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Third Roundup-Cancer Lawsuit Exposes Cozy Relationship Between the EPA and Monsanto

Derrick Broze, TMU Waking Times On Monday, Monsanto Co. corporate spokesman William Reeves admitted the corporation has regularly communicated with U.S. regulatory agencies regarding reviews of the controversial Roundup herbicide. Reeves denied that Monsanto had given the agencies orders to follow. Reeves’ testimony came about during the latest lawsuit against biotech giant Monsanto, as Alva and […]

Photos Surface Showing ‘Closed-Door’ Meeting Between Rep. Ilhan Omar and President Erdogan

Photographs have surfaced of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a mysterious “closed-door meeting” in 2017. Reporter Jordan Schachtel recently came upon an interesting tidbit in the Tusmo Times, a publication that covers the Somali community in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, area. reports: He found a story there […]

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia

Overview of the book Operation Gladio by Paul L. Williams On the hot summer morning of Aug. 2, 1980 a massive explosion ripped apart the main waiting room of the Bologna railway station. Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds more injured. Though at first blamed on Italy’s legendary urban guerrillas, The Red Brigades, it soon […]

This Israeli election is between the right wing and the even more right wing

Israel’s election campaign, now in its last days, must be the first in which a sitting Israeli prime minister has sought to win over voters by boasting about how much he insulted a president of the United States. One of the last campaign videos by Benjamin Netanyahu spliced together media clips of U.S. analysts voicing […]

Another Meeting Between Netanyahu And Putin Is Expected On Thursday

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on July 11, 2018. (Yuri Kadobnov / AFP / Getty Images) South Front 03.04.2019 Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Moscow on Thursday and hold a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Israeli PM’s […]

Austrian chancellor confirms financial link between nationalist group and Christchurch killer

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz added that the Austrian government was looking into dissolving the group, known as the Identitarian Movement of Austria, after domestic intelligence agents seized electronic equipment from the apartment of its leader, Martin Sellner, on Monday. “Our position on this is very clear, no kind of extremism whatsoever – whether it’s radical Islamists […]

حوارٍ بين رجل دين و إمرأة مومس (Dialogue between a cleric and a prostitute)

بقلم منذر هنداوي أتذكر هذا الحوار قبل ٣٥ سنة على إحدى قنوات التلفزيون في إنكلترا. جرى الحوار حول تشريع مهنة الدعارة، وانضم إلى الحوار موظف الضرائب، علاوة على مشاركين عبر الاتصال بالهاتف. Related Posts Dead Male Prostitute, Piles of Meth Found in Clinton Mega-Donor’s Home—NO ARRESTS A high-profile millionaire donor to Hillary Clinton […]

Pakistan Envoy: Some Countries Want to Create Misunderstanding between Islam Abad, Tehran

Source February 19, 2019 Iranian ambassador to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost has said some countries, which are actually promoting terrorism, are trying to create misunderstandings between Iran and Pakistan; however, peace lovers across the world are aware of conspiracies behind such inhuman attacks. Talking to IRNA news agency in Islamabad the ambassador said Iran and Pakistan […]

‘Direct nexus between US sanctions & death’ – UN rapporteur slams ‘economic war’ on Venezuela

In an interview with RT, de Zayas, who is also a former secretary of the UN Human Rights Council, said it was “obscene” for Washington to invoke human rights as motivation for its actions in Venezuela while it continues to wage an economic war on Venezuelan citizens. “Who is causing, who is aggravating the problem? […]

Link Between Vaccines And Autism Confirmed By CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Court Doctor

Sharyl Attkisson, an intrepid and forthright journalist, formerly with CBS TV News, has been persistent in her media exposures regarding vaccine-caused health problems, especially the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ever since she did an in-depth report for CBS, which the media bosses refused to broadcast.  That led to Sharyl’s independent journalism programs, a […]

Researchers Establish a Link Between Brain Damage and Religious Fundamentalism

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times  In an effort to understand the neural and cognitive pathways associated with strong beliefs and how some people seem more willing and able to challenge belief systems, neuroscientists looked at how authoritarianism and religious fundamentalism In a study for Northwestern University entitled, biological and cognitive underpinnings of religious fundamentalism, […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: What to watch for between now and the end of March

This post contains two articles… the one directly below, which shows what is planned for the first three months of the year, and an article on the French and UK snap elections, which can occur at any time this year. Are the globalists trying to script a March 2019 beginning (or end) for the “Great Tribulation”? […]

Between the congressional vote and Sweden’s understandings concerning Yemen بين تصويت الكونغرس وتفاهمات السويد اليمنية

Between the congressional vote and Sweden’s understandings concerning Yemen ديسمبر 26, 2018 Written by Nasser Kandil, As it is difficult to separate between the region’s wars waged by Washington and the size of the Saudi involvement in them, and as it is difficult to imagine the decline of the Saudi status and the non-impact of […]

Yes, There is a War Between Science and Religion

Jerry Coyne, The Conversation Waking Times As the West becomes more and more secular, and the discoveries of evolutionary biology and cosmology shrink the boundaries of faith, the claims that science and religion are compatible grow louder. If you’re a believer who doesn’t want to seem anti-science, what can you do? You must argue that your […]

Christmas meeting … between Jerusalem and Damascus

Filed under: AngloZionist Empire, Arab Christians, Palestine, USA, War on Syria, Wars for Israel, Zionist entity | Source Article from Related Posts Photos Surface Showing ‘Closed-Door’ Meeting Between Rep. Ilhan Omar and President Erdogan Photographs have surfaced of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Another Meeting Between Netanyahu And […]

‘War between Russia and US would be a disaster for humanity’ – Lavrov

If there are still forces in the United States that assume to use the pause taken by Washington to search for ways to save the INF Treaty, then we are open to this. We urge them to abandon attempts at blackmail and the replication of baseless accusations in favour of truly substantive and constructive joint work on existing mutual concerns.We have officially offered to start this in a recent letter […]

Between hopefulness and despondency (and nostalgia for the First Intifada)

As tension escalates in the colonised Occupied Palestinian Territories, I find it difficult to explain what I make of the current situation. I use the term ‘colonised’ deliberately here because I feel that ‘occupation’ does not do justice to the reality that Israel is creating. And just like any other settler colonial context, there is […]

Bolton Threatens To Force Africa To Choose Between The US And China

The Americans wager that they can exercise veto power over African political alignments by force of arms, through AFRICOM’s massive military infiltration of the region. “The ‘West’s’ political economies are spent forces, incapable of either keeping up with China’s phenomenal domestic growth or of competing with China in what used to be called the Third […]

The United States Is Preparing a War between Latin-American States

John Bolton, the new US National Security Advisor, has relaunched the Pentagon’s project for the destruction of the State structures in the Caribbean Basin. We remember that in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Secretary for Defense at that time, Donald Rumsfeld, created the Office of Force Transformation and nominated Admiral Arthur Cebrowski as […]

Iran, Turkey back any measure for realisation of $30bn trade between Tehran, Ankara – The Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey issued a joint statement at the end of the 5th Meeting of High Council for Iran-Turkey Strategic Cooperation and stressed that they would take any necessary measures for increasing trade between the two countries to the $30bn goal by strengthening […]

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