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Charlie Hebdo publishes cover of Beheaded Cancan Dancers in response to recent terror attacks in France

Home » Comedy, Criticism, Europe, Terrorism » Charlie Hebdo publishes cover of Beheaded Cancan Dancers in response to recent terror attacks in France     French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has featured a caricature of three beheaded dancers alongside the words “France will always be France” in response to a series of terrorist attacks in […]

Terrorist attack in France: Muslim Kills 3 Catholics, 2 BEHEADED inside in Notre Dame Church

    A knife-wielding attacker beheaded two of the three victims at the Notre Dame church in the center of the French resort city of Nice, First Deputy Mayor Anthony Borré told RT France. Shocking media reports on Thursday morning indicated that one of the churchgoers was beheaded, but the deputy mayor of Nice confirmed […]

Poland Rejected Asylum For Family Of Chechen Muslim Who Beheaded Samuel Paty In Paris

Documents have come to light revealing that the family of Chechen Abudllah Anzorov, the Muslim who beheaded history teacher Samuel Paty in Paris, applied for asylum in Poland but were rejected by the authorities — instead, they later received a permit to stay in France for ten years as refugees, according to Following the […]

French Teacher Beheaded in BROAD DAYLIGHT over caricature of Prophet Mohammed

    French teacher Samuel Paty, who was brutally murdered near Paris on Friday, had his private details exposed on social media last week, after a parent complained he’d shown “naked man” cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class. The original complaint was reportedly lodged by the father of a 13-year-old girl who studied at […]

Teacher Beheaded in Paris Suburb After Showing Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to Class

(Yahoo News) — A history teacher who showed his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class was beheaded near his school in a Paris suburb on Friday by a suspected Islamist terrorist who shouted “Allahu Akbar,” police said. Alerted by local residents, police confronted and shot dead a man armed with a kitchen knife […]

Obama’s Artist Portrays White Girl Beheaded by Empowered Black Woman

This just marks the latest form of leftist art being supercharged with anti-white hatred. Kehinde Wiley, the artist behind the new portrait of President Obama, portrayed the beheading of a white girl by a black woman in a 2012 painting: Judith and Holofernes #KehindeWiley #ANewRepublic #BrooklynMuseum #art — Miss Lilly Bee (@MizzLillyBee) March 11, […]

Beheaded statues at California church a ‘hate crime’, says pastor (VIDEO)

     Hayward – A disturbing scene was recently found outside a church in Hayward where statues of children were found beheaded. For 60 years those who attend St. Bede’s Catholic Church in Hayward have passed by a group of statues out front depicting Mary’s appearance to the children of Fatima. But lately, they’ve become a […]

Pro-ISIS propaganda poster depicts ‘beheaded’ Pope Francis

The poster was revealed on Friday by the SITE Intelligence Group, a Maryland-based company that tracks the online activity of extremists. The image released by an unidentified pro-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) media group shows a masked figure, apparently a jihadist, standing with a knife in front of damaged buildings, mostly skyscrapers.  ISIS-linked propaganda poster […]

White Helmets Filmed Throwing Beheaded Syrian Soldiers Into Dumpster

The White Helmets have been filmed helping a group of terrorists dispose bodies of mutilated beheaded Syrian Army soldiers.  The disturbing footage, posted on Twitter on June 20, shows a man wearing a White Helmets T-shirt dumping a pile of dead Syrian Army soldiers into a dumpster. reports: The gut-wrenching footage shows that many […]

WHOOPS: “White Helmet” Heroes Caught Disposing of Beheaded Syrian Army Soldiers

A member of the so-called White Helmets which has been hailed by the western media as ‘peace-bearing heroes’ has been caught on camera helping a group of unidentified militants disposing the bodies of beheaded Syrian Army soldiers. Graphic footage posted on Twitter on June 20 shows a man wearing a T-shirt with the White Helmets […]

Five Deadly Terror Attacks Which Failed To Grab Media Attention

The terror attacks in Paris and Brussels have rightly caused huge outrage across the world, but as millions in the West took to social media to share their anger and grief, there are numerous other attacks across the globe that go largely unreported in the mainstream media. The list below complied by RT highlights just […]

Child Killed, His Sister And Brother Seriously Injured, As israel’s Air Force Bombards Gaza

Child Killed, His Sister And Brother Seriously Injured, As Israeli Air Force Bombards Gaza The Israeli Air Force carried out, on Saturday at dawn, a series of airstrikes targeting different areas in the Gaza Strip, killing a child and seriously wounding his sister, and his brother, after an Israeli missile directly struck their home. Yassin […]

Germany Adopts “No Ficki Ficki” Cartoons at Swimming Pools

Hamish PattonDaily Stormer February 2, 2016 What is all the fuss about anyway, goyim, don’t you know that your sluts fantasise about rapeugees? The best way to deal with an invasion of subhuman trash hell-bent on rape and destruction is not to bring in the army, or to enforce the law, but to print a […]

U.S. Congressional staff member unmasks the charade: Voting is a waste of time

     One of the more encouraging (?) developments in Acceptable American Discourse over the last five years or so has been the gradual acceptance, even among Serious Media Outlets, that American voters no longer have any real control over their own government, and more broadly, their collective destiny. In April 2014, Princeton University published a […]

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