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How one Palestinian spring became a leisure spot for Israelis only

The spring that once belonged to the Palestinian village of Walajeh is now off limits to its residents. As of last week, it is open to Israeli settlers alone. By Aviv Tatarsky Israelis swim in a spring belonging to the destroyed Palestinian village of Walajeh, near Jerusalem. (Anne Paq/ Hundreds of Israelis arrived at […]

How ‘Israel Hayom’ became Trump’s mouthpiece in the Middle East

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are major donors to the Republican party and to Donald Trump’s presidency. In Israel, their free daily newspaper Israel Hayom promotes Trump relentlessly, with fawning editorials and selective reporting, which minimizes the scandals that have plagued his presidency. By Refael Afriat Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Fountain […]

How Tel Aviv’s Pussycat strip club became a Jewish values center

TEL AVIV (JTA) — For years, the round mirrored building overlooking the Tel Aviv Marina embodied this city’s reputation as the Middle East’s capital of sin. Sandwiched between the Sheraton and the Hilton hotels on some of the priciest real estate in Israel, the building on Atarim Square was home to the Pussycat, an upscale […]

How Berlin became the ‘capital city of Arab exile’

The Arab sociologist Amro Ali has illuminated Germany’s capital city as the center of an intellectual and artistic renaissance, fueled by Arab exiles from the authoritarian crackdowns that followed the 2011 uprisings. By Mati Shemoelof Amro Ali seen at the Baynatna Arabic Library and bookstore in Berlin. (Courtesy of Amro Ali) Berlin has become […]

The West Oppressed The Third World For So Long That It Became Third World Itself

The West Oppressed The Third World For So Long That It Became Third World Itself Above Photo: From Many have already noticed: The US really, really doesn’t feel like the world leader, or even as a ‘first world country’. Of course, I write that sarcastically, as I detest expressions like ‘first world’, and the ‘third […]

Rights group: Egypt prisons became ‘guillotine for executions’

An international human rights organisation yesterday reported several violations against prisoners in Egyptian detention during the first half of this year, warning of what it described as “a danger facing the lives of detainees inside Egyptian detention centres.” “The Egyptian regime has been committing violations against civilians in Sinai, carrying out enforced […]

PODCAST: How BDS became such a big deal in American politics

Republicans are trying to criminalize boycotts of Israel, part of a broad push to delegitimize any criticism or pressure on Israel. By not unconditionally defending the right to boycott anything or anyone, Democrats are falling into a dangerous trap, Lara Friedman says on The +972 Podcast. The capitol building of the United States of America […]

Jeffrey Epstein became an FBI INFORMANT to secure sweetheart deal and shut down federal probe into the pedophile’s abuse of underage girls, government records reveal

Jeffrey Epstein managed to shut down a federal probe into his illicit and illegal activities with underage girls and secure his sweetheart plea deal by providing information’ to the government, FBI reports confirm. A federal investigation into the pedophile led by the FBI was closed out on September 18, 2008 when Epstein […]

Larry Wolf became an anti-Zionist in his 60s, so there’s hope for you

Larry Wolf, a musician who lives in Westchester County, NY, heads a chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace but only became an activist five years ago, during Israel’s assault on Gaza in summer 2014, when he was in his late 60’s. I interviewed him in June. Q. It took you till 2014 to get on […]

When the Khazars became Jews (Zionists)

When the Khazars became Jews (Zionists) Bulan was a Khazar king who led the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism. His name means “elk” in Old Turkic. In modern Turkish, it means “the one who finds”. The date of his reign is unknown, as the date of the conversion is hotly disputed, though it is […]

How Israeli-Designed Drones Became Russia’s Eyes in the Sky for Defending Bashar al-Assad

Last summer, Israel shot down yet another military drone near the line that separates the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights from the rest of Syria. The confrontation would have been business as usual, if not for a twist: Images of the destroyed drone showed Cyrillic tail markings and other identifiable components of a Forpost belonging […]

This is how the USA became the Fourth Reich.

    Source Article from Related Posts Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union Image: Adolph Hitler together with Prescott Bush, grandfather of former President George W. Bush. Prescott The United States of Google and The Rise of The 4th Reich Technocracy expert, Patrick Wood, contacted […]

From Exxon To “Ambassador”: How Carlos Vecchio Became Venezuela’s Top Coup Lobbyist

From Exxon To “Ambassador”: How Carlos Vecchio Became Venezuela’s Top Coup Lobbyist Above Photo: From Note: This detailed investigation into Carlos Vecchio exposes the fraud of the fictional ambassador of the failed US coup in Venezuela. He is not working for the interests of the Venezuelan people but for his own personal profit and […]

Poland Just Became America’s Most Important NATO Ally

The US’ decision to dispatch 1,000 additional “rotational” troops and even a squadron of surveillance drones to Poland makes the Central European country its most important NATO ally because of the threat that this poses to Russian strategic interests in Kaliningrad, Belarus, Crimea, and Eastern Ukraine, which in turn revives the historical rivalry between these […]

Montgomery The Hammer Surveillance System Whistleblower Became The Deep States Enemy Number One After Exposing The Truth

Written by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones Remember, do not kill a mockingbird. When a whistleblower is singing for America’s protection, we embrace and celebrate him. Inventor and software designer Dennis Montgomery, a CIA/DOD/DHS/NSA/FBI  contractor-turned-whistleblower, alerted FBI Director James Comey’s office in 2015 that President Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and Obama’s Director of National […]

Beyond Fake News – How Google Just Became Fake Search By Blacklisting Independent Journalism

You’ve already heard about FAKE NEWS, the mainstream media’s repeated fabrication of false facts portrayed as real. Who can forget the Washington Post’s ridiculous fabrication of a “Russian conspiracy theory” that claimed Natural News and 200 other independent websites were secretly run by the Kremlin? In just the last 10 days, in fact, five major […]

Asthma patient became suicidal after taking steroid medication

(Natural News) For the longest time, Big Pharma has sold the lie that prescriptions drugs can cure various ailments. However, in the U.K., tens of thousands of people with asthma are experiencing negative side effects because of the very drugs that are supposed to relieve their condition. According to Asthma UK, a […]

Woody Allen- How Sex Became Our Religion

  December 19, 2018 First, it denies our connection to God who speaks to us through our Divine spirit (soul). Cabala preaches that God is formless and unknowable. The whole point of religion is to worship (obey) God. How can you obey something “formless” and “unknowable”? Naturally, the Satanist will convince the unwary that God […]

The U.S. Just Became a Net Oil Exporter for the First Time in 75 Years

The U.S. Just Became a Net Oil Exporter for the First Time in 75 Years December 6th, 2018 Via: Bloomberg: America turned into a net oil exporter last week, breaking 75 years of continued dependence on foreign oil and marking a pivotal — even […]

How Government Became the Chief Violator of Property Rights

By Lawrence J. McQuillan Governmental violations of personal property rights drive much of the resentment, anger, and division we witness in America today. In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge famously said that the “chief business of the American people is business.” Today, however, this could be reworded as “the business of the American people is redistribution.” […]

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