that with two mini LEGOmen, and a LEGOdog. All these […]

Why Fantasy-Based Claims Always Crash & Burn: The Big Picture About UFOs & Extraterrestrials

The Facts: A number of scientists, doctors and published peer reviewed research have clearly shown the health effects of EMF radiation. So why is it being ridicule by the mainstream? Why does it continued to go ignored? Reflect On: How are these technologies able to be approved without any safety . testing, what’s going on […]

NSA Bolton Conspires With Israel to Trigger War with Iran Based on False Flags

  U.S. National Security Advisor, Ambassador John Bolton meets The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu for dinner at the Prime Minister’s Residence, in Jerusalem, August 2018. (U.S. Embassy/public domain)   Do Iranian ‘Threats’ Signal Organized U.S.-Israel Subterfuge? The intel they’ve provided is thin, the origins murky and suspect—haven’t we heard this story before? By […]

Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to influence politics in West Africa

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Facebook on Thursday said it banned an Israeli company that that was engaging in what it calls “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” which is the company’s broad phrase for election interference and other forms of public manipulation via news and social media, directed primarily at West African countries. Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity […]

All U.S. Wars Are Unprovoked Wars of Naked Aggression Based on Lies and False Flag Attacks

    THE ONE ARTICLE YOU NEED TO PROVE CURRENT US WARS ARE LIE-STARTED WARS OF AGGRESSION NOT EVEN CLOSE TO LAWFUL SELF-DEFENSE, WAR-MURDER MILLIONS, LOOT TRILLIONS, AND REQUIRE YOUR VOICE FOR .01% ARRESTS by Carl Herman People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three  times more dangerous than […]

Investigation Shows The MMR Vaccine Was Approved Based On Small Studies Showing Disturbing Results

The Facts: In light of recent events in Venezuela Wikileaks published a revealing document that highlights the fact that financial institutions are not independent, that they are owned by, and in turn own/work together with the US government to fulfill agendas. Reflect On: The secrecy in our world runs rampant, under the guise of ‘national […]

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