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WTF? Jeffrey Epstein Signed Will Days Before He Was Found Hung In Prison; Youngest Victims 12 Years Old

By Aaron Kesel Jeffrey Epstein the disgraced financial sex trafficker is alleged to have signed his will in the two-day period leading up to his death according to reports. However, other facts seem to conflict about the wealthy pedophile’s death like Epstein himself telling his lawyers that his cell mate connected to the mob and […]

Jeffrey Epstein ‘signed will’ two days before his death, leaving behind nearly $600 million trust

The documents show that the disgraced financier was worth $577,672,654, and had more than $56 million in cash. Epstein’s fortune, that also includes real estate and equities among other assets, is about $18 million more than he previously stated in court papers when his lawyers unsuccessfully tried to obtain bail for their client while […]

Epstein Was Visited By A Mystery Woman Just Before His Death

August 17, 2019 By Jason Bermas Amid all of the other craziness in the Epstein case, Forbes reported that Epstein had a female visitor shortly before his death. Jason breaks down why this is yet another anomaly that should be heavily questioned.  Why was he left alone with anyone but legal council or law enforcement? […]

British Piracy on the High Seas Exposed Like Never Before

    Freed Grace-1 Moving Into Mediterranean Flying Iranian Flag – Destination Unknown Iran’s PressTV reports the Grace 1 tanker, carrying 2 million barrels of Iranian oil, has begun departing after yesterday a Gibraltar court ruled to free it after having been held since it was boarded by UK Royal Marines on July 4. It’s also now […]

List of 71 Clinton Associates Who Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the highest profile prisoner in US custody, was recently found dead in his prison cell in Manhattan. This occurred the day after two thousand previously sealed court documents involving the Jeffrey Epstein child sex abuse case were released to the public. The documents described how Bill Clinton held a private party […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Was Mysteriously Transferred Day Before ‘Suicide’

Correctional officers at the New York City prison that was housing Jeffrey Epstein didn’t check in on him for hours leading up to his apparent “suicide” on Saturday, which occurred just after his cellmate was transferred, leaving Epstein alone in the cell, for reasons that remain unclear. Epstein, 66, was found unconscious in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and later pronounced dead, raising […]

Reuters: Prison Guards Skipped Mandatory Checks Before Epstein’s Suicide

Guards at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York City jail failed to conduct the required checks on prisoners overnight, according to a report. Epstein died of a suspected suicide on Saturday after being found unresponsive in his cell where he was being held on child sex trafficking charges. At around 6:30 a.m., Epstein was “found unresponsive in […]

They always take away the guns before they run their reign of terror

Related Posts Get more out of sesame seeds by unlocking their health benefits (Natural News) Sesame seeds are crunchy seeds with a delicious nutty flavor. PODCAST: Could Mizrahim find their most natural allies in Palestinians? Jewish Israelis with roots in Arab and Muslim countries have faced systemic discrimination for decades. Johnson & […]

Prison Guards Skipped Mandatory Checks Before Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Guards at the New York City jail where Jeffrey Epstein was found dead Saturday did not conduct required checks on prisoners the previous night, according to a report. Epstein died of a suspected suicide after being found unresponsive in his Manhattan Correctional Center cell where he was being held on sex trafficking charges. At approximately […]

Barbra Streisand Orders Republicans To ‘Cover Your Ears’ Before Singing For Democrats

Crazed leftist Barbra Streisand made her Madison Square Garden concert Saturday all about politics, praising Bill Clinton — who was sitting in the audience next to Hillary — as “a great president,” before moaning about how badly she wanted to sing at Hillary’s inauguration, who she described as demonstrating “strength and kindness in equal measure”, […]

Hit by heat: Extreme measures needed to tackle climate chaos before it’s too late

The last week in July saw record-breaking temperatures across the globe. The forecast map for Europe appeared as a giant oppressive red mass with barely any orange or yellow nuance. Not built to withstand temperatures in the triple digits fahrenheit, cities such as Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, and elsewhere boiled beneath an unrelenting summer sun.  Extreme […]

Greedy Ghost takes over Europe: Don’t sit, don’t eat, in an age of profit before people

Don’t smell the coffee in Venice, at least not if you brewed it yourself on a portable mini-stove in the center of the historic city instead of paying for it at a coffee shop or café, or you could be in big, big trouble. Two German tourists who did that recently were fined a total […]

Ann Coulter: Move Epstein to Super Max Facility Before He Is ‘Suicided’

Ann Coulter has urged the Bureau of Prisons to move pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to a Super Max facility so that “the people who want him dead” won’t be able to hide their role in his child sex crimes. Epstein was found nearly unconscious inside his NYC jail cell this week, following an apparent suicide […]

Epstein In Danger Of Being Murdered By "Powerful People" Before His Trial, Says Victims’ Lawyer

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via, A lawyer for one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims fears that a “hit” has been put out on Epstein’s life that will prevent him from implicating powerful people who are complicit in the sex trafficking of girls and young women. Spencer Kuvin doubts that Epstein’s recently sustained jail injuries […]

We’ve Been Here Before: Learning From The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

We need to stick to a radical, principled, intersectional, anti-imperialist political orientation that trusts in the power of the people to make history. “SNCC built a people-centered, radically democratic organization that put those most affected at the center, especially youth and students.” “My great fear is that we are all suffering from amnesia. I wrote […]

A Bank With $49 Trillion In Derivatives Exposure Is Melting Down Before Our Eyes

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Could it be possible that we are on the verge of the next “Lehman Brothers moment”?  Deutsche Bank is the most important bank in all of Europe, it has 49 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives, and most of the largest […]

Before SHTF, Let’s Revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

July 9, 2019 By Tyler Durden With the Saturday arrest of Jeffrey Epstein – who is reportedly offering to name elite pedophiles in exchange for leniency, a leaked copy of the billionaire sex predator’s “little black book” may provide some insight into some very rich individuals who should be nervous right about now. The book was smuggled out of […]

Rights group pans ‘racist propaganda’ course for Arab kids before overseas trips

An Israeli Arab advocacy group has accused the Education Ministry of forcing students to undertake a “racist” online “propaganda course” before they are permitted to go on class trips overseas. The course, which is presented under the headline of “hasbara,” the Hebrew word for Israeli public diplomacy, encourages Israeli students to “be an ambassador” and […]

Right Before Our Eyes, by Thierry Meyssan

“Every State has the duty to refrain from organizing, instigating, assisting or participating in acts of civil strife or terrorist acts in another State, or acquiescing in organized activities within its territory directed towards the commission of such acts, when the acts referred to in the present paragraph involve a threat or use of force.” […]

Tehran time travel? US accuses Iran of violating nuclear deal ‘even before its existence’

In spite of Washington’s 2018 withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the administration of US President Donald Trump has accused Iran of violating the terms of the treaty. The Iranian foreign minister tweeted that the White House is wrong and backed up his assertions. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday tweeted that, […]

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