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Xinjiang And Uyghurs – What You’re Not Being Told

Xinjiang And Uyghurs – What You’re Not Being Told “1 million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps!” … “Ethnic Cleansing and Cultural Genocide!” … the western media is very effective at using emotional phrases. But what’s the real story? Let’s go beyond exaggeration, distortion and sensationalism. First of all, the media will never show the peaceful, […]

Soros says Trump will be EXECUTED for being a Nationalist and he will not win a Second Term!

Home » Crimes, North America, Politics » Soros says Trump will be EXECUTED for being a Nationalist and he will not win a Second Term!     Billionaire globalist George Soros issued a stark warning to President Trump that he will answer for his actions during his time in office. In a “birthday interview” with […]

Seattle Police Chief Resigns After Being Defunded By Democrats

Seattle Police chief Carmen Best has thrown in the towel and resigned after the Democratic city council voted to cut millions from the police department’s budget following demands to defund the police from Antifa rioters and Black Lives Matter agitators. #BREAKINGNEWS: Chief Carmen Best just emailed her resignation notice to Seattle police officers. — […]

Wuhan Lab Complains That it is Being Scapegoated For Coronavirus Spread

The director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology has complained that scientists at the facility are being made scapegoats in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. [embedded content] In an interview with NBC news Monday, the level 4 bio lab’s director Wang Yany and vice director Yuan Zhiming said that the lab has been unfairly […]

Convicted Arab Rapist Murders White Victim After Being Released from Jail Over Coronavirus

    A man jailed for a violent sexual assault was set free earlier this year over coronavirus concerns, only to go murder his victim outside her apartment, reports claim. Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33, was released from jail on April 9 on a $25,000 bond despite objections from a prosecutor. He was in the middle […]

Coronavirus Is Being Tackled By Nicaragua’s Community-Based Health System

By Kevin Zeese and John Perry, Popular Resistance. August 8, 2020 | Educate! Above photo: Nicaraguan community health center from “Strengthening the Family and Community Health Care Model in Nicaragua,” the World Bank. Nicaragua’s Sandinista government is – like every other government – engaged in a struggle to limit the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on its […]

600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested

MyLegalHelpUSA The healthcare program Tricare at the United States Department of Defense Military Health System falsely told more than 600,000 people they had been infected with the novel coronavirus Collin Jones July 27, 2020The Post Millennial The healthcare program Tricare at the United States Department of Defense Military Health System falsely told more than 600,000 […]

Convicted Rapist Allegedly Murders Victim After Being Freed from Jail Over Coronavirus

A man jailed for a violent sexual assault was set free earlier this year over coronavirus concerns, only to go murder his victim outside her apartment, reports claim. Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33. Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33, was released from jail on April 9 on a $25,000 bond despite objections from a prosecutor. He was in […]

Beirut explosion: What is ammonium nitrate and why is it being blamed for the disaster?

The massive explosion that devastated much of Beirut, which was felt as far away as Cyprus, struck with the force of an earthquake. It was the most powerful blast ever seen in the Lebanese capital, which was on the front line of the country’s 1975-1990 civil war and has endured conflicts with neighbouring Israel, as […]

Sanofi being investigated for manslaughter over epilepsy drug Depakine

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi is being investigated for manslaughter amid a scandal over its epilepsy drug Depakine. The firm is accused of being late to reveal the risk the medication poses to pregnant women. Health authorities say when mothers-to-be took the drug they increased the chances of their children having birth defects, autism and learning […]

American Citizen Shot Dead in Pakistan Courtroom For Being an ‘Enemy of Islam’

An American citizen was shot six times and killed in a courtroom in Pakistan on Wednesday by a gunman who accused him of being an “enemy of Islam“, according to reports. A 19-year old gunman shot Tahir Ahmad Naseem, 57, in a courtroom where the Illinois resident was being tried on blasphemy charges. Video of the […]

Dad Has Warning After His Son Dies Playing Online Game That’s Being Linked To 130 Deaths

389 Shares Last week, Conor Wilmot, 13, died while taking part in the Blue Whale Challenge, which is an online suicide ‘game’. The online ‘game’ assigns ‘tasks’ to children for 50 days before it encourages them to commit suicide in a final act. Conor is just the latest victim from the sickening online trend that many […]

WATCH: The Latest Censored Covid-19 Video That’s Being Removed from the Net for Your Safety


Get the latest Waking Times articles delivered to your inbox. Sign up here. Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times A group calling themselves America’s Frontline Doctors held a press conference yesterday about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19. The video of which immediately went viral, but was just as quickly removed from major […]

Robots Are Being Used In Hospitals To Detect And Fight CV

By Aaron Kesel Robots are now also taking over healthcare jobs worldwide as its safer for a droid to help disinfect a hospital or help a covid patient than a human who risks getting infected by the still yet mysterious virus. Virus-zapping robots are being used in the fight against CV in various areas around […]

UK: Sheffield Cathedral to Disband Choir for Not Being ‘Diverse’ Enough

The anti-whiteness of our institutions is reaching new heights. Now they’re closing down iconic church choirs for not having enough brown people. The Guardian: In a break with centuries of tradition, Sheffield cathedral is to stand down its choir in order to make a “completely fresh start” with a new team of choristers that reflects and engages […]

UK Judge Rules That Praising Jews For Being ‘Clever’ Is ‘Offensive’ And Grounds For Dismissal

Stephen Lamonby, who had been a part-time lecturer in engineering at Solent University in Southampton for six years until last summer, failed in a claim of unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal last month. He lost his job following remarks made during a meeting with his course leader Janet Bonar in a university canteen in […]

Why Do We Condemn Others For Being ‘Less Awake’ or ‘Less Conscious?’

