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A “TO DO” List for Every Patriot Between Now and the Election

Submitted by dogismycopilot The first step is to recognize the facts for what they are: 1. WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE GODLESS COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS AND WE ARE LOSING BECAUSE WE ARE TOO DOCILE. 2. Create a tribe of like minded friends and family you can trust with your life. 3. Get involved at local […]

Can We Expect Peace Between Nations When Our Most Basic Relationships Fail?

We are having a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd/4th, it will appear the fullest on night of the 2nd in Western North America. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Cancer on July 20th/21st, as some of the themes mentioned in that article are still […]

Hillary Campaign Routinely Monitored News For Connections Between Epstein & Bill Clinton

Members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff kept a close eye on the news media for any association between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, according to previously published WikiLeaks emails This would appear to demonstrate the Clinton campaign’s fears over implications of any potential exposure.  A cache of hacked emails show Democratic National Committee (DNC) […]

Tensions flare between Israel, Hezbollah along Lebanese border

Tensions on the Israeli-Lebanese border continued to rise on Monday, after a weekend of cross-border fighting between the Israeli army and Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon.  The recent tensions have been the focus of Israeli and Palestinian media in recent days, as it marks the most intense period of fighting between the two adversaries in […]

Are Putin and Netanyahu in cahoots to control Syria between them?

Fact, Wishful Thinking Or Propaganda? Sourced from Information Clearing House “In Syria, Putin and Netanyahu Were on the Same Side All Along. Putin is ready to ditch Iran to keep Israel happy and save Assad’s victory.” Big buddies . . . shaking hands over a good deal? By ANSHEL PFEFFER, May 31, 2018. As Defense […]

Interview with Bashar al-Assad: ‘We were close to direct conflict between Russian and US forces in Syria’

The following interview was broadcast this week, featuring Syrian President Bashar Assad, which provides a clear insight into the issues current facing Damascus and whether or not a viably resolution is possible following this seven year-long war.  Syrian President Assad talks with RT International correspondent Murad Gazdiev about the progress of the Syrian Army’s military […]

EXCLUSIVE: A Meeting Between Presidents Assad & Putin Held in Sochi

According to Inside Syria Media Center, President Bashar al-Assad held on Thursday a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi during which talks dealt with the distinguished bilateral relations between Syria and Russia and means of boosting regional and international security and stability. During the meeting which was held in […]

EXCLUSIVE: A meeting between Presidents Assad and Putin held in Sochi

According to Inside Syria Media Center, President Bashar al-Assad held on Thursday a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi during which talks dealt with the distinguished bilateral relations between Syria and Russia and means of boosting regional and international security and stability. During the meeting which was held in […]

The Essential Difference Between Liberty-Lovers and Big-Government Types Is Political Tolerance

By Daniel J. Mitchell As long as it’s voluntary, free-market supporters are happy to let others experiment with socialism. The opposite does not hold true. Why are there so few liberty-oriented societies compared to the number of places with statist governments? And why does it seem like the size and scope of government keeps expanding […]

Eurasia torn between war and peace

The Saker May 02, 2018 by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author) Iran’s top trading partner is China, while Tehran and Moscow have been improving ties as the three countries move closer to cementing a solid alliance Two summits – the cross-border handshake that shook the world between Kim and Moon […]

The difference between how Christians are treated in Assad’s Syria compared to areas under US backed terrorist control

Treatment of Christians in Assad’s Syria vs in US-backed ‘Rebel’ Areas We want to thank Janice Kortkamp who has traveled around Syria for several months during the past two years for this inspiring post. Her report paints a totally different picture from what the United States government and our mainstream media tells us about what […]

Trump Ends War Between North And South Korea

North and South Korea are ready to announce an end to military conflict, following President Trump’s peace talks between the two countries.  According to lawmakers, Kim Jong Un and President Moon Jae-in are preparing a joint statement that will officially declare an end of war and a return of the demilitarized zone to its original state. […]

A 1991 Book Predicted the Connection Between Mass Shootings and Public Demand for Gun Control

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times The American public is being triggered to fear scary black assault rifles, and in the wake of school shootings and mass shootings, many are demanding the revocation of their 2nd Amendment rights. Nearly 30 years ago, though, one of the greatest conspiracy books of all time accurately predicted […]

Parallels Between The Civil Rights Movement And Denials Of Self-Determination Regarding Vaccines

By Catherine J. Frompovich April 4, 2018 was the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., a true and steadfast civil rights activist.  Others also have made various sacrifices for equality of rights—also known as “civil rights”—for minorities and people of color. Are civil rights also human rights? […]

A Heart-Warming Moment Between A Mother & Her Son’s Killer Offers Us A Crucial Lesson

