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Asylum Seekers Are Being “Disappeared” in Private Louisiana Jails

Asylum Seekers Are Being “Disappeared” in Private Louisiana Jails (Some names in this story have been changed to protect those criminalized for migration.) There isn’t much to see around the River Correctional Center, a small, privately run jail near the Mississippi River and the tiny town of Ferriday, Louisiana. Farmlands and fields stretch in either […]

Some Illegal Aliens Now Being Released Into US With Court Dates 8 Years Away

The massive flood of illegal immigrants at our southern border has reached crisis point, with some illegal aliens now being released into the US with court dates scheduled for “a full eight years into the future”, according to Fox. Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo says a Border Patrol agent told her during a recent trip […]

CRAZY CALIFORNIA EXPERIMENT: Reservoir Water Being Polluted with Toxic Black Balls that Release Chemical Contaminants—really, for what purpose? (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts UNESCO international water conference United Nations Iran – Looking from space, satellite imagery shows the abundant masses of water Flint, Michigan residents get green light to sue the EPA for negligence over water contamination that started 5 years ago (Natural News) With all the […]

Accomplishments of men are now being falsely attributed to women as Western society continues its collapse

(Natural News) Radical feminism continues to systematically oppress men, depriving them of the credit they deserve for their accomplishments in the name of “equality,” and in many cases transferring that credit over to undeserving women – a disturbing and growing phenomenon that’s not only destroying manhood throughout the West, but also destroying […]

Paul Joseph Watson to sue Facebook for defamation after being falsely labeled a "dangerous" terrorist

(Natural News) As Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other major social media sites continue to censor and ban conservatives, one notable liberty fighter is fighting back after being permanently ‘de-personed’ by Mark Zuckerburg’s speech Nazis. A week ago, YouTube sensation and former Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson was banned by Facebook ostensibly as […]

SOS: False Flag Attack Being Staged by Israel Against U.S. Navy to Start War with Iran

War Plan Includes Tactical Nukes U.S. Military fighting yet another war to advance the Greater Israel project The Millennium Report If there is one cataclysmic train wreck happening in slow motion on the global geopolitical chessboard, it’s the Neocon-instigated war being waged by the Trump administration against Iran.  The financial terrorism and economic sabotage inflicted […]

Boy, 6, Beheaded In Saudi Arabia For Being ‘Wrong Religion’

A six-year-old boy was beheaded in Saudi Arabia for “belonging to the wrong religion” in February, according to reports. The child and his mother were allegedly approached while visiting a shrine to the Prophet Muhammad in Medina and asked if they were Shia Muslims. The mother reportedly said yes, however several minutes later a car […]

Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools

Government school officials in California think it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty in the classroom because it is a “sexual orientation.” That is according to a top official for California’s Brea Olinda School District, who admitted to parents that it was being done — and that it would continue, despite […]

Everything points to the raid on the North Korean embassy in Madrid being a full-blown CIA psyop

  Spanish authorities were investigating an incident at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid on Wednesday after assailants reportedly barged into the building, bound and gagged workers before fleeing the building with electronics. FOX News   See: Who Ordered The CIA To Assault North Korea’s Embassy In Spain? *Now read the article below about the […]

Every Points to Julian Assange’s Accuser Being a CIA-Directed Liar

  Accuser of Julian Assange and possibly CIA-connected, Anna Ardin   Why I am Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar 1995 by Craig Murray I am slightly updating and reposting this from 2012 because the mainstream media have ensured very few people know the detail of the “case” against Julian Assange in Sweden. The […]

Julian Assange being arrested by British police caught on video (11-4-19)

Julian Assange has been arrested by British police after being evicted from the Ecuadorian embassy as the below video shows. Update 20:53pm 11-4-19: Julian Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson has just Tweeted: “Just confirmed: #Assange has been arrested not just for breach of bail conditions but also in relation to a US extradition request”. Update: The […]

Collateral damage: Cambridge academic on being set up by ‘Spygate’ figure Stephen Halper

   A Cambridge University post-graduate student is speaking out about her interactions with Stefan Halper, a former Cambridge professor who was revealed in 2018 as a longtime FBI and CIA informant. Svetlana Lokhova did not get along with Stefan Halper, which is what she says made a dinner invitation to the Cambridge University professor’s home […]

Palace of Aigai – The Royal Capital of Macedonia is Being Rebuilt!

Palace of Aigai – The Royal Capital of Macedonia is Being Rebuilt! March 15, 2019 Three times larger than the Parthenon (about 12,000 square meters) and being the work of an intelligent architect of the 4th c. B.C., possibly Pytheus, the palace which we parallel to the “presidential house” of the ancient kingdom of Macedons, […]

Yes, DEW and Laser Weapons are Being Used Against the American People

February 21st, 2019 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) are no longer the stuff of conspiracy theory. In the last few months in the US, there have been a number of incidents where DEW, laser weapons and perhaps other high-tech energy weapons have been openly deployed against the American people. Both […]

9 Celebrities who have spoken out about being photoshopped

Nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Neque porro quisquam est, qui […]

People-Pleasing: The Hidden Dangers of Always Being “Too Nice”

February 10th, 2019 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World You feel the pressure throb in your veins. A lump rises in your throat as your colleagues watch you closely. They are expecting an answer. They are expecting you to comply. Every fibre of your being wants to scream “NO I CAN’T.” But as if […]

California’s electricity giant PGE accused of being arsonists… "clear-cut pattern of starting fires"

(Natural News) Electricity giant Pacific Gas & Electric is being called to task by a judge for its role in serially setting fires. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsip, who has been tasked with overseeing the firm’s probation for safety violations that brought about felony convictions for a 2010 gas pipeline explosion […]

Earth’s Natural Schumann Resonances Are Being Manipulated By CERN, HAARP & GWEN Towers

The Earth itself, has a heartbeat, known as the Schumann Resonances. And it has surrounded and protected all living beings in a natural steady frequency of 7.83 Htz for thousands of years. And was identified as the sacred cosmic sound of the Hindu’s. Claims have been found that there is evidence that HAARP, CERN and […]

Sacrificial Virgins – A Must-See Film About Young Girls Being Severely Damaged by HPV Gardasil Vaccines

“I would never give my daughter, or my son the shot… This is a massive PR event by the company that makes Gardasil, and the same is the truth for the company that makes Cervarix… I think one needs to do a lot of research, and I think parents are in the best position to […]

Native American Nathan Phillips Lied About Being a Vietnam Veteran, WaPo Admits

The Native American man who falsely claimed “harassment” by a group of Catholic teens also lied about being a “Vietnam veteran”, the Washington Post has been forced to admit.  According to a correction buried at the bottom of this WaPo article, far-left activist Nathan Phillips never set foot in Vietnam. The correction states: Correction: Earlier […]

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