It’s humbling to remember that you once did not know the things you know today. Yet sometimes many of us judge and condemn others who do not yet know what we currently know. Why?  Would it be serving to simply share information with others, with no authority or worry about how they will react but […]

Real-Time Drone Surveillance System Is Being Programmed To Detect Violence

By Nicholas West Just a little over 10 years after drone surveillance inside U.S. borders was declared a conspiracy theory, it is now an indisputable fact of life. This week, drone surveillance has taken a new step in its scope and is finally encountering widespread media exposure and a fair amount of pushback. […]

Left-wing hate group SPLC now being used by Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter to determine … “hate groups”

(Natural News) The social media behemoth’s targeting of Right-leaning, independent, conservative, Trump-supporting media just got a whole lot worse, according to an exclusive report by The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson. He writes that four of the largest tech-media platforms — Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter — are now using the far-Left Southern Poverty […]

Papadopoulos’ wife claims he pleaded guilty to ‘avoid being charged as unregistered agent of Israel’

     Special Counsel Robert Mueller threatened to charge former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos as an unregistered agent of Israel, according to his wife. Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos, an Italian attorney who married Papadopoulos roughly 90 days ago, claimed that Mueller had evidence her husband had worked on behalf of Israel without registering as a foreign […]

Being a couch potato increases your risk of asthma: Study

(Natural News) An inactive lifestyle has many negative effects, including serious chronic diseases. A study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology added one more ailment to the list – environmentally induced asthma. The study was authored by researchers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They compared markers […]

Being president means sacrificing your personal life, but it’s a unique job – Putin

Not all questions at the Q&A session held by the Russian president on Thursday were about politics, healthcare, or economic development. For some, it was all about lifting the curtain on the leader’s private life. Asked what he had to sacrifice to be president, Putin answered after a short pause: “It’s your personal life. It’s […]

Former Facebook Executive: “You Don’t Realize It, But You Are Being Programmed”

Ex-Facebook exec hits out at social media, saying users are being ‘programmed’. There is no denying that the creation of social media has been one of the most revolutionary changes to our modern society. It has completely changed the way in which we communicate with each, other, the way we seek out information […]

Helpful Guide to Stop 5G Small Cell Towers from Being Installed in Residential Yards Throughout Your Community

June 4, 2018 By B.N. Frank The EMF Safety Network recently posted a very helpful guide for anyone NOT wanting 5G small cell towers being installed in their neighborhoods and communities. Why should you care?  These “small cell” towers may be installed in front of homes every couple hundred feet in […]

VIDEO: Look At What Is Being Taught To Kids In California

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Images Of Elderly Veterans Being Mistreated At The VA Hospital Go Viral On Facebook

America has been fighting Zionist wars since the beginning. Today we see how these war veterans, who thought they were honoring their country by fighting against a fictitious enemy, are being treated like cattle (aka Goyim). Do their lives matter to anyone? Of course not! They were brainwashed to go to war, and now […]

Cryptocurrency blockchains being sabotaged in "51 percent attacks" to steal virtual coins

(Natural News) The plotline of the recently-aired season finale of the fifth season of Silicon Valley eerily came to life this past week when nearly $20 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from online exchanges. Crypto-mining thieves reportedly took over the digital currency platforms and proceeded to claw whatever they could from […]

FCC is Tired of “Being Nice” to Municipalities Fighting Small Cell Towers. Wasn’t Trump Supposed to Give the Country Back to the People?

May 29, 2018 By B.N. Frank The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the U.S. government agency that regulates new technology. The FCC has been part of what President Trump refers to as “The Swamp” for over 20 years.  One in-depth article describes them as a “Captured Agency.”  The former FCC chairman […]

Child Refugees Go Missing In UK After Being Trafficked From France

More than 120 child refugees trafficked to the UK from Northern France have gone missing, a new report has revealed Their disappearance has raised concerns about the British government’s lack of action. The NSPCC has called on the UK government to bolster cross-border arrangements on child trafficking after it emerged children as young as nine had been sexually […]

Being in a group can lower your IQ

     Meetings really can make people more stupid, research confirms. People trying to solve problems in a group lost around 15% of their IQ. The drop seems to come from the subtle social signals that people send and receive in groups. Women are particularly vulnerable to an IQ drop from being in a group, the […]

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