Next Story Humanity ‘seems’ to be in constant chaos, but perhaps it’s only because that’s the image which is constantly portrayed by mainstream media. You may not believe it, but the mainstream media does have a tremendous amount of influence over the perception of the masses, in multiple different ways. It’s a platform that’s owned […]

Humanity vs. Technology – The Race Between Intelligence and Consciousness

April 6th, 2018 By Lorraine M. Newman Guest writer for Wake Up World Humanity Versus Technology – Who’s Winning? Computers have birthed the technological age benefitting our lives in many ways, in communication, banking, retail activities, education, information, communication, and travel. Society has welcomed these changes, but as advances in artificial intelligence snowball, does this begin to […]

MBS: ‘War between Saudi and Iran could happen in just 10 or 15 years’

As promotional tours go, this serial junket was one of the worst ever displays of sycophancy by the mainstream media. This week, Saudi Arabia’s King in waiting, 32 year old leader Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), has been touring the United States as part of an all-out PR offensive to convince America that the […]

Passover is a reminder the battle between Moses and the Pharaoh is still raging

Tonight marks the first night of Passover, and so I’d like to ask my Jews reading this to take a few minutes to ponder the meaning of this day, beyond a day of Matzoh and singing with family members around the dinner table. Passover celebrates the resistance and liberation of the Jewish people from the […]

Newly-released documents reveal stunning collusion between FBI, CIA, top Dems and Obama as Trump probe began

(Natural News) In what has some lawmakers shaking their heads in disbelief, newly uncovered texts and documents reveal what appears to be a much deeper level of corruption within the Obama White House regarding the investigation into the Trump campaign than previously known. As reported by Fox News, text messages between FBI […]

Punishing Russia, Trump Is Caught Between Putin and a Porn Star

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Everybody’s Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide

The following article was written by BJ Campbell and originally published at There is no clear correlation whatsoever between gun ownership rate and gun homicide rate. Not within the USA. Not regionally. Not internationally. Not among peaceful societies. Not among violent ones. Gun ownership doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us less […]

Tensions Rise Between China And The U.S. Inching World Closer To WW3

March 26, 2018 By Aaron Kesel While half the media is distracted and obsessed about an extramarital affair that U.S. President Donald Trump allegedly had a decade ago with Stormy Daniels, U.S. geopolitical policy has been shifting towards China, putting us all in danger of conflict with the Communist superpower which […]

The Little-Understood Struggle Between Stalin-Era Soviet Communism and Zionism

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Will Syria be the Battleground for All-Out War Between Russia and America?

Civilians released from five years US Coalition-supported terrorist occupation in Eastern Ghouta. (Photo: Youssef Badawi) Elijah J. Magnier Today, Ghouta and tomorrow Daraa … This is not about Syria nor about the war on its soil : it is all about an open war between the axis led by United States of America, Europe and their […]

Trump signed Taiwan Travel Act to promote meetings between US and Taiwanese officials

nsnbc : U.S. President Donald Trump has signed legislation that encourages U.S. officials to promote meetings between U.S. and Taiwanese officials in either the […]

The US Has Always Blurred the Lines Between Diplomacy and Espionage

I rarely have the chance to watch TV, but I would be lying if I say I did not love political dramas. As a former student of Political Science, I see the way American politics is played out on television as a dramatized caricature of reality. My feelings are slowly changing with each passing day […]

What’s The Difference Between Vaccine Immunity & Natural Immunity?

Next Story What do you do when the laws of the land require you to vaccinate your children and where failure to comply means no child care,  kindergarten and no government family payments or rebates? Allona Lahn is the leader of the Natural Immunity Community group, which is a supportive group for parents who do […]

Dennis Rodman Offers To Help In Meetings Between Trump And Kim Jong Un

Last week, US president Donald Trump shocked the world by accepting an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Kim reportedly sent a delegation from South Korea to the White House last week to set up possible peace talks, and send the message that he was willing to make […]

Report Sheds Light On The Shady Relationship Between Bill Gates, His Foundation & Big Pharma

Next Story This post was provided to Collective Evolution by The World Mercury Project. An important initiative that deserves serious attention.  Bill Gates is fond of using his bully pulpit to talk about “miracles” and “magic.” Gates has featured one or both words in nearly all of his annual wrap-up letters for the Bill & Melinda […]

Child marriage in the USA, “At least 207,468 minors married in the US between 2000 and 2015″

Anti-Child Bride Bill Stalls in Kentucky, Where Girls Aged 13 Can Marry Frankfort, KY — A bill that would have banned adults from marrying children in Kentucky was struck down this week prompting outrage from politicians and activists alike. Senate Bill 48, known as the “child bride” bill, was yanked from the agenda this week, […]

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