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Battleground South China Sea?

By Stephen Lendman Source US hostility toward China’s growing political, economic, technological, and military prominence risks possible direct confrontation between both nations. China seeks peace and cooperative relations with other countries in stark contrast to Washington’s aim for unchallenged dominance by whatever it takes to achieve its aims.  Last week, Trump regime envoy for arms […]

Battleground Beirut: Western colony or back to the East?

August 12, 2020 By Pepe Escobar – republished from Asia Times by permission of author As much as Covid-19 has been instrumentalized by the 0.001% to social engineer a Great Reset, the Beirut tragedy is already being instrumentalized by the usual suspects to keep Lebanon enslaved. Facing oh so timely color revolution-style “protests”, the current Lebanese government […]

Lebanon: Bellwether, Battleground, And Bastard Child Of The Mideast

Above photo: Beirut, the “Paris of the Middle East,” at night. John Henderson. This Mideast mirror was ready to burst well before the recent Beirut blast. And here’s a hint for Washington: it’s not about us! When I was a kid, “Beirut” became a cultural shorthand for any chaotic and violent urban setting. In the 1990s, […]

Will Syria be the Battleground for All-Out War Between Russia and America?

Civilians released from five years US Coalition-supported terrorist occupation in Eastern Ghouta. (Photo: Youssef Badawi) Elijah J. Magnier Today, Ghouta and tomorrow Daraa … This is not about Syria nor about the war on its soil : it is all about an open war between the axis led by United States of America, Europe and their […]

Haymarket Books’ plan to buy Chicago mansion is latest battleground over Zionism/anti-Zionism

Once again, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have been conflated, and this time it’s in the Windy City. Haymarket Books, the left-leaning Chicago-based publishing company, is under contract to purchase property for its new offices in an old mansion in Chicago’s Buena Park neighborhood on the north side, but it had to get a zoning variance to […]

Will Venezuela Be The Battleground In The Next U.S.-Russia Proxy War?

Russian President Vladimir Putin, front, and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro enter the hall during their meeting in the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, Russia, Jan. 15, 2015. (AP/Pavel Golovkin) CHILE — There’s no denying that Venezuela is deeply embroiled in a significant crisis. While most are aware of the country’s recent string of violent protests, food […]

Legacy of Zaha Hadid: Great architect’s 7 most groundbreaking projects

Hadid, whose schedule had been as busy as ever in recent months, entered a Florida hospital with bronchitis earlier this week, when she suffered a “sudden heart attack,” her company announced on Thursday. Hadid was born in 1950, into a well-known family in Baghdad, and studied math at American University in Beirut, before relocating to […]

Public Service Announcement from IMS: Unauthorized Access

Evidence suggests “” gained access to Independent Media Solidarity’s Google Drive. But how? IMS (Independent Media Solidarity), the independent collective of citizen journalists was recently the victim of theft. Thankfully for them, the experience wasn’t entirely negative. The community of people skeptical of the Sandy Hook narrative can now see the lengths to which the […]

UK Cities Begin Opening Empty Buildings for Homeless

Michaela Whitton (AM) : Lack of social housing, cuts to welfare, and extortionate private rents continue to push U.K. homelessness out of control to a scale that is impossible to quantify. While rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness, it remains the most difficult to measure with local authorities no longer required to […]

After a Paid Suspension for Killing a Man, this Cop Shoots His Neighbor in the Head

Waverly, OH — After killing his neighbor, an inebriated Pike County sheriff’s deputy was arrested and charged with felony manslaughter for accidentally shooting him in the head. Although the deputy initially reported the shooting, he neglected to inform the dispatcher that he had pulled the trigger. Around 11:40 p.m. on Thursday, Pike County […]

Venezuela’s Elections: Setting the Record Straight. Hugo Chávez’s Legacy is At Stake on December 6

The opposition is poised to benefit from the country’s ongoing economic difficulties. Venezuelans face hours-long lines to purchase some basic commodities and an inability to obtain others, as well as an annual inflation rate that for the first time since 1996 has reached three digits. In the face of these real political and economic problems, […]

Dialogue’s Demise: Why the American Anthropological Association should support the boycott of Israe​li​ academic institutions

On Friday, November 20th, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) will consider a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions during its business meeting as part of the 114th AAA Annual Meeting being held in Denver, Colorado. If the resolution passes, it will be forwarded to the entire membership of the AAA for a final vote via electronic […]

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