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The Real Story of the ‘Bearded God’ Named Quetzalcoatl

Many myths have cropped up in the centuries since Columbus landed upon the shores of Hispaniola. While some of these myths have come to be seen for what they are, many more persist in the zeitgeist as fact. One such myth is that the Aztecs believed that Hernan Cortes, the leader of a band of […]

The Legend of the Blue-Eyed Bearded Gods of Mesoamerica

The Feathered Serpent God is one of the great mysteries of many ancient Mesoamerican and South American cultures. He was called Viracocha by the Incas, Kukulkan by the Mayas, Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs, Gucumatz in Central America, Votan in Palenque and Zamna in Izamal. He and in some cases his ‘men’ were described as being […]

Horrific: Police detain two men in India suspected of severely beating and raping 4yo girl

     Indian police have detained two men who allegedly raped a four-year-old girl in New Delhi. The girl, who comes from an extremely poor family, now requires a series of surgeries in order to recover from the severe injuries she sustained. The four-year-old girl who lived in a slum was raped and beaten with stones […]

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