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Voice for Ottawa: Washington demands Beijing to release 2 detained Canadians

The “unlawful detention” of Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig “is unacceptable” and “they ought to be returned,” Pompeo told reporters on Friday during a meeting with his Canadian counterpart, Chrystia Freeland. We ask all nations of the world to treat other citizens properly and the detention of these two Canadian citizens in China […]

Crackdown in Beijing: “Using Twitter is more dangerous than street demonstrations”

By Oiwan Lam Authorities in Beijing have launched a nationwide crackdown on mainland Chinese Twitter users. The December 5 release of 42 testimonies collected by China Change, a Chinese human rights advocacy site, details the ordeals of hundreds of Twitter users who have been detained and interrogated by national security police officers since September 2018. […]

‘Clarify and release immediately’, Beijing demands after Canada detains Huawei CFO on US request

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said neither Canada nor the US has so far responded to Beijing’s concerns. “We have made solemn representations to Canada and the US, demanding that both parties immediately clarify the reasons for the detention, and immediately release the detainee to protect the person’s legal rights.” Also on Huawei […]

Beijing Doctors Said 7 Coma Patients Would Not Wake Up — AI Predicted The Opposite, And Was Right

The Facts: AI technology has outsmarted doctors when it comes to coma patients. The lives of at least 7 individuals have been saved as a result. Reflect On: Given the serious questions about AI, are there are ways that AI technology can aid our current systems on the planet? How do we decide when we […]

Maduro’s Beijing Visit Spooks a US Plotting Venezuela’s Isolation

BEIJING – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro received a rare yet exceedingly warm welcome Thursday as he landed in Beijing, where the oft-maligned leader and target of U.S.-spearheaded regime-change efforts will discuss new ways in which his government and the People’s Republic of China can deepen their relations and strengthen their long-running ties. The state visit, […]

China will ‘resolutely respond’ to US – Beijing on trade war with Trump

“China doesn’t wish to engage in a trade war, but we will resolutely respond to the unreasonable measures taken by the United States,” Liu Kun told Reuters on Friday. He noted that if Washington “persists with these measures,” then Beijing “will correspondingly take action” to protect its interests.  The statement from the top Beijing official […]

Beijing Notes Signs of US Decline Behind Bloated New Pentagon Budget

BEIJING – China has expressed serious concern about the new United States military budget, which explicitly notes the U.S.’ “long-term strategic competition with China” as a top priority and raises the government’s annual investment in the military to an unprecedented $716 billion – an exponentially higher budget than that of any other defense department across […]

Eyewitnesses report explosion outside US embassy in Beijing

Witnesses say there has been a large explosion at the US embassy building in Beijing, China, with videos and pictures posted to social media showing a large cloud of smoke and what appear to be police vehicles surrounding the area.  Beijing police said the blast was caused by a small homemade explosive device, detonated by a 26-year-old man […]

China’s Commerce Ministry: Beijing will continue trade with Tehran

 Sputnik —  Beijing consistently opposes policies of unilateral sanctions and intends to continue its trade cooperation with Iran under its international commitments, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said on Thursday. “Iran continues to be China’s important trade partner in Asia. The two countries maintain regular trade relations. In 2017, bilateral trade grew by 19 percent in […]

‘Most new drugs are from the US and Europe, not China’ – Beijing on the opioid epidemic

Last year’s US congressional report labeled China the “primary source” of fentanyl, a popular synthetic painkiller that is 50 times more powerful than heroin and leads to thousands of fatal overdoses every year. According to the study, the drugs are shipped from China to Mexico, from where they are eventually trafficked across the US border. […]

The skies are blue again in Beijing as pollution crackdown takes effect, but are polluters just migrating?

(Natural News) The Chinese government’s recent crackdown on air pollution from coal-fired sources has borne fruit as Beijing residents enjoy the sight of cerulean skies for a record amount of time. However, some people are worried that the polluters are just migrating to other cities, The Guardian recently reported. According to state-operated media, Beijing enjoyed a record 226 […]

Going Underground – Ep. 569: Theresa Mays Trip to Beijing, Black and White Hats & Deep State Interests in Afghanistan

Going Underground – Ep. 569: Theresa Mays Trip to Beijing, Black and White Hats & Deep State Interests in Afghanistan Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to Tory grandee and UK Lords Select Committee member, Lord Flight, about Theresa Mays trip to China. Former EU Political Advisor in Afghanistan, Lucy Morgan […]

‘Sovereignty & security violation’: Beijing outraged by US warship sailing off disputed island

In this latest clash over freedom of navigation in the disputed South China Sea, the USS ‘Hopper’ missile destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of Huangyan Dao, a tiny island claimed by China, on January 17. The vessel failed to get Beijing’s permission for entering the waters and was intercepted by the Chinese Navy, with […]

Beijing blasts ‘illegal’ US & Canada-led summit for evoking Korean War ghosts

The summit in Vancouver brought together foreign ministers and top officials from 20 nations, who agreed to ramp up pressure on Pyongyang through additional economic sanctions on top of those imposed by the UN Security Council. China and Russia, which both border North Korea and are major players in the ongoing crisis, were not invited. […]

COMMENTARY: In Beijing Netanyahu Looks To Marry Israels Technology With China’s Capacity

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong said Beijing and Jerusalem had agreed to upgrade bilateral relations, including by forming an “innovative comprehensive partnership” meant to “bring the ties and the cooperation between the two countries to new heights,” according to the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. “Innovation cooperation is a highlight of our bilateral relations,” Liu […]

Trump to ‘Rejoice in Grandiosity’ in Beijing, but will a Hawkish Turn Follow?

Related Posts Trump administration denies entry to Omar Barghouti Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 11 April 2019 Omar Barghouti (intal)The Trump administration has prevented EXONERATED: No collusion, no obstruction… Trump cleared in bombshell Mueller report, exposing bald-faced LIES of the anti-Trump media (Natural News) The media narrative has collapsed. The Trump / […]

Is Beijing cooperating with organized crime to push for unification with Taiwan?

nsnbc : Chang An-le, the former leader of Taiwan’s notorious Bamboo Union is now heading a supposedly political movement, the China Unification Promotion Party […]

BREAKING NEWS: Beijing Orders Closure of North Korean Firms in China – Official

People rest at a park near Beijing’s central business area © Jason Lee / Reuters RT| All North Korean companies have been ordered to stop doing business in China, AFP reports citing an unnamed Chinese official. After the UN Security Council passed new sanctions two weeks ago, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said North Korean firms and […]

Beijing lodges protest with S. Korea over deployment of THAAD launchers

     China has lodged a stern protest against South Korea over the deployment of four additional Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) launchers, according to the foreign ministry. The comment was made by Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang during a regular press briefing on Thursday, according to Reuters. It comes just one day after Geng […]

China aims for peace but won’t let others hurt its interests – Beijing responds to CIA chief

CIA chief Mike Pompeo described China as the biggest long-term threat to America in a recent interview with the Washington Free Beacon. He said China’s strong economy and large population gave it a better chance against the US than Russia or Iran. CIA chief: China tops Russia & Iran as biggest long-term threat to US […]

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