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Northam Declares State of Emergency in Virginia Because “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol”

By Daisy Luther The drama in Virginia has escalated again as Governor Ralph Northam declares an official State of Emergency before January 20th’s “Lobby Day” protests. Citing violence that erupted in Charlottesville during a Unite the Right rally in 2017, Northam said that there are credible threats that “armed militia groups plan to storm the […]

Israel is having its third election in a year because governments exclude Palestinian lawmakers

The latest news from Israeli politics is that the leftwing Meretz Party is joining forces with the Labor Party in order to try to stay above the threshold of oblivion in the next election (3.25 percent) and the list of parliamentary candidates they’ve announced excludes Palestinians. The Palestinian member of Knesset Issawi Frej had fought […]

G20 emerged because G7 fails to decide ‘issues of any significance’ – Lavrov

The Group of 20 – which includes the G7 countries as well as the five-member bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) – proved workable, especially when developing countries “have grievances regarding the lack of progress in reforming the Security Council,” Sergey Lavrov told an audience during his trip to New Delhi. […]

Cardi B Files For NIGERIAN Citizenship Because Trump Is ‘Putting American Lives In Danger’

Cardi B has announced she is filing for Nigerian citizenship because President Trump is “putting American lives in danger” — however the country she appears to favor over the US is one of the most lawless and dangerous places in the world to live, with the State Department stating violent crime and rape is “common.” […]

Over 10,000 Camels To Be Shot In Australia Because They Drink Too Much Water

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times As a result of Australia literally being on fire, difficult decisions are being made to conserve precious resources. One of those tough choices is to shoot over 10,000 camels because they drink too much water. The camels will be shot by professional firearms experts from helicopters; the move aims to […]

Fox News Guest Calls For Bombing Iran Because “They Invaded U.S. Sovereign Soil” In Iraq

January 2, 2020 By Chris Menahan Thursday morning on Fox and Friends, regime change advocate Jim Hanson pushed for President Trump to start a war with Iran because “they invaded US sovereign soil” in Iraq by attacking our embassy in retaliation for US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. From Raw Story: “They attacked us,” [Security […]

Jews are safe ‘walking around the West Village’ only because Israel exists — Bari Weiss of ‘NYT’

To be brief: Once again, Bari Weiss, the privileged Zionist “princess” spews forth. In essence, she argues that the way to stop the growth of BDS and anti-Zionism in general on university campuses is to cut off university funding provided by rich older Jews. It seems she is unfamiliar with the history of liberation movements. […]

City Tells Church It Will Lose Religious Designation Because It Shelters Homeless People

By John Vibes Earlier this week, on Christmas Eve, an order from the city of Cleveland was posted on the door of the Denison Avenue United Church of Christ, demanding that they kick out the homeless people that they had been allowing to sleep on their property or face losing their status with the city […]

Boy, 10, is forced to take his shirt off before boarding a flight because it had a picture of a snake on it

   A family claims their 10-year-old son was forced to change his t-shirt before boarding a flight because it had a snake on it. Stevie Lucas was on a family trip from New Zealand to South Africa to visit his grandparents on December 17. His parents Steve and Marga said security officers at Johannesburg airport […]

Bari Weiss says Jews should stop giving money to Harvard and Columbia because of antisemitic professors

To be brief: Once again, Bari Weiss, the privileged Zionist “princess” spews forth. In essence, she argues that the way to stop the growth of BDS and anti-Zionism in general on university campuses is to cut off university funding provided by rich older Jews. It seems she is unfamiliar with the history of liberation movements. […]

Florida Man Arrested for Handing Out Marijuana on the Street “Because It Was Christmas”

(TMU) — A 67-year-old man was arrested Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida, after police were informed that he had been handing out marijuana to passers-by “because it was Christmas,” authorities said. Richard Ellis Spurrier was stopped by police at 11:30 p.m. in downtown St. Petersburg just as he was dispensing the leafy green treats to […]

Millennials are turning to magic & astrology for ‘empowerment’ because liberal ideology failed them

They may not know how to change a flat tire, cook a simple meal or stop living in their parents’ basement, but Millennials – the tech-savvy demographic typically born between the years 1981 to the early 2000s – seem increasingly preoccupied with subjects of a less practical nature ever since graduating from college. Whether it […]

Four Dogs Block Traffic Because One Of Their Friends Is Down And Unable To Move

The perfect definition of a best friend is someone who watches your back and makes sure you are doing it right every step of the way. Well, that is exactly what four stray dogs from China did for one of their pals. This touching video proves ones again that dogs are the most compassionate and […]

Transgender clinics prey on AUTISTIC children because they’re easy to manipulate, disturbing new research finds

(Natural News) Only a very small handful of media outlets – and none that are considered “mainstream” – are addressing the fact that children on the autism spectrum are being disproportionately targeted by the transgender lobby for “transition therapy” because of their abnormal mental states. A group of experts who used to […]

BBC Cut Down Their Christmas Tree Because It Was A ‘Security Risk’

The BBC has been widely criticized for cutting down their Christmas tree due to health and safety concerns. Both licence fee payers, who covered the cost of the tree, and climate change protesters have accused the broadcaster of having zero regard for the environment, have reacted with anger. The Telegraph reports: A decked-out tree stood […]

Gantz: Israel is going to 3rd elections because Netanyahu wants immunity

With just hours remaining until the Knesset likely calls Israel’s 3rd elections within a year, Blue and White party chief Benny Gantz on Wednesday said that the country was only facing another vote because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking immunity from prosecution. Gantz, speaking at a Knesset conference on “protecting the rule of law” […]

Europe faces refugee crisis because of its support for terrorists in Syria – Assad

   Europe has to deal with the issue of refugees because of its prior support of terrorists in Syria, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an exclusive interview with Italian Rai24 TV channel, broadcast by Syrian channels on Monday. “We have to start with a simple question: who created this problem? Why do you have […]

New Orleans Mass Shooting Glossed Over by Fake News Because It Doesn’t Fit Anti-White Narrative

A mass shooting that occurred in New Orleans, LA over the weekend is largely being ignored by the fake news media seemingly because the shooting was committed by an African-American male. The gruesome footage of the vicious crime can be seen here: There’s now video of the New Orleans shooting. […]

Trans Activist Threatens Lawsuit Because Gynecologists Won’t Examine Her C*ck and Balls

Litigious trans activist Jessica Yaniv is now complaining about gynecologists who refuse to examine her male genitalia. Yaniv, who previously lost a lawsuit against beauty salons for refusing to wax her balls, says she is furious at gynecologists who refuse to serve transgender patients. “So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told […]

FBI Warns FaceApp is a “Counterintelligence Threat” Because It Was Made in Russia

By John Vibes This week, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the popular smartphone photo application FaceApp, along with every other app developed in Russia, calling them a “potential counterintelligence threat.” The investigation was prompted by warnings from Democratic U.S. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer this July that the app […]

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